Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whoa! Posts are lean!

So I haven't been writing much here ... and I suppose, considering the big picture, this is ultimately a good thing.

Though I try to be entertaining in the discussion of this blogs content and purpose, I in no way have created it to be an entertainment blog; much to the contrary, it's a tool whereby I make public certain facts related to a very long-winded and ongoing investigation of myself, facts most concerned with that investigations more harmful tactics and ultimate (fabricated/forced) desired end.

That said ... the way I see it, the less posts the better. :-)

Of Late I've Been ...

Very busy.

As mentioned around the intrawebz, for the past six years I've worked daily with a certain political group affiliated with the Democratic party.

It's been very difficult work but also very rewarding in an educational way.

The hours are very long, the typical work day is generally between 11 and 14 hours or more a day. The amount of national work we need to get done and the number of us doing it require this sort of commitment.

The pay basically amounts to money for food, rent and health insurance, with near zero left over for anything else.

Ongoing Side Work for Family Member

So about three months back, I had to take on extra work at my father's company in order to cover some bills which simply were not being paid.

I'm still working two to three days for my father with the other three days of the week being spent with the 12 hour a day political organizing work.

It's been a huge benefit to have this option of work with a family member as it's allowing me to slowly wittle down some of my accrued debt (which isn't staggering by any means but still a bit bothersome to have hanging over me).

I won't go into detail in this post, but the social circles around my father's home town of Jacinto City have been some of the most oft utilized in the ongoing efforts against me.

I mean to say, these persons (some, of course, and not all) have been one of the primary pools from which the investigations "information gathering network" and informant base has been created.

And though of late, the investigators seem to have slacked off in their pressuring of me ... though the general mood around my social movements seem to indicate that "a storm is slowly dwindling into inactivity," ... and though things in general seem very calm and unaffected ...

All of that considered ...

I happen to know it amounts more so to a simple reconsideration of tactics than it does any real cessation of the ongoing desire to see the investigations end goal met.

In other words, it's not even close to being done.

Therefore, all published concerns related to time spent in and around my father's social circles are still very much applicable and important.

Anyway, for more reading ... follow any of the above embedded links. It would just be covering already covered ground to re type it all here.

It should be re stated, though ... that the "end goal" of the investigation (as referred to above) is the removal of my own control over the future of my life, if only for a few months, so that certain of the investigators curiousities can be sated.

You can read about it in all it's loveliness, here:

Otherwise ...

Just wanted to post a little update for the three or four of you who read on a regular basis.


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