Monday, May 14, 2007

Oversexualization as a....

You fill in the rest.

This is just a short reminder post, for myself more than anyone else.

This week I'll be fleshing this out (no pun intended) and hopefully will have a new article by the weeks end.

I'll be discussing how the behavioral science sector of the investigation is attempting to create Text Book Instances(tm) of supposedly self evident and/or apparent behavior patterns in my day to day life.

This illusion, of course could include false witness testimony and even planted evidence.

These patterns of behavior, which will or should fit precisely within the investigator's projected and desired outcome to this rather winded ordeal, all have a generally similar nature: such behavior patterns, as is nearly always the rule when discussing popular forensic psychiatry/psychology, will and must have sex and sexuality as a predominant basis.

Apparently, popular forensic psychiatry somewhat idolizes, even diefy's base sexual impulses as the most primal foundation of all potentially violent criminal activity; I only make this somewhat crass statement after having read my fair share of psych journals and forensic psychiatry articles. And, though crass ... it's somewhat accurate.

Furthermore, it's one's childhood years and experiences which popular psychiatry places the emphasis on ... and reportedly, it's experiences in that time frame of a person's life which, according to the popular forensic psychiatrist, can result in a near magical result of having adverse reactions to behaviors as an adult.

Almost like a mathematical equation.

My intention with this developing article is to demonstrate how such poetic license, in regards to the field of forensic psychiatry being able to supposedly predict the behavior of adults subjects based on their childhood experiences, has been and is desired to be used in the ongoing investigation against me.

Anyway ... as mentioned, this is only an article idea at this point ... but it's been on my mind and wanted to get it down here so it wouldn't fall off my screen.



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