Friday, March 21, 2014


Hey ... 

Like I've said in a few posts before ... I waste time on the utter and useless lameness that is Facebook (and other, social media networks) on a fairly regular basis. Me and my siblings trade punches there, we post shit at each other all day long (we have lots of shit to post), I drop coy references to my ongoing work with while in the next breath perving on Ashley Burch ...  (but my parents are permanently banned, as well as any other family members over the age of 60). They are just way too fucked in the head with their generational upbringing to even *possibly* understand this shit...

Don't fucking hate. Rules are rules... (why the fuck do people have such issues with rules? It eludes me...).

Anyway ... 

Today I came up on this lovely little graphic which immediately endeared itself to me. Why? 

One? Because the word "cunt" is seen throughout. 

Two? And perhaps most importantly? Because it refers to SHUTTING THE FUCK UP!! That wasn't a direct quote but it should be obvious that the message is clear, once seeing the image below. 

And three? Because the word "cunt" is seen throughout.

So here you have it, fucking cunts ... one of the only good reasons that *anyone* would have a Facebook account:



Can I sleep now? Will you please shut the fuck up?


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