Friday, June 15, 2007

Contract Web Client - 6/15/07 **Update**

As mentioned of late, I have recently completed the preliminary design of a two page client website.

This is yet another update regarding the process of this job:

6/15/07: 1:10pm

I just got off the phone with the Vice President of the particular company I have been employed by, one "Robert Pxxxx;" I called seeking to discuss the job with my regular contact there but he was apparently out of the office.

Robert informed me that he knew nothing about the website project and so I simply requested that he tell my regular contact that I had called.

On my part, the work has been completed for about three weeks now and my repeated calls/emails have, for the most part, been ignored by the client.

What is strange about this is that the client was very gung ho at first to have a site built but as soon as I had finished the work ... and especially once I began updating my various witnesses and my online sites regarding this work ... the client then became somewhat disinterested.

Anyway, for the record, it's not a concern of mine really if the client wants to complete the arrangement or not ... I mean ... it's a very small job that really only took up about four evenings to complete.

On the other hand, however ... it would be nice to have some more published work online and so I will be continuing to seek closure.

Browse back through this blog and see my main website, for more reading on why internet development work for contract clients is a somewhat risky activity for me (at least until I'm successful in obtaining proof of the investigation)

Some Thought's on more Negative Possibilities

Say this client is under the employ of the investigation ...

Imagine then that the ultimate plan on the part of the investigators is to somehow deface or otherwise molest or use the client website and domain in a way not encompassed by the standard client/provider relationship and in a way that made *me* look like the perpetrator!

As a motive, such seemingly apparent actions could have as a basis either calculated or random outburst on my part ... or perhaps it would be staged to appear as though I acted on impulse and out of rage for some reason (say, like having to wait months to get paid), or perhaps the argument would be (as I've indicated in the past) that I did the thing while blacked out and on drugs or alcohol.

The possibilities are endless, really and the above comments are strictly hypothetical ...

Some Examples

And insofar as the types of actions the local investigators might attempt to apply to my person regarding this website and it's respective FTP server?

One example of such mis-use might be, sabotaging the clients website with vulgarities or otherwise text content...

Another possible wrongful incrimination could be one which created the appearance of my using the server space on their FTP server to store illicit or illegal digital content (even legal but lewd content would serve the investigators purposes in this). Another known favorite device of the investigators is pirated software ...

Even website hacking or launching of denial of service attacks could be employed as an incrimination vehicle (it's happened before and was well documented).

Regarding this last example, the investigators could rig some sort of outgoing hack code that would operate from this client's FTP server and 'apparently' at my discretion as a remote controller of such software/code; this sort of code could be placed as a discreet file within the FTP server or some of my work could be hacked to include it alongside the code that I wrote.

And for ALL of the above mentioned examples, ... a final and necessary event would be the need to apprehend my equipment and plant the necessary evidence on my machine to back up the investigators claims; this of course is usually accomlished either with a search warrant or a battering ram, whichever suits the circumstance I think.


But for any sort of legal action to succeed ... there would have to be some sort of corruption of my personal equipment at the hands of the investigators ... and to do this, the machine and it's contents would have to be at their disposal (arguably, this could be done remotely as well ... or someone could infiltrate my home and see to this discreetly while myself and roomates were away)


So that was a bit of an extended voyage into the Land of Hypotheticals(tm), hope the trip wasn't too unbelievable or rough.

The above being merely some random and ongoing thoughts that need to be made public any and every time I risk doing the occasional web development job.

More updates regarding this particular bit of online work will be forthcoming ...



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