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Blood in the Water (draft) ...

As is my typical wont...once I start writing here, I tend to have a string of posts; one important point sets me to churning on other important points (and there's a lot of important points to point out, if you will)...and so, I simply don't stop till I feel like it's all been said.

DISCLAIMER: Also, before I get into this...let me reiterate as I have on countless occasions before that everything I write here is based completely on hypothesis; nothing is matter of fact and nothing should be read as such. Call these things "strong hunches," or even, "intuition," ... simple bits of information I muse on which are directly related to the very factual information made public in my main website, JBHFILE.COM. I mean face it .. to read all of this as factual, especially without any prior knowledge of my circumstances? Well fuck, that would  just be crazy, huh? ;-) ... But I do get strong hunches and I do enjoy pondering on things and so that's why this blog exists.

Back to business...

So in the works is a bit regarding the exceptional vantage point that 14 years of being the subject of very persistent, very thorough and very damaging "rumor mill" and slander operations has allowed me in the way of understanding the freakishness of certain human, social dynamics. 

I've watched this closely over the years, most times with much discomfort (though this has gotten easier over time) but all the while with very real fascination; yes, even throughout this ongoing ordeal I've found some way to educate myself about the  human condition and have, in not so many words, very much grown in a social sense.
And also, what will follow isn't so much things I want to expose or that might be perpetrated against me (as this is the usual tack here); but rather, it is a sort of personal and mental diatribe, a personal bit of commentary, purely sociological/psychological in nature and as random as can be. But still ... it's something I feel to be worth writing about.

Blood in the Water

So what could potentially happen in a persons public/social dynamic when said person becomes the subject of a rumor and slander operation, pushed upon literally every one of that persons past and ongoing/new social circles? What happens when said rumor/slander operation morphs into some sordid and political, local and ego driven assault on said person? An assault that has as it's literal basis the absolute destruction of that persons social strata, up to and including his personal relationships, family relationships, career opportunities and especially any chance for some semblance of any "normal" intimate relationship with any member of the opposite sex that should strike his fancy? 

And by far most importantly, an assault (or investigation as "they" would put it) that has as an all encompassing goal, the absolute proof that everything they have claimed about a person is not only true but very much warranted (burden of proof is the legal jargon). 

What can he surmise (and possibly observe) that might be going on in the minds and demeanor of those surrounding him on a daily basis? 

And especially, what can he observe in those persons who might have been fed countless lies about his supposed personal habits and tendencies which, in my case, across the board, would have to do with anything sexual and especially anything sexually nefarious

In this latter regard, think topics such as pedophilia or even more likely, my supposed attempts to seek sexual attentions from persons far too young for a 45 year old man, or think the normal social interaction which might occur with the teen or 20-something working at any given coffee house or bar I might habitually frequent, or think about something as harmless as spending time with my young nephews and nieces...or even something so socially benign as smiling at a beautiful kid who happens to be walking by with their parents, possibly even commenting on such...these sorts of things? 

What might these very regular and normal social interactions mutate into in the minds of those who might have been made to believe any given number of horrible things about an individual and as they observe these otherwise normal interactions? How might the general public (if under the spell of the rumor campaign) react to such an individual/target when he simply attempts to go about his normal social existence like any other citizen?

Well in short, it's fairly frightening, take it from me (but as mentioned above, it's gotten easier over the years); because, once the proverbial blood is in the water, once the seed has been planted in that "social mind," then even the most benign of public interactions, all of them in fact, can grow into literal and imaginary monsters in the minds of the observing public: mere glances become the apparent evidence of inappropriate attraction; simply pulling behind the wrong car when leaving from a restaurant might be  interpreted as possible signs of stalking; and, casual banter with certain individuals? A sure sign of possible sexual predatory behavior.

Sounds far fetched? Not really. Again...take it from me. I've watched it with utter fascination (and at times, fear) over the years.

Secondly, and in a clinical sense, it's somewhat fucking amazing to this writer that such psychological operations involving a target subject (in this case, myself) can be so damned effective and thoroughly achieved.

This is made even more outstanding in a sociological sense when you consider that I'm 45 years of age, have had (prior to this) a hugely successful career, have had (prior to this) countless incredibly awesome and very intimate relationships with all sorts of women (all of which were my age, mind you)...and have never once even thought about, much less attempted, "hitting on" or making advances on someone beyond 3 to 4 years my junior. Also and especially, that I've a literal wealth of family history with siblings, cousins, personal friends, nieces, nephews and otherwise as testimony to my (gross to even have to address this here) conduct around children for chrissake.  

And yet the operation/assault still works! 

That said as not so much of a character defense as a true exploration of how unbelievable it its. Damned amazing, and this is nothing "Stockholm-esque" (the syndrome), just a genuine and personal fascination/appreciation for such things as a "tactic model" for the social destruction of a targeted individuals life and well being. I mean, it's damned impressive.

And the only explanation is that said mentioned "rumor mill" and the very persistent "slander operations" must certainly have originated from some pretty damned well respected (socially) sources (think FBI, local police and especially and possibly, high ranking political figures and even University specialists who might reside in the Houston area).

Suffice it to say, these are the sorts of things I will discuss in the continuation of this particular blog.  But it's not so much that last bit, my almost having to "defend" my past personal history, that I will discuss. More so  it's about the general a normal social landscape, restaraunts, pubs, bookstores ... even a gym ... can become a literal social experimentation petridish in regards to observing the reactions within the general public while interacting with a person who has been so described by supposed "authorities" as "under investigation " or "a possible pedophile," or "a stalker," or a "hacker," or worse.

Because, said plainly? Once blood is in the water, once entire social groups have been saturated with particular and damning claims regarding a specific individual? Then frankly, those minds that have been convinced can really go fucking crazy with wild imaginings ... as though they almost want to believe, want to see some indication to confirm the claims they've heard...and, speaking strictly of my own opinion in regards to such? I think it could get pretty crazy...

(to be continued... and, as I find time to stop and write)



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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