Tuesday, August 21, 2007

jbhFILE: The Beginning

Following, find a bit of text copied from my main website, jbhfile.com, which explains in exacting detail the initial moments and circumstances which resulted in my being aware of investigative scrutiny.

This is but a short clip; please follow the link at the bottom of the page to read the entire story:


(reprinted from jbhfile.com)

My time at the bank is ground zero, so to speak, for everything that has happened to me since late 1998.

Without exception, my awareness of being the subject of what I now know to be a federal investigation, began just after a successful legal battle with the FDIC wherein I had to very publically and directly defend my right to work at a very large international financial institution.

This was also the period within which I first began to fall victim to the gang stalking and overt harassment operations which I experienced so frequently in my work and other social environments.

This bit of text, though winded, will be referred back to again and again throughout the rest of this site.

Keep in mind, the bank experience, seemingly, was simply the catapult into the circumstances wherein I began to be stalked and survielled, at least in a noticeable manner; the investigation itself, however, the claims it makes against me, especially involving computer crime, goes back all the way to the late 1980's.

The Bank and FDIC

In late 1998 I was, quite unexpectedly, escorted by uniformed security personnel off the property of the Houston headquarters of the largest (then and now) bank on the planet; this bank, at the time, just so happened to be my full time employer and had been for over a year prior to the date of "the incident."

I was 31 years old and had worked a year previous, on site, in a contract role as the main administrator, designer and coordinator for an international intranet system for the treasury department of this financial institution; I was, at the time of the expulsion, neck deep in rather complex software and interface projects.

"The incident," as I call it, was nothing more than my going through the HR full time hire process, including a full background check....


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website, http://www.jbhfile.com/; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see http://www.jbhfile.com/ for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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