Thursday, October 9, 2008

Necessary P.S.A. regarding MySpace usage

It's true.

In so many ways I find the abomination that is to be disgusting.

It just reeks of non-existence on so many levels.

I'm of course speaking of the somewhat deleterious affect it has had on the very young.

The way it can lead certain types of personalities to believe that such communities can be viewed as truly social. The dangerous opportunity it allows said types of persons to slip off into a state of nonsensical and often times injurious fantasy.

Said plainly, I'm of the opinion that, for many folks, as opposed to being social at all ... rather, it becomes a hugely anti-social escape from reality.

I mean, portraying yourself as you'd prefer to be seen as opposed to how and who you really are, etc.


Pretend movie stars.

And worse.

But I took out a page anyway....

Mostly to make fun of myspace.

My main page heading reads "Myspace sucks uber ass."

And it's true, I think, for the most part, it's quite tripish and inane.

That said ...

Every one of my family members, both close and distant, have had a page for several years.

And, they use it well I would say: My mom (to talk to her cousins a couple times a month): my sisters (to network for their art/cosmetic/modeling careers); my brother (sadly, to get dates and talk to his old friends) (fuck you, BRO!) :-) .

Point being ... they've all got fairly healthy daily social lives and their activity on myspace, brief as it may be, has an actual personal intention behind it other than escaping from something.

They've also pretty much begged me to get a page of my own.

This, simply, so as to send them gay little messages and videos and what not. Something we do anyway via phone and in person on a daily basis. I mean ... we're a close family ... having daily and weekly contact with each other. I mean both my parents and my brother and sisters.

So thinking I could kill two birds with one stone (equal parts venom + love), I took out a page and decided to use it solely to post my original music and some of my video work ...

Between bouts of cursing at that is.


Actually met some decent folk ...

And what I've found is that there are a few decent folks who host pages on myspace.

Mostly old friends of mine who are above 30 and hold down daily jobs, have vital and active and real social lives,etc.

I've also met and been hailed by similar folks from bands and otherwise (many from other cities) who just happen to share my personal affinity for certain types of music.

We've actually hit it off fairly well. Men and women alike.

I've actually found such daily interaction, brief as it is and shall remain, to be rather fun.

I've also enjoyed making fun of myspace, it's more glaringly disgusting qualities that is, very very much.

How does this intersect my efforts with

First, and foremost ... it opens the door for future set up attempts against my person which might be created to force the impression of stalking or otherwise.

Even those born yesterday have probably heard the terrible side of online communities which is there undeniable proclivity towards allowing stalkers, pedophiles and otherwise sexually demented (or, just lonely) persons the opportunity to obtain new targets.

It's as notorious of an online problem as is pirated software.

That said, there are certain of those I have met from myspace whom I have forged real and physical ties with ...

Person's who have forwarded their mailing address so as to exchange musical mix tapes, etc.

Person's who might have sent me a phone number so as to better confirm the mailing of a package, etc.

Men and women alike.

These persons include those I've known from my Houston social circles and some whose acquaintance was originated wholly on and who may or may not live in cities/states other than my own.

Why post this bit, now?

I haven't heard anything from my long standing friends regarding possible misuse of the above stated situation.

Those who have confinded in me their past knowledge of possible nefarious actions against myself have said nothing, as of yet, regarding such possible attacks.

I'd hope that such never happens.

But I'm still typing this brief and boring bit so as to preemptively head off what, to my mind, and knowing what I know regarding those organizing the winded investigation of myself, could become a very big juicy temptation to them in the way of falsely incriminating myself.

Pardon that run on. Couldn't be helped.

Say for instance, one of the persons (most likely a woman since I'm notoriously hetero) I have interacted with on a physical/mailing basis suddenly finds her cel phone receiving random and unsavory (or even mysterious) regular calls?

What if said calls escalated into something local authorities could describe as problematic or worrisome?

What if said calls were then traced to my cell phone?

The rest should be easy enough to play out.

Just hypothetical, of course ... but necessary since I for one have a unique understanding and knowledge of digital cel phones (courtesy of my many years administering a local computer hacking and phone phreaking group/bbs).

Trust me.

One does not have to physically dial the number one's self to actually make a phone call on his or her cel phone. It can be done quite easily in a remote capacity and by a third party, allowing that said third party has access to the appropriate information.

This same fact holds true for household phones that are a part of a digital network.

Digital phones (having the right knowledge) are *CAKE* to manipulate remotely.

Each and every one of you reading this who are digital cel phone owners, no matter your network or plan or phone, are proud owners of perhaps the most ingenious and effective remote listening/remotely controllable surveillance device ever crafted.

The magnitude of just how effective of a surveillance device the common digital cel phone is is simply staggering.

Any cel phone can be remotely dialed and cued to auto answer without ever giving any indication of such usage to the owner of the cel phone: no lights, no ringing, no vibration, etc. Just a sudden and unheralded and instant audio connection to the phone owner.

Furthermore, any cel phone can be remotely directed to call another phone number; again, without any indication of such usage: no lights, no ringing, no vibration, etc.

And even furthermore (and way more accessible to the average joe) ... there are types of phones that can be used to dial other phones while transmitting any sort of custom manipulated originating caller number and caller ID information (the commonest form of such a device would be the somewhat popular "internet phone").

But I won't type any more and will leave it to you to further investigate such technologies.

I've done my homework (about 20 years worth) on such and know such to be true but am not here to argue the facts.

The point is to simply and preemptively announce certain of my past few months activities which, as with so much of what I've written here and at, could be used against me in further attacks on my person.


Thank you for shopping at Fiesta.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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