Thursday, January 16, 2014

"You can't hold hands with God when your masturbating"

This is a bit of much needed entertainment while also being a quite serious bit of commentary on one sort of particularly whacked out group of folks who have been a part of the harassment operation against me over the years.

And this group I refer to above would be local religious whackos. The call themselves "christians" ... but I'll refer to the group, from here on out, as "Xtians" ... cause it's shorter, faster to type and I think the big X looks cool and is a literal "cross" metaphor of sorts. 

Sure, there's a very real (and also nasty/deranged) group of so called "psychological professionals" who have been active participants in the ongoing investigation against me ... and in many ways, these people are more horrifying than the Xtian religious whackos because at a certain level, these so called, "professionals" in the psychological community have very real authority over ones life should one ever find oneself in a court of law regarding one's supposed behavior. And reprimanding me to some such court setting is precisely what the more ambitious organizers of the investigation against me have tried very hard to make happen over the past 1.5 decades.

But this post is about christian whackos, of which there are many here in the lovely bible-thumping South. And I am wholly repelled by their psychosis. I think their mythology is pretty cool though ... some great stories and lessons in there ... but it's the folks who believe it as fact that are particularly treacherous ... and trust me, I've seen great evil done by the hand of such religious lunatics. Long story short? They embody a philosophy, whether spoken aloud/owned or not, that says: "Great evil/harm can be done if a greater good is served."  And what and how they come to believe as "greater good" is the scary part ... and it generally, in a most ironic fashion, has everything to do with buttressing their own selves and the religious systems they adhere to rather than being something truly necessary and good. A truly insane bunch.

Seems somewhere along the way, perhaps arising out of my father's social circles that have been involved as informants to the investigation over the years, perhaps for some other reason, this sort of "fundamentalist" ... glazed eyed Xtian psycho became movers in the operations against me.

I would guess it's because it's one of the most available very large groups of persons who could be easily persuaded in to organizing against a single other person who some "authority" such as the FBI or local police might quietly claim is a potential child molester, pedophile or other sort of sexual deviant ... cause if anything gets the psycho Xtian's worked up, it's sex. Not necessarily deviant sexual subjects such as predation, rape, pedophilia, incest or worse ... but just SEX, in and of itself,  freaks these people out (which is a shame cause they'd probably benefit from having more of it). It's also a very large group of persons, who once organized, also wield considerable local resources in regards to time, money and a willingness to spend their days harassing a person they have been made to believe needs "saving." Oh, shudder...

Anyway ... I'm going to write a whole lot more about this group of whack jobs in the near future, especially about one particular such whacko who has, literally, been stalking me for almost a decade and who, just this past Xmas sent me a fucking 8lb goddamn comparative study bible to my day job. 

Below, I talk a bit about what I'm ultimately going to do with the vile tomb ... consider it a little primer of sorts in regards to my upcoming, more fleshed-out (pun intended) comments. It's from a typically offensive and "meant to agitate" post that I made to my Facebook wall (which is about the only good use for Facebook if you ask me). It's a graphic, pardon if it's hard to read ... I thought posting it in visual context would add to the value of the thing (if such even exists) ...




More later...


Oh yeah ... also .. here's a fun bit from Patton Oswalt that I love and which, though I am not an atheist, I still find quite accurate about the whole god forsaken organized religion thing (especially organized Xtian whackos):


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