Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Email to a friend ...

So this is a recent email reply that I sent to a local Houston, friend.

The friends originating email was an in general comment about a recent addition I made to my ongoing youtube video project entitled "The Insomniac Series(tm)" ...

The Insomniac Series is simple, random and for the most part, un choreographed video content that I've collected over the past 20 years. I chose stuff, like I said, at random and set it to music I like (or music that I've made) ... and publish it to YouTube under the above mentioned series title.

The Latest Installment

The latest installment to The Insomniac Series is somewhat special in that it features content related to myself and a certain past flame (girlfriend).

It's special in the context of my efforts with and this blog because central to the ongoing efforts of those persons behind the investigation of me has been a very real and damaging rumor campaign that I'm a stalker(tm), or otherwise some Repressed Male(tm) fitting the classic pathological profile of One Who Could Possibly Go Violent in the Future(tm).

All very cliche' and ridiculous and desperate (especially considering the fact that up until the actions against my person began, I was generally always involved in some sort of romantic liaison) ;-)

So considering that (and I'll discuss the above mentioned claims of the investigators a bit more below) ... this particular video posting is exceptional.

Truth is ... again ... it's just random content ... no messages being sent (well, not totally true) and otherwise, it's simply a bit of lovely content that I thought went well to the chosen music.

Here's the bit I discuss:



As an aside ... I worked really hard to make that Digital Video footage look somewhat like old film reel footage.

Came out quite nice if I do say so my own self.

An Email to a Friend

So today I get an email from a local friend (who is aware of my efforts with and he was expressing a bit of concern that such content as that might still be "tough" or difficult in some emotional way.

Which I immediately thought sort of strange as it certainly is not ...

But in my reply to this local friend (transcribed below) ... I found a good opportunity to convey some of the more harmful tactics used by the investigators back when they were tearing apart my local and long standing (now all but utterly non-existent) social circles of that period (1998/99/2000) when the gang stalking and rumor mill operations were first begun.

I thought it worth posting here as ongoing word of just how insane and desperate some of the investigators claims regarding my behaviour were and are.

Here's the email as sent back to my friend today:


RE: "Must be Tough"

Not tough at all, really.

She was cool. Just an old flame.

BTW: She's one of the primary ex's that the whackos running the
investigation of me have generated local/social rumor campaigns around.

They propogated such lies on a near fanatical basis back in the early

You'd have to read the site ... but in general they were claims that
I'm a stalker, classic obsessive ex boyfriend type and that I exhibit
any other 'text book' sort of curiously/possibly aberrant behavior
which generally always has an argumentative track leading to the
eventual and possible escalation to violence ...

I'm sure you know the popular profile of the classicly and supposedly repressed male.

Well, that's what they went for hard core ... and via 100% manufactured lies and mass saturation of old social circles with such (mind you, this all was going down six years ago or so ...) ...

I primarily made the video to fuck with the persons locally who have
organized the actions against me discussed in, something
probably not too smart (powerful egos tend to hold a grudge which can be dangerous to those of us who playfully provoke) but it feels a bit nice ... ;-) ... also, the content went well with that leonard cohen bit ...

According to close friends of mine from those circles long ago, they
even generated fake notes and otherwise gifts that were delivered to
such persons (like the silly little necklaces I used to make) ... all
to bolster the supposed social view of myself as some sort of
obsessive ex boyfriend stalker type ... totally freaky shit, man.
Almost worked too ... but publishing my stuff has helped a great deal.

I discuss those early attacks on my person to great extent in (it really is a books worth of content). And truly such
possibilities don't alarm or disarm me anymore cause if they went
through with anything like that, they'd look pretty suspicious since
I've already outed their intentions so thoroughly in my site(s) as
well as vocally with many family members and friends (I have an
ongoing, face to face witness group who receive verbal
updates/testimony from me about every six months).

It's really the same premise we use in the organization when we get
early word of something and then organize a mass bit of public motion to defeat it before it can happen (think Bloomberg, Social Security, the various and ongoing threats of new wars).

As per your earlier comment regarding the tracking down of your old
friend ... it really is sort of empowering to properly utilize the
intelligence work/methods that are central to our work.

It's just hard as hell perfecting them.


Anyway ...

Have fun.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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