Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Unique Appeal

"If you've been reading my main website or my blog then you are aware that I have been waiting for over a year to hear the results for my latest FOIPA appeal. I've been sending status requests for months now and each and every letter has been answered the same, "The request is still in backlog and will take a few more weeks to see too," etc.

Well, as of June 26, 2007, the Department of Justice has officially decided to confirm the Federal Bureau of Investigations previous reply of 'null findings' to my most recent (well over a year ago) FOIPA request.

Although I have made many FOIPA requests in the past and subsequent Administrative Appeals associated with them, this latest administrative appeal nonetheless is somewhat outstanding due to it's exceptional content.

But first, before explaining why it's exceptional, a bit of personal FOIPA history is in order..."


Read the full article, here:
FOIPA Appeal Closed

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