Thursday, March 29, 2007

Womanly Wants?

this is a brief recap of a recent article i did on my main site, which further discusses and makes public the possibility of incrimination attempts which would force appearances of my having some sort of sexual identity confusion.

the main article that i reference above is viewable at my main site and is entitled "Womanly Wants."

as far as the investigation goals ... and specifically the very dominant tack towards the behavior science side of things ... this is a long known desire of the investigators.

considering that the primary goal of the investigation is to introduce me to court mandated therapy and or a court mandated, long term (3 months, etc.) alternative sentencing scenario involving forced therapeutic investigation of the supposed issues ... a fabricated bit of circumstances which makes me look criminally interested in sexual fetishes such as cross dressing ... or simply some sort of object attraction to women's clothing, would simply be a knockout home run for the investigators who desire such alternative sentencing.

i mean, think about it. an adult male who is discovered to be breaking into women's homes and stealing only said woman's panties ... what would a judge say? jail? or ... jail and then a good healthy, long term dose of psychiatric evaluations?

or, better yet ... an adult male who steals a credit card and makes online purchases but only purchases halter tops and a few blouses with maybe a nighty thrown in for good measure. what would a judge or jury recommend? jail? maybe. but more likely ... a good healthy dose of long term psychiatric evaluations.

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That last bit, written at the time as only hypothetical, i mean credit card fraud involving purchases of women's clothing, is not really so hypothetical anymore!

as mentioned in, my main site, my father, whose social circles have been the one's most utilized as an operative base in the investigation, a couple months ago saw fraudulent charges appear on his AMEX card. as mentioned HERE, in a particular article i wrote in the past, i was not too alarmed but i would begin to be more suspect if later we found out the charges were for women's clothing or something strange like that because then that could possibly play into my much discussed knowledge that the investigators wish to cast me in some sort of sexually confused light ... or at least create the appearance of such confusions of sexuality through the planting of evidence, etc.

well today ... i made some progress with my research with old navy online's fraud department and it was reported to me that indeed the 200+ dollars worth of purchases were indeed purchases of 'women's, girls and infants' clothing and/or apparel.

to good to be true, huh!

anyway, the additional knowledge of 'infants' clothing makes some sort of twisted since as well because i've also written extensively of my knowledge that the investigators have, in the past, attempted to force the appearance of 'infantile aggressive' behavior patterns. biting, playing with feces, oral fixations ... you know, run of the mill psych 101 stuff. read this article, HERE, to view my comments on the infantile aggressive angle.

!!!!! edited, 3.31.07, jbh !!!!!

i'm not trying to be funny. this is serious business here.


anyway ... it's only hypothesis on my part ... based primarily on discussions i've had with person's that have come forward from my long term personal social circles to discuss with me their personal knowledge of the investigation.

according to them, ... some such forced impression of my having such, er, how to say ... confusions ... is high on the investigators list because once introduced to a judicial setting, the outcome should be obvious ...


anyway, i've wanted to begin replicating a bit of what i've already published to on the chance that any sort of incrimination attempt should be successful in the near future; i'm sure if this happened a subsequent goal of the investigators would be to find some way to legally mandate that my main site,, be shut down.

that considered, and since is my only real tool in combating the possibility of such incrimination attempts (see Detonation Events, at, i'll sleep easier knowing there are two instances of the same general data/concerns available.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading wierd stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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