Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pretty sure ...

I'm pretty sure I was just stalked by a psycho-social "hit-squad," as I like to call them. This occurring just a half hour or so ago while I was shopping at my regular weekend grocery store ...

I'll write a proper article about this possible bit of public attention in a bit but for now, all I can say is: "Wow! ... were those little mexican teeny boppers beautiful!"

Actually ... one was more like a little girl and the other, I guess her sister ... was actually what any man would call beautiful (radiantly so, even); seventeen to eighteen years of age (or thereabouts) and just as cute as a button.

They were accompanied by a pretty rough looking older Mexican lady (I'd guess mom or grandma) ...

They all approached me head on as I entered H.E.B. ... I of course noticed them as they were looking right at me ... again ... quite the attractive young ladies ...

And as I'll discuss in my upcoming more detailed post ... just cause you notice someone is attractive (even what you'd call beautiful), no matter the age, it certainly doesn't mean your out to fuck them. LMAO!

In my humble estimation, this is where the whole pedophile hunting, psycho-gestapo operation has gone way afoul of reason ... and that is in their (what seems to me, mind you) reckless assumption that just because an adult man or woman might recognize human beauty in a younger person ... that that necessarily means he or she should be analyzed to the Nth degree and publicly lambasted as a threat to his/herself or others (much less a child!).

Much to the contrary ... I'd argue ... and I'm sure a few besides myself ... that such cognizance of human beauty, in an adult or child, is very healthy and even important.

I mean, really, sex doesn't even enter into such an equation ... why would it?

That would be like calling my Dad a pedophile for commenting on how attractive a young lady my little 11 year old niece is! Or another friend that's commented on how cute she is, saying something to the effect of, "Man, is that girl gonna be a dude magnet or what?"

I mean ... WTF?

It's a normal human process and it simply befuddles me (and somewhat amuses me) to no end to see so called "Academicians" out in the public, harassing normal folk with teeny bopper accomplices.

Again ... I quietly LMAO. And also ... again ... much more on the above musings in a bit.


Seriously though ... back to the possibility of the recent events being investigation related ...

Either I've been missing most of such antics, or this is the first of such in a long time! I mean ... psychosocial public probings, street theater and what have you (generally with an observing third party or in tandem with others in the area), is a classic and traditional form of psychological investigation. But it's only noticeable when the actors are bad and if you happen to know you've been the subject of an ongoing local investigation ... but that said ... I've not had any of my internal "flags" thrown in a good while ...

Anyway ...

It was quite a hoot ... real or imagined ... and I certainly had a good time at the grocery store today.

Though these sorts of things (again, more details later) are grossly and always merely hypothetical (on my speculative part) ... it's always fun if only because it gives me cause to write a bit ... and for me ... clicking away at keys, no matter the content, is hugely therapeutic.

And on the other hand ... there are actual and undeniable of such "public explorations" that have been made at my expense which have been witnessed by others and which are just too freakish to disregard as chance ...

See this bit describing a group of pre-teen girlies who literally and regularly were orchestrated to fuck with me when working in a particular neighborhood very near Rice University, here in Houston: Pre-Teen Assault Squad!!

Boy ... those were the days ...


More in a bit ...

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