Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Songwriting ...

As I've mentioned on occasion in ...

I've been a homebrew songwriter of sorts for a couple decades now.

Over the past six years, much of the content I generate has obviously incorporated some of the more stressing circumstances that I discuss in and some has not.

Also, in the 90's, I was a member of a couple different local Houston bands ... one that played very loud, very heavy (sort of Black Sabbath type) rock music and one that leaned more so towards the folk/alternative country scene (think Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, Joe Pernice, etc.).

Anyway ...

Just this past weekend I figured out a way to embed a nifty little MP3 player/jukebox in my various webpages and thought I'd post it here as well.

BTW: I publish songs under the pseudonym, "The Gods of Victory," (aka G.0.V.) ... a name I've always liked but which none of my old band mates were too fond of.

Listen at your own risk ...




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