Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Media Player = FRAUD?

The title is supposed to be provocative.

But it is the truth that I've recently acquired a wonderful new portable MP3 and video player. It's a Creative Zen Vision:M and I'm currently using it with a portable headphone amp made by Practical Devices:



The Implications

So what does this mean?

I mean, beyond having heavenly sound quality in a portable media system?

Well ... predominantly, that this device and specifically the acquisition of media to play on it could, theoretically be used against me in the way of wrongful incrimination.

Think about it.

Regarding the wrongful incrimination attempts discussed in the past, especially those involving the supposed wrongful use of other persons checking and credit card account information ... this new device represents a rather seductive opportunity to create more supposed criminal acts upon my part.

For instance, ...

I've recently published an obligatory post to my daily blog discussing my use of a family members credit card to make some online purchases ... this sort of arrangement, of course, not being unusual between myself and this particular family member. I've written enough about this practice in the past.

But suppose that next month, when I review the AMEX statement to verify that the above mentioned purchases (and no others) are properly reported, suppose that I find several other purchases to online music/.mp3 providors, using this same persons credit card information?

What then?

Anyway ... not wanting to take the fantasizing/projecting to far ...

I think it suffices for this lighthearted update to note that I have recently acquired a fantastic new media player and I'm certainly only playing media that I have the right to play.


I don't purchase online music anyway ...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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