Saturday, March 31, 2007

Credit Card Fraud

i recently authored an article titled, 'Other Person's Money,' and published it to; the article makes public the fact that my father had recently discovered fraudulent charges on his business AMEX account. this is the business, BTW, which i've been required to work at two days a week of late.

my father, while i was under his employ in the past, has already seen similar fraudulent charges to his personal checking account.

furthermore, and going back to around 2002 time frame or so, his personal social circles associated with federal and local law enforcement were those most utilized as informant/operatives in the ongoing investigation; i have this on word of personal family friends and relatives.

that considered, and also, since the AMEX account statement clearly indicates these most recent fraudulent charges were made *directly* after I myself had used his card for a previously agreed upon purchase; therefore, it goes without saying that i was more than a bit intrigued to see what the purchases could be for.


in the above mentioned, past written article regarding 'other persons money,' ... i commented casually that i was not to alarmed as of yet at having heard of the fraudulent charges.

i go on to say, however ... and this is, mind you, back on march 6, that i would grow a bit more concerned should we ultimately find that the charges were for $200.00 worth of women's clothing or something unusual like that. since i've known for some time that the persons behind the investigation have been trying to force the appearance of my having issues around sexual identity.

my exact words in the article:

"For the record, I've not been too alarmed by the appearance of fraudulent charges on my father's credit card as I've pretty much done my homework regarding the necessary task of making my previous credit card purchases quite public. Also, for the most part, I shop strictly at thrift stores and it's not likely that I would ever be associated with purchases made from Old Navy or Target ... unless of course it was something strange like buying 200.00 worth of women's panties or some such oddity; if that latter bit turns out to be the case, then my alarm flags really will be thrown for a loop! " -- from, Other Person's Money

well, today is march 31st ... and i've been hard at work on the phone with AMEX and Old Navy Online (where the purchases were made) and as it turns out ... my bit of humorous commentary was exactly spot on: according to Old Navy's fraud department, the charges were indeed for girls and women's undergarments and apparel in general.

i've since notified my father of my findings, and as well will be investigating the other remaining fraudulent charges as well.

all in all, the charges were made at old navy (the same day i made computer related purchases) and at target online, several days earlier.


my point is, and regarding possible future incrimination of myself that has as an objective the creation of appearances making me look sexually confused.

what do you think a court or judge would say if my home was raided and (lo and behold!), a cache of young girls and women's undergarments were found in my closet? my garage? the empty boxes on top of my shelves?

the answer should be self evident and exactly as that objective described in a guaranteed and legally mandated course into a relatively invasive suite of psychiatric and neurological tests.


i will be posting further findings as we investigate the remainder of the recent fraudulent charges.

unfortunately, neither AMEX or Old Navy would provide the shipping address applied to the online charges.

it makes since, no? if someone orders something online, then wouldn't they need to provide a shipping address?

more later!

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading wierd stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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