Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Public Affirmations

This post isn't as fun as some have been of late.


But the fact remains, the investigation (winded as it may be) against me is bent on making matter of fact claims regarding my public persona and character which are simply not true.

This is primarily to stroke egos and to satisfy respective of *their* career outcomes really and in reality has nothing to do with ... well, reality.

That said ... as a matter of course, in the 'Affirmations' section of my main website and domain,, I go into rather great detail in my description of what such accusations amount to and as well, my relative, or not, involvement in such.

Read more there, if you care too ... I wouldn't recommend it as enjoyable content, however ... just legally necessary.

Anyway, every two weeks ... every week when I remember, I scan a dated signature as a means of publicly acknowledging my commitment to the truth of such statements.

Like this:

This practice is, of course, meant to be preemptory in regards to the possible types of wrongful incrimination attempts discussed in my main website,; see the 'Anatomy of a Setup' section for more reading on that.

The point of the scanned sig attached to my public affirmations pages is really the same, in principle as the publishing of my main website and this blog:

All of these published accounts considered, should any of the types of activities I've ascribed to the investigation's actions against myself actually be played out, then hopefully such circumstances on the authorities part will seem questionable.

I'm suddenly reminded of a semi recent movie wherein a prominent activist against the death penalty suddenly finds himself setup around supposed murder charges and ultimately (if not quite quickly) on death row.

The scene that pops into my head is one in which he is pleading with his legal council (or otherwise) for some sort of support in his claims of being rail-roaded:

"C'mon! I'm the most prominent and long standing activist against the death penalty in the world! Don't you find it just slightly ironic that I'm suddenly on death row?!!"


Irony; I guess that's what I'm hoping my defence will be ... and if only a slight one at that.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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