Saturday, August 9, 2008

A record breaking post!!

Just a quick word about the last article I posted ... the one entitled, "Two of my fav idiots...," wherein I daftly and not too subtly refer to a certain Universtity here in Houston and a certain political figure who, by way of his father, is also stationed in my home town of Houston.

Well for what it's worth, that post now carries the esteemed honor of garnering (by far) the most unique page views/visits during the first two days after it's posting than anything else I've published here at this blog.

Not Popular

My blog is not that popular, understand.

I mean, folks don't stream here by the hundreds/thousands a day to get the latest juicy bit of related information.

Really ... why would they?

I certainly wouldn't if I were outside of the proceedings discussed here. Frankly, the content here is pretty boring and unbelievable material.

In fact, on average, I'd say this blog gets about 5 visits a day, most originating from search engines and a few from regular IP based visits (friends and family no doubt).

Anyway, the above mentioned post, in the first two days after it's publication, resulted in a whopping (relative statement) 33 unique visits starting the same night it was posted!

And NONE of those visits came by way of a search engine hit!

This means that (seemingly overnite) 33 real individuals suddenly developed a keen interest in my blog and my blog URL from within their web browser with the sole intention of reading this new article.

They were all direct requests from individual IP's.

So what does it mean?

It probably doesn't mean anything.

It's probably just random that 33 individuals purposefully typed in my blogs URL and visited that particular article (that all previous log data to date shows that to be a unique event is also, most likely, random)

It's also probably just a random thing that this particular two days of very heightened activity had anything to do with the content published in my "Two of my fav idiots..." post.

Or, randomness aside...

Knowing how the hyper egotistical think (probably better than they themselves do) ;-) , I could also surmise that the unique occurrence of dramatically increased page views might have been a stampede of investigation related folks logging on to look at themselves in the mirror, so to speak.

Either way ... I really couldn't say for sure.

But one things for sure...

That particular post was a HUGE hit with somebody for some reason.


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