Sunday, July 1, 2007 @ Internet Archive!!

It's official ... and boy has it been a long wait ... my main website, has finally been made available as a viewable archived website at the Library of Congress sponsored internet archival site, The Internet Archive!

The Internet Archive, literally, is an ongoing project to archive viewable versions, backwards through time, of every website on the internet. No small feat, to be sure.

Anyway, at the main website, look on the entry page and you will see a heading entitled, "The Way Back Machine," ... this is the search slot where you can type in any domain name, be it, or any other known URL and the Way Back Machine will call up an archive screen allowing you to browse instances of the site from any point in past time.

Pretty cool ...

For instance, here's a link to a search on the domain "" ... click the link and the page will open showing the Internet Archives many time-based viewable instances of the site ... you can browse it all the way back to 1996 for pete's sake! So cool ...

You can do the same thing with "", now ... and see it's past content as well!

For the time being, the archive bots have only posted a copy from Febuary 2007, but more browseable instances will be forthcoming.

The benefit of this to me should be obvious enough. exists to make known an investigation of myself that absolutely intends to see itself ended (at the hands of the investigators, of course) in a manner that suits the desires, egos and wishes of the investigators. Therefore, my public broadcast of said investigation is really my only defense against wrongful incrimination ... even if not a gauranteed one at that.

So, should my site ever be taken down, there should remain a browseable version of the site's content at the internet archive ... in essence ... forever.

Should I ever be wrongfully incriminated around computer use (hacking, fraud or anything else the proverbial They(tm)can dream up, and should said incrimination involve an ultimate forfeiture of my computer usage right ... then it goes without saying that I would have to forfeit my domain as well ... and my website along with it. So it's a grain at least of comfort to know there would still be a viewable version available.

Considering the above worst case example ... the only way the site would become unavailable at the Internet Archive is if somebody purchased the domain and then used a robots.txt file in the FTP root directory to expressly forbid archival to the Internet Archive ... but who in their right mind (other than me of course) want the domain

Anyway ... overall ... this is a positive development.



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