Monday, October 22, 2007

Whackos coming out of the woodwork.

Recently, those few of you who read this blog might remember I discussed a certain friend of mine that is known by myself to be an informant to the investigation.

Here's a link to that blog entry and why I surmise this might be beneficial to the investigators: LINK

The jist of that article revolves around the fact that this friend was supposedly, and over some period of time, purporting to be experiencing similar experiences to those I make public in my main website, he claimed that he thought he was being survielled, said persons were harassing him, said he was having issues with 'questionable' pornography ... and on and on ...

Read the article linked above to better understand why I mention this fellow in my blog.

Lo and Behold! Here comes Another one!

Well, as of today, yet another basket case from my decades-ago 12 step social circles has now returned and guess what? He's claiming to be experiencing circumstances 'similar to mine!' And even worse, he claimed with much conviction that jesus sent him. (ACK!)

Anyway ...

It seems he contacted my father and was given my cel phone number and home phone. (I've since cursed my father for sharing my personal information with others) :-)

If a pattern is visible in the tactics of those behind the investigation, then it would only have to be one that seems bent on involving me with long dead social circles ... and specifically those that are either related to 12 step programs or even fucking worse, whacko christian types of persons/groups.

Anyway, this guy I used to know many many years ago suddenly locates me out of the blue last week and immediately begins explaining how he's sure the government is out to kill him and isn't sure how much longer he'll be around (death anxieties, etc.).

He claims that he's been waiting at a restaurant for 4 hours near an old residence of mine (which he supposed I still lived at) and that he's wanting to get together with me to discuss our mutually similar circumstances.

(oh god.)

Anyway, I kept it as cordial as possible while quite frankly informing him that I wanted nothing to do with any regular involvement with him and have basically cut off communication past that initial contact.

Now, he won't stop emailing.

I've never once in my life considered changing my phone numbers and email addresses ... but of late, the measure has crossed my mind.

Unique Nature of this Guy

Why is this interesting insofar as the contents of is concerned?

As with the previously mentioned friend (another article) ... this guy is an old acquaintance from the Houston Alcoholics Anonymous scene, a social circle/set I became a member of just after graduating highschool some two decades ago ... and when I was in a serious fight to free myself from the clutches of a very real although admittedly adolescent drug addiction. You can read the full acount of my association with such groups, HERE.

This guy, in fact, is what you might describe as a career 12 step junkie (although, judging by our brief conversation, he's since become a Jesus Freak(tm).

But back in the day, this old friend had a 12 step program for just about every thought that occurred to him as being an 'issue,' ESPECIALLY sexual issues.

He went to Sex Anonymous meetings, Sex and Love Addicts meetings and maybe a few more in between.

He was quite brainwashed by the whole psycho-social/12 step culture and genuinely found real discomfort in what I consider normal male banter, say, loosely discussing the hottie who might be seated next to us at a bar or restaurant.

To him, such verbiage resulted in painful episodes of shame and guilt; he would say that such discussions were 'relapse behavior' or some other atrocious and absolutely idiotic brainwash-induced discomfort surrounding his supposed issues.

I would say, "She's hot, man. You shouldn't sweat it"

Anyway, he seemed happy in his anguish, and after some time ... our paths through life naturally parted. And, this is a good thing ...

I mean, c'mon already ... any male who can't shamelessly objectify the hottie at the neighboring table is nobody that I want business with.


Which isn't to say that objectification of females is my modis operandi ... because it by far is not ... but it is quite fun at times (and rather acceptable in my world view).

Funny thing ... when he called me, he said he was staying at a hotel and as a silly sort of quip I mentioned as we were ending our conversation, "Hey, cool ... your staying at a Hotel, you should order a porno!".

And he replied in a spooky, sterilized way: "I'm not into that bro."

And I knew this was a freak I wanted nothing to do with.


No offense old friend.

But, to quote Beck, "the past is still the past."

Good luck out there.

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