Friday, January 11, 2013

Training material for sex addicts

Since my last blog post was just so damn serious (and pretty fucking intimate to boot!). I thought it would be appropriate to post a bit of personally created, super fun, super sexual video content to disturb all the 12 Stepper Sex Fiends(tm) who might be lurking out there, cringing at every simple utterance of the words "vagina" or "breast" or "cock." Or otherwise, simply to lighten the mood and all ... cause face it, *nothing* is *that* serious ... (is it?) ... 

:-) ... Humor? Remember that? And so...

Yes, it's you I was speaking of in the last blog, the guys who are actually ashamed of their attraction to beautiful women (for whatever therapy induced reason). 

These are the guys I've personally known who couldn't even have a beer with me without having to "call their sponsor" because (ACK!) a super hot woman just happened to walk by our table with her mid drift exposed and (the worst!) might have accidentally brushed up against their know, the damaged sort who've had their brains so soaked in the rhetoric of popular "recovery" (ie: "Sex Anonymous" and the like), that they were never even able to have a friendship with a woman, much less a sexual relationship.

DISCLAIMER: I mean no slant on the true sex addicts, here because I know they are out there...but these are not the guys I'm talking about. My long past personal friends who I refer too here couldn't have gotten layed if they tried, much less have had daily sex with strangers or any of the other true aberrant behavior patterns that genuine sex addiction counts as hallmarks; so please don't mis-read. 

But that's all getting way off the point of this supposedly fun and light hearted post... and so I digress ...

So, the other night!!

So the other night, I went up to a local Houston bar where a certain surfing friend of mine is a server. I just wanted to have a few beers and talk shit. I had never been to this certain bar, and as it turns was sort of a "hoity toity" bit of high dollar affair that just happened to feature regular weekend "burlesque" shows (as well as really good drinks). And, when I say "Burlesque," I mean in the classic sense of dramatic skits and dialogue, punctuated with really sexual dance numbers which always sort of support the ongoing drama. It's nearly pornographic but in a very classy sense and super humorous and entertaining at the same time. 

Personally? I fucking loved it, never saw it coming. And, I've already talked to my sister and brother and other friends about coming out for drinks there again some time. 

But in the spirit of fucking with the therapy-damaged-sex-freaks (and also to pimp my personal YouTube(tm) channel (especially my world famous "Insomnia Series(tm)" ) ... I just *had* to post this bit of love that I shot and edited about three weeks ago at my buds bar (Prohibition Craft of Cocktails! if ever in Houston, check 'em out!) ... 




(BTW! : I encourage you to view the video at YouTube proper cause it looks a whole hell of a lot better there than the little, in-line video below does; just a tip)



So awesome.

I hope it makes you damaged sorts call your sponsor or go to a meeting.

Personally? I think it's gorgeous.

But then again, I'm a well known local Houston Sexual Predator(tm) ... ahem ...  according to certain local law enforcement (and collegiate, as well) authorities, anyway ... and other than being WAY too old for me? I think she's super fucking sexy.


Humor. Remember. Without it, all of us involved in this ugly tryst would be lost.

OH Yeah!

Also in the spirit of fun, if you care to see any more of the near monthly "Insomnia Series(tm)" vids that I personally produce and shoot in and around my regular haunts, here in Houston? Just check out my YouTube channel, yo!:

Here's a handy link: Joel's YouTube Channel(tm)

Rock the fuck.

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