Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nature of Investigation

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Nature of the Investigation

"What's the investigation about? What do the agencies claim I am being investigated for? What has been spread via rumor regarding my person?"

Since 1993, when I first discovered HoWL BBs! was under investigation by local authorities, I have known that, at some level, and specifically in regards to computer crime, I was a person of interest to the FBI and the local authorities here in Houston.

However, at that time, I was in no way bothered by the news from some of my more connected friends (some, rather talented hacks, btw) that Howl BBS was under investigation; at the time, it went without saying that if you ran a board that catered, if only somewhat, to the text file, zine and hack scene, then your board was under investigation.

I only became personally bothered by the awareness of an investigation upon first noticing the surveillance and gang stalking tactics which became so prevalent and even near constant in frequency of occurrences, just after my big fight with the FDIC.

Since that time, I have been a victim of just about every dirty trick organized groups can concoct to, literally, attempt to drive an individual mad, from being covertly drugged, to having the vilest of rumor and slander spread through communities about my character, right up to the point of having contraband of various illegal kinds planted in my car or home...

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