Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Fun

Since the publishing of this blog, my monthly posts have dropped considerably.

I attribute this for the most part to the fact that I've gained a bit of momentum in my fight to first, stop the harmful tactics of the investigators and two, prove that the investigation exists. The former point being the most responsible for my ever lessening posts.

Posts to this blog are primarily strategic in nature, even though not what I would call factual information; the posts are intended to simply make concerning issues, even what I'd call rumors or 'hints' of things, immediately public so that they might not, over time, become more serious for me.

In essence, I've made my situation so public (and ever increasingly so) that such tactics by the investigators have most likely become not only ineffective at achieving the desired result (mental breakdown, stress, etc.) but as well have become somewhat threatening to the investigators themselves.

I mean think about it! Can you imagine the ruckus I could make if I was ever actually able to prove (with multiple witness' testimony) that the FBI or local law enforcement authorities (or whoever it happened to have been) here in Houston participated in covertly overdosing me on PCP to the point of almost being near death!!?? All so they could soften me up and funnel me into some half-way house or detox facility for more appropriate and quite nazi-esque prodding and testing? I mean, what a scandal that would be! A delicious, well deserved and JUST scandal but a scandal nonetheless. :-)

So yeah ... such tactics could easily play against the perpetrators of such and so my very public efforts have, at least in part, been successful.

That is to say that as more and more personal friends of mine have been involved in my ongoing efforts, as more of such folks either believe or simply write off my claims, it nevertheless does make it more and more difficult for the investigators to attempt staged incrimination attempts and other sorts of traditional actions against my person because to do so would invariably confirm what I've been saying all along.

I mean, the only other alternative, should such actions be taken against me in a way that makes me appear culpable to some crime, would be to simply argue that I'm crazy, an argument which, again, is growing more and more difficult to argue due to the fact that I have a very public daily work and family life, and 'craziness' just doesn't factor into my daily outlook, attitude or mannerisms (other than my long standing claims of being investigated locally here in houston, which, if taken for what it is, is simply no reason to call somebody crazy!).

That said ... I've included plenty of links in the above text if you care to read a bit more about the investigation itself and the types of actions against me that I've experienced in the relatively distant past. That and more is available at my primary domain and website:

Some Random Fun of Late!

So I'm posting this bit as a little gratuitous window into the sorts of things I like to do in my free time.

This particular thing involves hi-fi audio equipment, which I simply adore but seldom have the money to pay for.

Therefore, I rack up a little bit of debt (but keep it very manageable!).

Anyway ... in the past few weeks my ears have been treated to the fine sounds of a couple of lovely bits of new equipment that I just can't remove from my head.

The first, a set of very well known and adored 'inner ear monitors' (IEM) made by Shure, Inc.

Good things really do come in small packages...

This set of inner ear monitors, believe it or not, in all their $500.00 glory, were a gift from Shure Inc. Call it fair testimony to the power of letter writing or call it providence ... whatever.

The fact remains that after penning a rather humorous article outlining a somewhat horrifying experience of getting a set of Shure (much cheaper variety) IEM's rubber tips lodged in my ear and after sending this to Shure, Inc. as a means of getting a new set of tips ($10.00 on average), someone in their service department saw fit to set me up with this set of uber expensive, uber fine sounding set of monitors.

In the inner ear monitor world, these are some of the most loved and sought after IEMs due to their natural sound and incredible bass reproduction capabilities. I find them the perfect companion to my portable media player and headphone amp combo (Creative Zen Vision:M and a Practical Devices XM4 amp).

For those of you not in the know regarding IEM's ... they are called 'inner ear monitors' because unlike typical ear buds, these actually are inserted into the ear canal itself. This sort of headphone is uncomfortable to some at first but after a bit you become accustomed to the invasiveness and are only aware of the really unbelievable sound quality.

The fact that these were a gift from the manufacturer makes the music that much sweeter (especially considering they retail for $500.00 or more!

Further audio bliss...

The final (and lets hope this is really final) addition to my burgeoning yet well dressed step into the land of audiophiles is a delightful, well known full sized set of headphones made by Grado Labs, the RS1's.

This set of headphones, though sounding quite a bit different (but not better) than the Shure IEM's above are much more adroit at classical music offerings... quartets, chamber music and especiallys symphonic pieces where 'sound stage' is of great importance towards shaping the final sound that reaches one's ears.

And don't laugh at the mahagony; it seriously affects the tone and timbre of the delivered music.

The best way to describe listening to classical music through these (again, rather costly) headphones is "audio bliss." The first time I put them on and played some Beethoven, I immediately reached for the power button on my 5.1 surround room speaker system because I thought the sound was coming from there. But it wasn't.

The overall spatiousness of the sound delivered by the RS1's is greatly enhanced by the "open" nature of these headphones; the term "open," when used to describe headphones, means that the outside of the ear pieces is not sealed and is rather open to the air and the room allowing much of the sound to escape out of the non-ear side of the headphone cups; this openness affects the sound in such a way as to make the delivered music "appear" to be coming from a much broader sound stage/sounding element than just two speakers pressed against one's ears.

It's so fun.


It's also disgustingly expensive; that said, I am swiftly convincing myself to be satisfied with these two purchases for at least a couple years. :-)

No way in hell does my paltry monthly income allow for much more (granted) borrowing of money to fuel such a gratuitous love as pursuing the finest of home audio.

That said ...

This has simply been a small window into one of the more pleasurable, highly subjective "hobbies" that I take part in on a daily basis.

All the preceding banter about investigations, wrongful incriminations, legal documents and covert druggings aside ... I do, generally, have a great deal of fun with my time and in no way foresee that changing.

(Come hades, come floods)


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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