Saturday, January 5, 2008

Other Person's Money

As I've written in the past, one of the longstanding methods employed by the investigators in their ongoing attempts to wrongfully incriminate myself has been to create the illusion of my supposedly stealing from a family member or friends personal bank account.

This, of course, in a way that involved computer use and also most probably a way that would demand/require removal from my current work and home environs. Two requirements which have been on the investigators wish list for a long time.

A past example:

Persons close to my family (fathers side) who have acted as collaborators in the investigation once used my father's bank account to subscribe to several online, questionably legal pay-for-porn sites (think lassie, but much more than just a friend).

Follow the link if you care to read the details of that documented, thoroughly squelched attempt to wrongfully incriminate me some several years ago.

Possible Christmas Incrimination?

Anyway ... tis the season and all ... folks are spending money, dreaming up their most desired gifts and maybe even (as I'm currently employed at) making a bunch of stuff to give to other people as gifts.

That said ... this is the perfect time and seasonal environment for those running the ongoing investigation to attempt to dream up further acts along the lines mentioned above.

Considering the imaginary prospect that such a move against my person were to be made this time of year, the post event comments from the investigators could easily go something like this:

"Well, maybe he was just wanting some new stereo equipment ... you know he doesn't get paid much working in politics ... and you know he's had this new hobby of buying expensive audio gear ... seems his family members (or friend's) credit card account was just a bit too tempting for him to resist ... we see a lot of this around Christmas, you know ... people get depressed ... needy ... that sort of depressive mood, combined with alcohol or drugs ... well, it just added up to a lose this time ... but we'll get him the help he needs"


Dramatic ... but a fun imaginative romp nonetheless.

So, as a preemptive move ... I thought I'd go ahead and write about it before it actually had a chance to transpire (you know ... just in case and all).

Besides ... it's Friday ... just got home from work ... having a beer and all; I can think of nothing more appealing than writing for an hour or so.

Importance of a Detonation Event

Since publishing the content viewable at, I have made it very public and very clear that a known goal of those behind the investigation is to end it along lines they "approve of" or otherwise that let them publicly justify the amount of time and resources dedicated to the efforts against me.

That being the case ... the investigations goals have been unchanging for almost six years now.

Number one ... a charge and a punishment ... even if that punishment is not jail time but the (known) and much more preferred "alternative" sort of punishment which would include the expected and grotesquely mandated court ordered psychiatric rubbish.

Number two (hinted at in number one) ... a clean entry into some sort of court mandated, supposedly very necessary and longwinded (oh, 3 months or so) psychiatric evaluation that would necessarily include the necessary authority to remove me from my current home and work situation.

I speak at great length regarding these objectives, HERE, at my main website and so won't go in to any more detail than that.

That said ... and considering those very briefly discussed objectives of the ongoing investigation, what do I continuously need to be wary of in so far as possible actions employed to make the above musings a reality?

The sort of set up I refer to here, one which would get the proverbial ball rolling towards the above mentioned goals is what I've termed a "Detonation Event." Meaning ... it's the ignition for the main spectacle, of course.

Meaning ... some sort of criminal setup which incorporates the necessary, er, "qualities" so as to allow a prosecutor (or judge) to say, "Hmmm, these facts are worrisome; I can quite conscientiously say that the defendant may at some point in the future cause possible harm to himself or others and so therefore a court recommended process of ... (blah blah blah)" Etc. Etc.


Really ... it's that simple.

Detonation Event: the likely types

It will/would involve theft (generally of some other close friend or family members property), computers and possibly even the inclusion of subjects/items of more dangerous nature ... say a planted gun found in my closet or something.

Anything that could be called, even possibly, "harmful to himself or others," would fit the bill towards sending me down the very well known and desired course of alternative sentencing.


Regarding the term "detonation event" and why I've chosen to introduce that as a necessary and defined term, please read my more detailed comments related to such, at the following address: More on Detonation Events


Otherwise ...

Have a great Christmas and a kick ass new year!

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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