Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guns as Vehicle for Incrimination

During my regular political work today, I had an interesting conversation with a fellow who had just gotten out of prison.

He had been sent to prison for possession of a handgun at his house.

The truth though, as communicated to me by him, was that he had been a known drug dealer at the time and the police kicked his door in to search his house for drugs.

They found no drugs, but they did find a gun that his father had bought for him, tucked away high on a shelf, unloaded, etc; this is the find that sent him to prison.

Turns out, he had a felony charge on his record as a teenager (this home search happened about the time he was 35 years old or so) and because of this charge, apparently he was, for life, forbidden to ever be in possession of a handgun or gun of any kind.

Subsequently, he was sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary for possession of the weapon in his house.

This was highly interesting to me.

How Does this Relate to My Efforts?

For several years now I have mentioned that a possible incrimination attempt of myself by those persons who are investigating me locally could involve the planting of a hand gun on my property, vehicle or person.

This weapon element had been directly conveyed to me by several persons locally who have discussed the investigation with me and was based (as far as we could tell at the time) simply on the known desire of the investigators to cast me in a light that could be viewed as "possibly harmful to himself or others," ... something particularly juicy and necessary when seeking the types of 'alternative' psychiatric sentencing sought by the behavioral science end of the investigation.

But now I can see other aspects that would be valuable to the investigators.

Namely, that it would give them a nice and clean means of binding me to the treatment of the legal system for a number of future years since, like my newly met ex-con acquaintance, I too have a felony charge on my record from my teenage years (17 year old exploits).

I'm not a gun owner but I certainly never new I was unable to own a handgun or such weaponry at my house simply because I was charged (not convicted, mind you) with a felony as a teenager.

Go figure, eh!

Past Discussion of Setups and Guns

As mentioned above, I have made known in several places throughout my main website, the desire of the investigators to wrongfully incriminate me (possibly) around the possession of such weapons as hand guns, etc.

The obvious reason for inclusion as such weapons as handguns, etc. is that it would emphasize the possibility for violence (duh), or at least the much desired objective of creating that as a public impression.

Most importantly, such elements, when combined with a setup attempt that made me look like I had a memory dysfunction of some kind or when paired with some sort of forced impression of chronic alcohol or drug abuse would give the post apprehension dialogue a very definite slant towards apparent worry over future behavior (that is, until the pros could have their requested time to deem me either safe or unsafe for public interaction).

Fun stuff, eh?

Anyway, this newest bit of gained knowledge today is just icing on the ongoing cake.

As I've said already ... I own no such weapons nor have I ever been in the habit of owning such.

But knowing what I know now (after todays conversation) and if such a future incrimination attempt against me is played out, then not only would the investigators have a neat platform from which to argue for mental/neural investigation regarding the likelihood of possible future violence on my part, they'd as well have an iron-clad legal mandate to do so via actual legal system processing and sentencing.

Again, I own no such weapons (redundancy is good in this context!) :-)

But, Ironically Enough ....

I have owned such, very briefly, in the distant past (around 1999 or so) and for one year exactly.

This time-frame wherein I briefly owned a hand gun is, ironically enough, the very time-frame from which much of the subject matter contained in some of the more 'glamorous' pieces of video surveillance I have found the investigators have on record were obtained.

This fact was communicated to me early on in my awareness of the investigation and by several of those from my long term social circles who were close to the investigation at the time.

Apparently, the investigators have several instances of such 'glamorous' surveillance, all being garnered from the one year time period within which I lived at a particular downtown warehouse loft while employed with the bank. 'Glamorous,' in this context is used to indicate something the investigators would love to use as indications of abberance on my part, once some matter of fact and damning incrimination of myself is played out.

Anyway, here's the bit from dealing with the bit of surveillance involving use of a weapon:


from article, "Known and Existing Video Surviellance," at

"Another bit of surviellance footage, though quite humorous, nonetheless also plays into the investigators desires to somehow build an image of myself as a possible future violent offender; this footage involves handguns.

For the record, I have never owned personal firearms, although such devices have been in and around me, in my family, etc. ... since I can remember. Rifles, shotguns, pistols ... I grew up around such devices as my parent and other immediate family were always into hunting.

Upon moving into the above mentioned warehouse flat, I borrowed a .9mm pistol from my father because I was a bit wary of living alone and in that area of Houston. I had been held up at gun point, twice in the previous two years, in and around certain Houston locales and I was a bit traumatized by the experience. Having handled weapons before, I felt quite comfortable and a bit more safe having a handgun sitting on my bedside bureau at night.

Anyway, long story shot, while hanging out in my flat I would sometimes handle the weapon, pointing here and there, assuming ridiculous defensive postures, etc ... practicing it's usage and more importantly, being quite dramatic about it at times. I've seen my share of Bruce Willis movies ... and I'm sure it shows in this bit of discussed video footage. I was having fun, in other words.

Upon moving from that space, I returned the weapon to my father ... in the end, being more comfortable without a weapon in the house than with one.

As with much of the video surviellance discussed in this article, the investigators, after some sort of set-up event might intend to skew this harmless bit of footage in a manner which would claim such behavior is worrisome or indicative of possible future harmful behavior.

There exists other footage related to personal protection devices but compared to the gun footage is not worth mentioning ..."


To read the entire article, follow the link in the above quoted title.

Otherwise, more to come in the near future!


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