Friday, October 19, 2007

Forced home relocation, forced employment.

My current, daily political work has been a truly bothersome thorn in the investigation's side (if I may so personify), if only because the majority of the persons that I work with are genuinely trustworthy persons, many of whom have seen through their own legal requests made under FOIPA (Freedom of Information and Privacy Act) and many with long standing and strong ties to the United States intelligence circles.

They are persons who, due to their own experiences and legal efforts realize that the terms 'unlikely' and 'untrue' are far from being synonymous; said plainly, they are persons not easily bought.

My work with this political organization has been one of, if not the most beneficial changes to my daily environment if only for the above stated reasons.

It's an environment where I can work daily with a consistently similar group of persons, the vast majority of which are not under the control of the investigation and that means I can actually work and be involved in an endeavor unstressed by continuous actions against my person.

Furthermore, it's an environment where my actions are visible up to 15 hours a day, by the same regular grouping of my personal friends and co-workers and therefore any strange behaviours, attractions or mentally irregular tendencies are easily noted by others.

Frankly, my circumstances considered ... it's an environment near free from daily manipulations associated with the investigation. And this is a good thing.

Also, not only do I work 12 hours a day with said persons, but I as well share a three bedroom house with two specific members. Again, insofar as home invasions and manipulations of personal space, this is yet again a particularly bothersome fact to the investigation as, generally, there is usually at least one of us home at the house.

Therefore, some sort of legal mandate dictating my employ at some other locale would neatly open the playing field for increased and regular manipulations of my life to further buttress the long standing effort to build an image of myself as mentally ill.

Harris Tire - Forced Future Employment

The above comments considered regarding the question of mental illness. I feel it important to reiterate that according to direct conversation with others and especially considering what I've seen in the way of past unsuccessful incrimination attempts, the social circles related to my father's long standing personal business in Galena Park, TX have been the most important in supporting this claim of mental illness on my part.

These are the persons who, literally, were giving my father step by step instructions for how I could sign up to be a ward of the state or otherwise a registered mentally ill person (free meds and everything!) here in Texas; I of course declined to go through such a process.

As I've stated in, the investigators being able to make the mental illness label stick is ABSOLUTELY essential for the investigation to realize it's ultimate goals, including court mandated participation in psychiatric studies.

As per certain conversations I've had recently, and considering the recent fraudulent charges applied to my father's credit card account, it's come to my attention that the ultimate goal of the investigators is to 'shape the charge,' so to speak, towards an event that would land me back under full time employment at his business, Harris Tire.

This is important solely because the necessary work has already been done in the way of forming a very solid operative base around his social circles and once forced to work (possibly live) in that area, then all sorts of further fabrications could take root and be easily realized.

Furthermore, my father is totally unaware of the investigation and has been made to believe that I'm horribly ill or schizophrenic for thinking the investigation exists.

Again, as mentioned, the latest frenzy of activity around the Harris Tire social circles has been agitated by my working 2 days a week for him in an attempt to assist him with a recent employee loss. This is a temporary arrangement and one which I am already beginning to phase out of my weekly routine, but it has given the investigators cause to initiate a variety of possible set up attempts (like the proverbial child's hand which must reach for the candy ... they just can't resist).

Isolating me withing this environment is important as, my father, via direct dialogue with his closest friends, has been absolutely convinced that I'm horribly ill for believing that an investigation of myself exists; in other words, his best and life long friends, many who are members of local and federal law enforcement have continuously supported and somewhat fiercely promoted the notion that I am delusional. These are, of course, local houston police and federal law enforcement families, by the way. Just worth mentioning again ...

According to my conversations with others, the means of arguing for my being committed to his employment (sounds weird, I know) would be the following:

  1. Most likely, an incrimination attempt would involve some personal financial account of his own; judge would say, "It'd do you good paying back some of those deeds with some nice hard work for him" ... or, "since he's clearly so unstable that he can't even remember or own the fact that he committed a crime, the best place for him would be with a family member."

  2. Prosecution would argue that since I owe him money, that it'd only make sense that I assist him full time until that debt is payed (which wouldn't be long as it's only about 700.00 dollars or so!).

The bottom line is that if forced back into that environment, I would have no control over the probable increase of fabricated events which would have as a basis the continued effort to make me look mentally ill.

As I said at the start of this article, my appearing mentally ill is absolutely a must for the investigators and when considering their ultimate goal of unrestrained license to commit me to long term psychiatric evaluation; long term psychiatric evaluations due, simply, to the fact that those behind the investigation are simply curious ... not because of any aberrance of behavior on my part.

Don't get me wrong, I love dear old dad and I truly know he is completely unaware of the turnings of this investigation of myself ... even the existence of the same; and I do occasionally like helping him out here and there, but that work, which I did full time for him as a teenager, is nothing that I want to do full time; I'm involved in other daily tasks (political work, etc.) which are far more important both for myself and for others as well.

Finally, and this is just as important, isolating me under the employ of my father will neatly require that I sever all ties with my current work assisting with a federal political action committee; this is work I have been involved in for well nigh five years ... and more importantly, it's an environment not easily controlled by the investigation.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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