Saturday, August 11, 2007

FOIPA Processes

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"For almost three years now, every six months or so, I draft and submit a legally binding, constitutionally protected request to the FBI demanding that that agency provide documents associated with an investigation of myself as a person of interest in past or ongoing investigations.

This is a common process I follow, whereby any US citizen can invoke a constitutional power known as the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIPA) and thereby obtain data from any Federal Agency (not just the FBI, btw).

The agency in question must provide the data requested unless the request falls under any of the nine constitutional exemptions afforded federal agencies, in making a decision to withhold data; furthermore, federal agencies are not legally bound to create records that are contained within the FOIPA databases, so other than claiming a specific exemption in defense of withholding data, an agency can simply say, we did not include that set of records in that particular FOIPA records system.

In the resources section of this site, I offer pointers to extensive online resources related to understanding and utilization of FOIPA to make your own requests.

Following, find a timeline of my requests to-date...

Read the rest: FOIPA Resources

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