Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here's my address and social!

These days, it's not often that any of my built in checks and balances are thrown into a state of alert.

Yes. You may find it surprising, but I honestly do have an internal system of observation wherein I will most times, if something unusual occurs, weigh it against the facts of my own circumstances related to the investigation of myself.

I mean, face it ...

Knowing what I know about those behind the investigation and what they ultimately desire in the way of wrongful incrimination (or forced isolation) of myself...

... and having already seen many such attempts on my person along those lines in the past ... it just goes without saying that over the years I've implemented a sort of protocol, if you will, in the handling/publishing of certain events that transpire in my daily life.

Such 'protocol' is developed primarily to prevent such actions against my person from playing out or at the least, should they play out anyway, to cast said events in a very questionable light.

And as I started with ... over the past year ... such events have not occurred very frequently.

Here's My Address *and* Social Security Number!

Well today such an event occurred.

Again, as with all such published articles, I'm in no way saying this is indeed related to the ongoing investigation of myself but simply that it possibly could be.

To claim matter of factly that the following events were manufactured specifically and absolutely to be later used in a wrongful incrimination of myself would be, quite frankly impossible, and even something one might call a bit clinically paranoid.


Anyway, that said, here's what happened to day that threw a few bells and flags and whistles within my internal matrix of checks and balances related to always being aware of the Possibilities inherent in any given daily social circumstance I may find myself in:


I was working for my father today and as is customary, was on a service call to a regular location that we work at often, the Merisol Chemical Plant, just off of the Interstate 10 Freeway in East Houston.

When working at this specific location, it's required that we check in with the gate officer, receive a permit and ID badge and prove that we have all the necessary safety gear: hard hat, safety goggles, respirator, etc.

I've been visiting this specific plant on work related matters for well nigh two decades, off and on now.

The same middle aged, slightly heavy set blond haired woman is always there to check me in.

We all know her. She's nice. Does her job well and I was expecting to say hello to her today as I approached the guard shack.

But instead, I was greeted by a 20 to 21 year old, very attractive young dark haired girl (slightly Hispanic/Greek in appearance); for the rest of this article, I will simply refer to her as The Hottie(tm) (I figure that's properly objectifying enough to slightly bug the behavioral science/12 step whackos who I know will read this in a day or so ... and it also is true). ;-)

So, short of being surprised, this was still not unusual, no flags thrown or anything, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I handed her my Merisol ID badge and she immediately let me know that it had expired in April.


That meant I was going to have to sit and watch the quite horribly produced orientation video that everyone must watch at least once a year wherein is discussed important things like siren types, where to go should a siren sound, how to watch the flags so as to always be upwind of any hazardous chemical event, blah blah blah, ad infinitum. There's really nothing more horrible than watching these things.

Anyway ... still ... no internal alarms (or sirens!) sounding, no flags thrown.

So I sit and begin watching the video.

The new, attractive young gate officer (The Hottie(tm) then moves around 10 feet away from me and sits, facing away from me, in her swivel chair.

A minute or two of watching the orientation video goes by.

Then, innocently enough, The Hottie's(tm) desk phone rings and (I mean, she's basically a stones toss away from me) I can't help but hear the following:

The Hottie(tm): "Oh, hi ... so you mean you can't do it? What do you mean? I make deposits for David all the time!"

(The Hottie(tm) then swivels in her chair to face me directly. I'm not looking in her direction of course as I'm glued to the orientation video, but the projection of her voice becomes even that more pronounced with the turn)

The Hottie(tm): "Well, I can give you my social security number and address if that's all they need to go through with it."

The Hottie(tm), then proceeds to, while directly facing me and in as loud of a conversation voice as you can imagine, slowly read off her social security number and physical address.

I of course retain no knowledge of either as, contrary to popular opinion, I do not have a photographic memory and nor am I interested in covertly/stealthily seeking the personal info of attractive young women I might encounter in my daily routine.

I personally found it rather unusual and, in lite of the sorts of actions I know the investigators wish to level against my person, it did in deed smack of being possibly some sort of questionable activity.

In otherwords, internal flags began to wave, whistles quietly found their breath and I immediately made a mental note to pen an article about it the same evening (this!).

I mean, with the state of todays identity theft problems, the supposed weirdos roaming the streets raping women and invading homes, what attractive (very) young lady slowly and deliberatly reads out her social security number and address in front of the random blue collar grunt who happens to be lounging 10 short feet away from them?

Even more strange, who would turn to face said grunt before slowly and deliberately delivering such information.

It just didn't add up and still doesn't.

I almost toyed with the idea of just all out scolding her on the insanity of such behavior (playfully, mind you) but decided it would be best simply to author a short article about the affair and leave it at that.

So why does this throw my alarms?

It's not a secret to me, nor those who have confided in me their awareness of the investigation that those behind it are fantastically obsessed with somehow publically portraying me as a sexual predator or stalker.

It's really quite ludicrous as I've a sterling relationship track record and up until the beginning of these investigation related events some six or seven years ago, was generally always involved in some sort of sexual/romatic partnership, be it casual or long-term/serious.

Stalking/predation just doesn't factor in to it (unless someone keenly manufactures some events!) ;-)

Anyway ... say some event occurs in the Hotties(tm) life in the next few weeks or month?

Say her home is invaded and some of her bras and panties are stolen? Maybe her drawers are rifled through or some other molestation of her property occurs?


Say the authorities investigating the event then ask her some questions such as:

"Does anyone you know of have any obvious feelings for you that you have not returned on?"


"Has your ID or wallet been lost/stolen in the recent past?"


"Have you spoken publicaly or transmitted any of your personal information recently? Information like your home address, social security numbers or credit card info?"

And then suppose the Hottie(tm) ponders on these questions for a while ... and suddenly, after backtracking through her days over the past few weeks/months says:

"You know ... there WAS a time at work where I told a family member my social security number and address over the phone. There just happened to be only one guy in there at the time, but he was just watching the orientation video and ..."

And that would be enough to get what might be called an "interview" with me by those investigating her case.


All hypothetical on my part, mind you ... but quite necessary to publish.

Moving On...

In closing, I think it important to reiterate the fact that criminal inclination around sexual issues has been a well known facet of the investigation's tactic model.

Any sort of supposed sexual issues really, as long as the conveyed image carries with it some sort of worrisome stigma or cause for concern.

And here I mean, specifically, wrongful and forced incrimination.

In other words, the investigators wish to lie, plant evidence and employ false witness as a means of realizing an end to the investigations proceedings which satisfy them.

That's been discussed ad nauseum here and even more so at my main website,

Anyway ...

I thought it might be beneficial to re post here a bit from my main website wherein I discuss a completely hypothetical suspicion involving a home invasion event which occurred at an old friends house. My concern and comments are hypothetical, but the event really did occur in this friends life.

Here's what I wrote:


copied from, in the section/page titled "Examples of Set-up Attempts":

"As well as the definite, proven and/or witnessed attempts to wrongfully incriminate or otherwise play psychosocial games with me, there have been other events I've caught wind of or have observed that, considering the objectives of the investigation, could have easily been scenarios with which I would later be somehow linked.

One example:

A traditional and very close friend of mine from the Houston nightclub scene, a person I roomed with and worked for, for a number of years, experienced a home invasion in mid 2005, wherein nothing was stolen except a handbag containing some of his girlfriends clothes and/or belongings, ... panties, lingerie, etc.

The break-in occurred while they were at home and sleeping!

I spoke with this friend shortly after they had experienced the break-in and he said the police, during their assessment of the crime scene had informed them that this sort of event is what's viewed among profiling circles as indicative of a possible or likely planned sexual assault in the future ... rape, abduction, etc.

In other words, this sort of criminal invasion, specifically one in which a woman's personal clothing is stolen, is typically viewed by investigators as something which, statistically, might possibly indicate a planned sexual assault.

The key here is that this friend and his wife are the best friends of a particular ex romantic partner of mine, a certain past romantic partner who I have known for some time is one of, if not the main, persons that the investigators have worked to build a false impression of my having an obsession with.

My hunch is that if the break-in event was investigation related, then the goal would be to later, post a successful detonation, link me to the scene or event through planted DNA evidence or otherwise something that was found in a search of my home.

Again, since my friend will undoubtedly read this at some point and since the event in no way could ever be proven to be linked to my circumstances, it should be said that it is listed here only as a (very good) hypothetical circumstance which is indicative of the types of primary (detonation events) and secondary events employed by the investigators."


Here's some more fun reading at


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More later ...


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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