Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's up with School Girls, anyway? Are they enticing? I mean, c'mon. What's the story?

And here I was beginning to feel neglected.

I'm sure you all remember my previous update regarding the little Mexican teeny boppers at HEB who were, apparently, a part of some sort of psycho-social ruse aimed at myself ... oh, back in January of 2009 or so.

How could you forget? It was so well written and provocative, after all (even if being, at the very most technical of levels, strictly hypothetical.) So visit the above link for a refresher if you need/desire it.

Anyway, yesterday it happened again, at least it's a pretty strong hypothesis of mine. 'Cept this time, it seems the wankers behind the ongoing "investigation" of myself have traded teenage Mexican cuties for Uniformed Schoolgirl cuties. It's true, short khaki skirt, navy blouse and everything. It was quite humorous to watch the whole thing go down.

Remember, again, this is merely some hypothetical ramblings on a situation that may or may not have been a function of the "psycho-social" efforts of a known investigation of myself. But since this sort of thing rarely crosses my daily radar any more and because I've been pretty comfortable of late and because when these sorts of things *do* cross my daily radar they therefore stick out like a fat thumb, then these sorts of very rare but totally unusual public moments are always "red flags" if you will.

This all went down in a bookstore I was visiting to pick up a very specific Sci-fi novel I'd been wanting to read.

As with the Mexiteen(tm) stalking moment back in Jan '09, the particular young lass involved in this newest probable ruse, the "object fixation bait" as I like to think of such, was situated directly in my path just as soon as I entered the building/store. (I'd place her at 14 or 15 years of age and dressed in the near archetypal, classic khaki/navi school girl outfit). I immediately noted the entire scene, the girl, the older persons around her and then quite quickly walked around her to the "Z" section of the Sci-Fi area.

Before rounding the corner of the shelf, and before the front of the building was out of my site, I briefly looked back to once more reassess the scene (I already smelled a rat), not looking at Uniformed School Girl but at the folks around her. And sure enough, the lady standing closest to her, a sandy blond haired woman in her early to mid 30's who was facing me, did the classic "quickly look away because the guy I'm watching is suddenly watching me" move. It's unmistakable. I don't see it often, but when I do, it usually and probably indicates some sort of observational role on the part of the person. I call these person's "spotters."

Anyway, I don't go around considering it strange that persons should look at me and then look away. This happens all the time. Daily even, it's a normal human impulse response sort of thing and it certainly doesn't bother me when I do it or when I see others in regards to myself doing it. I'm not a bad looking guy, after all and I do my fair share of flirting.

Oh, but this was an altogether different thing. This look I mention above, the look that 30 Something Lady was demonstrating was another animal entirely. Her body language in regards to my own position in the room at the time and in conjunction with the position of Uniformed School Girl, the obvious cast of concentration and attention that her face was set in, spoke volumes as to the probable nature of her presence there.

I immediately thought of her as a "spotter." I filed it for future reference and turned the corner into the Sci-fi section. Then, perhaps 5 seconds after I turn the corner, as I'm crouching and trying to find the elusive "Z" section among the alphabetized spines, who should come into view in my periphery, also entering the Sci-fi section? Who should then mozey over to stand within two feet of me? Also, apparently looking for a book in the same shelving area as myself? You guessed it! Uniformed School Girl!

Oh joy. I almost chuckled. That didn't take long.

Anyway, as with 30 Something Spotter Lady, I filed it for future reference and went to find a store employee as I couldn't find the fucking "Z" section! Really, that area of the shelves was all out of whack.

So me and Bookstore Employee return and she literally has to lean around Uniformed School Girl to find and retrieve the book I was looking for. I thank her and begin reading the back cover as I'm curious what the book is about. Uniformed Schoolgirl then suddenly turns and leaves. I remain reading for a good half minute and head up front to pay for my book. Uniformed School girl is at the counter (I tried to get a look at the book she was buying but failed); behind her and in front of me is an African American fellow. Uniformed School girl then leaves and as she's walking out the door I glance about the room and notice a man in his early 50's or so, who, as with 30 Something Spotter Lady, quite neatly demonstrates the same "quickly look away because the guy I'm watching is suddenly watching me" move.

So I pay for the book and leave feeling somewhat elated. Such social sleuthing, being as rare of a thing as it is, is always quite fun, trying to attempt to ferret out the motivation of the possible players, catching them at it and otherwise watching the spectacle.

Ahh yes. As well as possessing Super Duper Goat Staring Psychic Super Powers(tm), I'm also a pretty good read of a room. I can't explain it. As mentioned before, situations such as the one I just described hardly ever occur any more; they used to occur very frequently, many years ago but no so much any more. Twice that I became aware of in the past year, first the Mexiteens at H.e.B. back in early 2009 and just yesterday, Uniformed School Girl at the Bookstore.

I'm pretty socially active; I mean, I'm out and about in public places frequently, book stores, restaurants, bars, coffee houses. And these places often frequented have a definite and natural rhythm to the human population that, in general, frequents them. These places hum along in a social way that's comfortable and natural and, well, how to say it? Just right.

So when I stumble upon a situation like the above described, when things are so obviously and immediately out of whack with the norm, in my exceptional case anyway, this generally indicates one of two things:

a) that it is indeed further, public and strange psycho-social prodding by the lunatics behind the 10+ year debacle/"investigation" that I've been the focal point of

... or ...

b) that it's just a random, albeit quite unusual gathering of persons going about their mutual and respective business that day.

These two possibilities must always be mentioned in writings such as this because, I mean, to go around saying in a matter of fact way that you think there are psycho-social dramatics being played out at your expense and in public places ... well ... that would just be crazy.


Therefore, I am always careful to qualify.

But as I mentioned above, I've been quite happy and content over the past year. I long since shrived myself of any real fear or concern about what the "investigators" still so obviously want to attach to my person in the way of supposed character flaws or what they might attempt in the way of making some real motions against my person. Which is not to say that I no longer care about legally protecting myself, because I do ... just that it's not "bumming my stoke" as they say or causing me emotional duress.

I've been exercising a lot. Eating out a lot. Reading a novel or two every week, listening to good music, working, paying my fucking taxes, etc.

Hell, and this is probably adding fuel to the flame, I've even been comfortable enough to occasionally check some porn videos at!

Though single, and though I plan to remain so, I am a regular old dude at heart and I like sex just as much as the other guy, be it with a partner, self-employed, gratuitous, meaningful, recreational or otherwise. So thank goodness for the internet! ( and yes, I make a point to search on the term "teen" all the time just to fuck with the persons I know are watching my internet connection. And also, because I know those 18, 19 and 20 somethings are working just as hard for their money as the older chicks, yo!). ;-)
Sure, is full of some pretty wild stuff, but as far as I've seen and can tell, it's safe and legal and one's chances of running afoul of something "out of bounds" is unlikely. Hell, it's Maxim Magazine recommended! ;-) So for the sake of the investigators, mostly (and a bit for me) I will occasionally titillate them/us with some late night recreational browsing.

(Little hint to all of you who like watching: I'm keenly aware of the monitoring of my internet connection, web surfing, emails the various social network sites I'm on ... but hey, no biggee! Your welcome here! Why do you think I purposefully made my MySpace account and MySpace blog public? Cause I want you guys to be able to savor every juicy detail)

BTW: the title to my next blog here is going to be "Putting Myself Out There!" and is gonna be all about my somewhat frequent activity on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook where I have another blog that's solely recreational and literary and where I talk trash with folks I know and where I am in contact with ex girlfriends, best friends, old friends, chicks I've met online and communicate with via email (I'm sure they LOVE those) etc. I use it as an ongoing mechanism to both entertain myself and give the investigators some stuff to mull over. It's fun. So look for it soon!

That said ...

Please do rock on.


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