Friday, June 1, 2007

The Morning Sobriety Test Trick!

Just a quick little update, something fun to tide you all over until I have the time to publish something truly depressing ...


I had a short conversation with a certain person who has been well acquainted with the investigation against me for some time ... and reported to me by this person was that those involved in the investigation intend to set up a police encounter with me in the morning ... on the way to work, etc. ... where supposedly the officer would want to conduct a sobriety test on me due to "smelling alcohol on my breath."

This is interesting for several reasons.

As I've discussed in various places, the investigation is absolutely committed to using the fact that I had a drug problem as a teenager and was involved in various 12 step programs for some amount of years, as a way of forcing the appearance of my having some sort of chronic addiction now ... this solely so that in a legal setting they could mandate my isolation to some sort of recovery center, half way house, hospital or otherwise; point being, isolate me so that more fun psycho-social antics, in an environment *totally* controlled by the investigators, could be realized.

Also, I've discussed my personal knowledge that many of the informants participating in the investigation, especially those associated with my regular and past social involvement with the Houston coffee house scene, have been gathered from my old, but long standing personal acquaintances from the Houston Alcoholics Anonymous scene.

And finally, according to certain of my confidants, the investigators have truly been pissed off by my publishing of, and especially my public statement within that site, that I would consume at minimum, a single beer every single day as an outward sign of my inward commitment to not only expose the investigation, but to also show my disdain for it's particularly nasty tactics (rumor, slander, planted evidence, covertly drugging me, etc.)

Strict Rules when Drinking

The above considered and since drinking publicly/socially is generally one of the most dangerous things I could do (usually drive myself around), I refrain from such activity almost to a fault.

In other words, I don't go out to bars; I don't drink before knowing I have to drive some place; if I attend a party, work related for instance, I will only have a single beer for as long as I happen to be there.

The risks for possible set ups are far too great to chance.

So, therefore, I generally will have a beer or two (or six!) while chilling at home and after all of my work is done, maybe while watching TV or working on my website ... maybe while reading some of the various hardware forums I'm a member of ... but generally always after 7pm and after I've decided to stay in for the evening.

The Morning Sobriety Test

And, so back to what my friend discussed with me (a friend rather close to my family's ties to the Houston Police, btw) ...

Supposedly, as reported to me by this certain friend ... the local authorities have become enamored with a plan to pull me over in the morning, after a night where I had some beer before sleeping, and then claim that they could smell alcohol on my breath ... even that they would give me a "field sobriety test!"

This done simply as a means of putting substance abuse associated with my person on public record. For all I know, they might try and arrest me ... but that would be a stretch at best.

Mind you ... this would be after I had slept some 7 hours or more, and of course, I would not have drank so much the night previous as to still be shite-faced the following day after 7 hours of sleep.

But, that's not the point ...

Remember, as I've published over and over in my main website ( ... the ultimate goal of the investigation is to relegate me to an environment completely outside of my control, a half-way house, hospital or some other environment dictated by the legal system so that the real goals/desires of the investigators might be met: psychological studies, the satisfying of professional curiousity, the saving of face, more false witness testimony, etc.

To do this, the investigators absolutely must cast me in a public light as one needing direly the assistance of such recovery processes.

And, since I work nearly seven days a week, am constantly in the public eye, am responsible (almost to a fault), friendly and certainly not a drug user or otherwise ... the only recourse the investigators have is to try and force some circumstance which would seem to be associated with my practice of having some beer in the evenings and at home.

In other words, the only thing they could do would be to pull me over some morning while on the way to work ... and say: "Sir ... I detect the smell of alcohol on your breath ... and well, I'm going to need you to step out of the car ..."

And the rest would be public record history ...


BTW ... to my certain friend: THANKS for the tip!

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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