Monday, July 23, 2007

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"One of the hallmarks of the investigation's tactics, at least early on and when living in another area of Houston, was an unrelenting drive on the part of the investigators to wrongfully incriminate me around illicit/illegal digital media or just computer usage in general.

Having no tendency to store, create or otherwise traffic in such content, however ... the only way such questionable material might be associated with me would have been and would be to covertly copy it to some of my hardware or varioius media storage devices, be it hard drives or even digital cameras.

There was a period, in fact, some five or more years ago, when a certain acquaintence of mine (who I knew at that time to be involved in the investigation) actually *borrowed* my digital video camera, supposedly for an out of town shoot (he was in the content creation business himself) and my hunch at that time was that the authorities wanted to utilize that opportunity to generate some sort of questionable content which would later be attributed to me.

Regarding video cameras and even still digital cameras, the nature of such devices is that among their many image acquisition systems, be it lenses, print heads, etc. ... there is inevitably some portion of such device which leaves what could be called a digital fingerprint, if you will, on the captured media which via forensic processes can be linked absolutely back to the device that created it..."


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