Saturday, November 3, 2007

Recent Credit Card Usage

Earlier posted article republished to include scans of mentioned, latest online credit card usage:


Today I arranged several purchases using a family members credit card.

This immediate family member occasionally lets me make online purchases with his credit card and I then reimburse him with cash.

In the past, there has been some questionable activity on his card around the same times I borrowed it ... and therefore I make this cursory post.

That said, this post is simply to make public the fact that, with permission, I have used his card to make online purchases which I am reimbursing him for.

Briefly, here's the actual AMEX report showing my allowed purchases back on 09/25/07:



I'll post more later if necessary.

I've already informed the secretary at this family members business that I am going to print copies of the AMEX bills for the month in which I made the purchases.


Also, for those interested, here's some more reading on the above mentioned past examples where a particular family members personal financial data has been either tampered with or used fraudulently:

1. Other Person's Money

2. Family and Credit Cards

3. Farm Secrets!

So ... regarding the investigations claims against me, and specifically regarding the event of some future attempt at incriminating me around the use of credit cards and the internet ... there really are only two explanations:

1. I'm either doing it and totally forgetting about it (NOT! But that's what they'd argue ... or that I was simply lieing).

2. Or someone associated with the investigation of myself, someone who wishes to fulfill the investigators goals of isolating me withing a home and work environment under their control, is to blame.

Fun, highly unlikely stuff, eh?




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