Friday, September 9, 2011

Putting myself out there!

I've had a fantastic past two years or so. In fact, this is fairly close to how long it's been since I updated this blog, a good sign, that.

But as I've enjoyed the past months (got layed, caught lots of good surf, haven't been criminally jacked up by whacko/iatrogenic fucks yet and have been steadily employed) ... I've also had a teeny tiny watchful eye on those that still desire to turn me into something I'm not.

As I've mentioned in the past ... the iatrogenic wankers have egos bigger than (was going to say my penis but it's not all that big) and so I'll have to settle for planet Jupiter ... yes ... they are that bad in their "Narcissistic" world view of themselves (IE .. rape, pillage, ruin lives or whatever it takes to come out smelling rosy) (but hey, don't blame them ... most are whore academicians who, by nature, consider themselves [and their "systems"] beyond any reproach.) Typical.

Anywho ...

Several recent developments beg ongoing and occasional mention here on my Bad Ass Mother Fucking Blog(tm) ... and so ... not wanting to spend too much time going over this or thinking about things (cause I do my best work when sleeping or simply following inspiration) ... I'll go ahead and cut to the chase.

MySpace and Facebook

I have fun on these sites ... not so much MySpace (aka "MyGhey") because it's recently been purchased by a media whore and is, indeed, beginning to resemble a media whore (as to be expected) ... but Facebooks more "dialogue based" interaction is actually very very fun. I'm friends with ex-girlfriends, friends and a few family members, there. And, as is my wont ... I write a lot there under the notes section (I'm a writer, after all) ... most of it sort of serious and personal observations, prose, poetry, random little stories ... some of it is rather offensive (I also enjoy cursing and blaspheming and being otherwise irreverent ... chalk it up to the writer circles I grew up in) ...

So why mention Facebook at all?

First ... it's online and supposed online misuse ... especially pirated software and illegal porn (pedophile porn! Yeah!) ... which have been a hallmark of the tactics used against me in the past. In fact, it was just a few short years ago when I actually got the courage to even *use* the internet again or possess a computer, such were the movements around me.

Second ... the potential to hack my account on Facebook (and MySpace) is always there ... not that I think too much could be done along those lines simply because of all the stuff I've published over the past six or so years ... but thought I'd mention it, anyway.

But really ... the main thing to note (never mind the hacking bit cause it's not that big of a deal) is that I'm using computers and the internet all day *every* day. WHOOOOO! I love the internet (and though free porn is really awesome on occasion) ... my main appreciation for it is checking the offshore forecasts and talking to my three real friends (LMFAO!) ... and as I've harped and harped and harped ... computers and the internet have been the core of just about every set up attempt I've witnessed .

Public Wi-fi Access Points

I've also purchased a bad ass "Netbook" so that I could both write and do other online bantering (Facebook, research, etc.) wherever I happened to be hanging out drinking or eating.

That said ... I predominantly stay away from public wi-fi access points ... I don't need them because I have a (seriously) dope high speed connection on my cel phone (I use it as a portable router; I pay for it handsomely as it's quite expensive but it's just so fucking handy!).

But there is one fav bar of mine, however which was gracious enough to inform me of their *private* wi fi password (Cafe A****, in my favorite Houston area neighborhood, Montrose) ... this was before I had the high speed cel phone router and so I used it for a month or so when visiting that location. I've since not used it in the slightest as my phone works so good.

Anyway, it doesn't need to be reiterated at this point how potentially enticing that little above circumstance might be to folks who might like to somehow use it against me; the possibilities should be obvious as well (using their internet connection to download illegal content, or otherwise inappropriate content such as pornography or what have you). To my mind it's simply preposterous even reading that last sentence since I cannot really believe anyone would use a public point of access such as that for viewing of porn (in a fucking restaurant!!!???) but I have read stories of Real Pedophiles(tm) downloading all types of kiddie porn by parking outside of such establishments and downloading to their sick little heart is content.

So yeah ... the above mentioned restaurant and my particular knowledge of their *private* internal wi-fi is pretty damn important to mention here.

I no longer use their access point as one, my mobile phone router is faster and two, I'm really not comfortable being privy to folks private information regarding anything related to computers and the internet; but it is true that I'm still aware of the password and as far as whether they will change it or not is beyond me to know. Suffice it to say, however ...

Cel Phone and Netbook

Finally, simply apply the contents of the last above point to the following, fairly new developments in my daily life: I broke down and got one of those ghey ass "smart phones" you see everyone swiping and pecking at every where you go. I, on the other hand don't really swipe and peck at it too much as I predominantly use it as a high speed "mobile wi-fi hotspot." To that end, I also have recently purchased a 10.1 inch "Netbook" so that I could waste time on the internet wherever I happen to be.

And, it works very very well.

And so, of course ... those two newly purchased items are not being used for any purpose that one could call ... hmmmm ... "questionable" ... or even grossly illegal.

Just another very simple little public disclaimer as said connection is certainly not being used for any nefarious or questionable purposes.


Adios. See you next year when I might be required to post something new.


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