Saturday, July 30, 2016

Keep 'em guessing!!!

This is happening live... I'm at a bar right now with my laptop and was updating my profile on ...
I was taking a moment to update my photos...; folks post before/after photos of themselves...or what's called "progress photos" to show their relative advances; and this is what I was doing. And suddenly, the bartender girl (Alexis), whom I'm acquainted with (along with her dude who is also a server here) came up behind me without warning to chat ... and as she did so, I realize this big ass picture of me posing in front of the mirror is displayed full screen on my laptop (literally half naked and full fucking posing in the bathroom, taking a mirror selfie LMFAO!!!) ... and my brain fires about 10,000 seemingly simultaneous synapses because there is no way she could miss it and I mean, it's pretty gay soft porn-ish looking if viewed out of context and all; and before I can even think about it, I click the [X] to close the window. I mean, I would have to explain that one for sure cause there's no way she missed it.

I was laughing my ass off and not really bothered cause she's cool and smart and conversant and I'm damn sexually confidant but it still must have looked pretty freaky, me sitting by myself at a Pappas Rest bar with that on my screen … and so I said, “Oh shit man … LOL .. you walked up just as I was updating my profile photo!!” … (LOL) … And trying to joke cause it was fucking hilarious, I say, “It's not like I'm up here each Friday using your public WiFi to cruise gay soft porn sites!” … oh man … it was a moment … not embarrassed at all but just relishing the hilarity and timing of the moment … a total fucking movie scene, man... (especially her reaction) …
Alexis sort of sidestepped the whole comment and hurried away, patting me on the shoulder as she left, saying (almost uncomfortably) ... “Oh … hey .. hey … it's okay … I have *lots* of gay friends, dude; really, man ... I don't judge!”
And then I thought, “Shit man ... I don’t think she got it” ... and then, understanding the value of the moment? ... “Keep 'em guessing.”
True Story (well, embellished here and there) ...


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