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Not an Activist...

So I got an email from one of the person's who has contacted me locally due to having read my main website, ...

For what it's worth ... and no offense to said person ... I'm certainly not even slightly interested in meeting anyone local to me who claims to be a gang stalking victim (color me anti-social ... but the thought sort of creeps me out).

Anyway ... I have a nice and trustworthy set of friends who I care for and whom I'm happy knowing; in general, I'm not out to gain more friends and nor do I seek out shoulders to cry on (those slots are full) ;-)

So if your thinking about contacting me ... feel free ... I might even reply ... but for gods sake don't invite me over or give me your phone number.


But anyway ...

I thought it might be interesting to post my response to this latest invite/hail as it further solidifies my point made throughout and this blog that the basis of my ongoing circumstances is rooted in a normal old real world so called, "criminal investigation" of myself ...

Anyway ... here's a transcript of our dialogue ... I'll start with my reply ... the original message (sans personal info) will follow:

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Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:55 PM

Subject: Not an Activist

I appreciate the candor but I'm not at all interested in networking or otherwise backing a common cause.

I am not a "gang stalking activist" and nor do I wish to be. My efforts with my site and blog are 100% selfish and geared towards the maintenance of my own well being and legal protection ... and, towards that goal, have been successful for well nigh six years.

Please understand ... I don't mean to be rude ...

But, unlike many of the more ephemeral, so-called "TI's" and what not ... who have no real and publicly acknowledged reason for the attention to themselves (other than the many and winded hypotheticals) ... I am, myself, simply the subject of a rotten and ego driven federal investigation related to computer hacking, supposed pedophilia and pirated software (among other contrived things) ...

The bits about pirated software and computer hacking have some very real world origins in certain of my past social relations and technical projects ... you'd have to study to read about them. Suffice it to say ... I was involved with the most prominent of computer hacker circles in Houston back in the day ... many of my friends went to federal prison for such practices ... and again ... it's all on my site.

That said ...

Gang stalking, something I do recognize as a real and horrible phenomenon, has simply been a *TACTIC* used by the investigators to further their goals of seeing an end to things that will justify their efforts over the years.

As discussed in my site ... my family is one painful degree away from some of the most powerful and egotistical (and very very bored) politicians and federal authorities in Houston. Said connections have very much so played into the ongoing drama of course ... and certain of these old farts are still playfully resigned (biding their time and all) to see things through in a way that will please them.

My efforts with and my blog are simply in the name of legal protection and not meant to necessarily support any movement or concerted effort among similar cases to, "prop one another up." Though I must say ... as the resources section of my site makes clear enough ... I am absolutely sympathetic to the life threatening psychological damage that such circumstances can cause and I've tried to make my own "touchstones" along the way, public.

Once more ...

I appreciate your words but I'm quite happy with my social and (semi) professioanal life; though my opportunities in the software design/computing arena have been all but permanently destroyed, I still stay happily employed at various other fun and semi-worthwhile pursuits; my family is close to me and despite thinking my ramblings are manifestations of mental illness (god bless them, they all take some form of anti-depressant), are nonetheless supportive.

Any sort of ongoing psycho-social and public probings (street theatre/etc.) are simply fun to observe at this point and cause me no real unrest (psychologists and those seeking scientific noteriety/fame are nearly as notable for their disgusting egos as are the aforementioned politicians) ...

And further, the phsycially damaging aspects of my circumstances, covert druggins, etc. ... ceased altogether a few years back after involving certain of my long time, older and publicly influential friends in my efforts ... and I mean, specifically, those sorts of friends who have acted as informants to what they thought, at one time, was a legitimately concerned investigation (or were made to believe such) ... but yet who digressed from involvement once they became aware that things like covert druggins were going on. Thankfully, such persons were in a position to say, "You stop this sort of thing, or I'll back him up in his FOIPA requests ..." <-- which would be a real mess for people who, by habit, are rigidly careful not to get to much of a mess on their public selves .... ;-)

So again .

Thanks and good luck.


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Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:55 PM

Hello. So my site has grown in terms of making connections with others who have been targeted. One particular connection is a lawyer who has been targeted for several years and we got to talking about real world meetings and the need for this type of leveraging of our numbers. With this in mind I started a forums section ...(content removed to protect identity)... one goal being to discuss some protocol for people to be able to feel safe about connecting with others in, again, real world settings...along with a general goal of providing relatively safe place where targeted folks can share their experiecnes and connect with each other. I've found a lot of inspiration and community in the online world, but I think that to provide solid support and strengths sharing meetings are the way to go. Honestly, I'm still a bit close('for comfort') to the latest larger stalking events to be extremely comfortable with something like hosting such a meeting, but am taking the lead and helpful safety suggestions of this contact who is willing to host such a meeting at his home...I can see myself getting there, though not at my home, finding a community venue of some sort. (too many break-ins and tampering to want to invite making my home even more of a target)

Just thought I'd try to connect with you again seeing that your site was the first one I came across that related experiences similar to my own, and on top of that we happen to live in the same city. I've found trust to be an entirely new creature over the last couple of years than it had been most of my life, but I've always been adventurous regardless of variations in fear experiences, etc. Maybe you'd consider online/phone talking and/or meeting up at some point. I'd love to hear more of your experiences (and share mine) if that sounds good to you. You can check out my site to read more about me and my experiences. ...(content removed to protect identity)...

In other news--
I recently got to meet probably the one music/poetry influence I'd most like to... a few weeks ago and thanked him for his awareness and attention to covert methods of manipulation... to which he responded something like 'how did you know I was gang stalked?' --it seems he doesn't want to connect this with the more public persona / works. Of couse I hadn't known, but the energies I picked up on in the music and the lyrics described to me experiences that resonated so closely with my own experiences... I knew he was into awareness of covert control and such, yet I was surprised to discover that none of the other connections were just my own /in my head, he had actually had similar experiences to my own. Since this wonderful synchronicity (it truly felt like a reward after the hell of the last few years, especially considering there was some stalker-critters at the show when there hadn't been any activity for 3 months) I've been experiencing some bursts of creativity and success in connecting with others regarding progressing through the BS known as gang stalking. I do my best to keep my spirits up, but it takes a fun, good coincidence like that to see how good it is to find community, someone else who knows what my experiences are like, etc.

...(content removed to protect identity)...

Anyway, if you want to talk sometime shoot me an email or give me a call if you like ...(content removed to protect identity).... My name is ...(content removed to protect identity)... I live with my cat, hamster and boyfriend, ...(content removed to protect identity)... I guess that's about it for now. Maybe I'll hear back from you. Either way, I hope you're well and things are going alright in your life.


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