Sunday, December 2, 2007

From Russia with love....

I found an interesting article today about some rather gross abuses of psychiatry in Russia ...

Namely ... the creating of symptoms in otherwise symptom less subjects ... this being done for one political or personal reason or the other.

I couldn't help but be reminded of when, some five years ago or so, certain members of my local community saw fit to dose yours truly with a near fatal amount of PCP in the hopes of arguing for my own institutionalization and medication ...

Such hopes on the part of certain members of the local community still remain, BTW ... even though I've managed to gain a bit of momentum in publicizing my circumstances.

Anyway ...

Here's a bit of the article followed by a link to it in it's entirety:


"Naked and with her hands and feet bound to the corners of a metal bed covered by a rubber incontinence sheet, Larisa Arap eyed with quiet defiance the doctors who wanted to declare her mad.

It was a futile gesture. The men in white coats standing over her were bitter adversaries.

Enraged by the allegations that she had levelled against them, they also knew that, as an open Kremlin critic, the state would do little to help her.

A needle sank into her arm. Over the coming weeks, as the treatment took its effect, Mrs Arap would become everything the doctors declared her to be: her head lolled to one side, her tongue hung out of her mouth and her face went slack."


from, "Labelled mad for daring to criticize the Kremlin"


Fun stuff ... eh?

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