Friday, January 11, 2008

Recent online purchases ...

As I've reiterated over and over ...

Family members and close friend's credit cards and checking accounts have been a favorite target of the investigators in their attempts to falsely incriminate me.

I've offered plenty of links regarding such in the past.

That said, this post is simply a precursor to a more elaborate break down explaining and making public several online purchase I've made in the past month, on an agreed basis, using family member's credit cards.

As explained in past posts, I don't have a credit card of my own and so it is a normal practice of mine to use a family members established credit card and then reimburse said family member with immediate cash or regular payments.

This is old hat by now.

Anyway, several of such purchase have been made in the past month and once all transactions are complete I will post a detailed account here on my blog citing both products purchased and dates of online activity.

Until we recieve the actual invoices from American Express, I will list briefly here the loose dates and amounts of all such purchases:


12/28/2007: Purchased Creative X-fi @ $269.53 from

12/28/2007: Purchased Sennheiser HD595 @ $222.49 from

01/11/2008: Purchased Shure SE530 @ $350.00 from Ebay/Anthony Devo

02/16/2008: Purchased Shure SE530 @ $350.00 from Ebay/Anthony Devo


The Sennheiser purchase was a foul up on my part as I had originally intended to return those for a refund/exchange on the Shures but I failed to read the small print which stated that Audiomidi did not accept returns on headphones.

So anyway, ...

That's the rundown.

As is my usual habit, I will post the actual AMEX bill as soon as it arrives.

Otherwise ...



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