Friday, May 6, 2016

All contemplation of oneself is unpleasant...

"All contemplation of oneself is unpleasant—even the contemplation of your own ideas is fairly nerve-racking—and that's what writing is. Also, in this era, writing has so little effect compared to when the novel was at the center of the culture. That kind of impact is totally impossible and you know it, so you have to believe in books as a kind of religion. The other kinds of things you used to get by being a writer are no longer available. It's sad for us, but worse for the culture, because, no matter how many new forms of technology, the only way to introduce a new idea is through a book. Now, of course the chance of a given writer having a new idea is slim, but should they have one, that idea has to filter into the culture in a different way, through some horrible other medium, and if the idea is not destroyed, it does become distorted and vastly diminished. People truly unworthy of that idea will be the ones to set it before the society."

--Fran Lebowitz

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