Monday, August 4, 2008

Two of my fav Idiots...



Some, so called, "bastions of learning," are actually the most ghey and over hyped mind jobs on the block.

That said ...

The math/neuro/psych wing of Rice Univ., here in my beloved home town of Houston, are front-runners in the claim for the cup!

They love their "hypotheticals" so much that they'd do anything to create the semblance of a physical proof for the same.

Even those "things" best associated with Nazis ...


You know ...

Like planting evidence ... torturing ... drugging ... making false claims regarding character ... all that sort of loveliness ...

EDIT (08/08/08):

Now, in retrospect (four days after this post) ... lets be realistic.

In no way am I guaranteeing that said University (or even that most notoriously fumbling of political figures) is involved in the ongoing investigation against me.

Just that things have "reached me on the winds," so to speak ... be it via direct verbal confirmation with random sources or be it otherwise.

As with everything else in this blog, things should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Refer to my main website,, for those things I consider factual.

And besides ...

If such folks really are involved ... a little poking should do some much needed good towards cracking the plasticy veneer of their most axiomatically created "Ivory Towers."


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