Saturday, June 2, 2007

Stalked by a 12 year old!

One thing I've found the investigators never tire of, even more so than believing they can turn rumor and slander into fact via wrongful incrimination and set ups ... is the seemingly unshakable belief that playing out psycho-social tests upon a person who is aware of being the subject of such tests, might still be said to yield scientifically valid data.

If you've read my main website at all ( you'll know that over the past few years I've been witness to several quite notable instances of what could be called psycho-social 'street theater' or public dramas played out around me, and the majority of these skits have been aimed at gathering data regarding my reactions while in proximity to women and especially rather young (10-15yrs) girls.

I mean ... I've made it clear enough ...

I've already published very solid examples of such pedophilic dramatics in my usual and daily work places: The Pre Teen assault squad (witnessed by others), and the Johnson Space Center Pedophile guy (witnessed by others) are a couple which come to mind.

To read about those two previously documented experiences as well as more I've seen played out over the past few years, see the Street Theater section at my main website.

Fun with Buffet's and 11 year olds

Anyway, today, while employed at a family member's business ... and upon having lunch at a certain restaurant in the vicinity of said business ... I experienced circumstances which almost certainly were related to the investigation.

I say this, for the most part, because prior to my leaving with a co-worker for this particular lunch destination, I had spoken quite often that day of my/our intention of dining there, ... leaving those in the area who might be involved with the investigation ample time to formulate some sort of drama.

Regarding the particulars of my experience today:

Said plainly, I was repeatedly followed around a restaurant by a very young girl, even to the point of almost forcibly bumping into me upon one of my trips to the buffet tables.

This was similar to my previously published facts related to the Pre Teen Assault squad witnessed by myself and a fellow co-worker several years ago; follow the link to read more.

Almost on cue

When we (I was dining with a friend) entered the restaurant, and as we approached our table, this young person was immediately walking in front of us, on her way to the buffet area.

I didn't make much of it, except my usual scan of any given public room.

Mind you ... I am more vigilante in this particular neighborhood as this is where many of the previous street theater and psycho-social episodes have been played out.

In fact, this is the very same neighborhood where the whackos in the local sheriff's department installed a C.A.R.E billboard across the street from my employer at the time; follow the link to read more.

After finishing my first plate of quite delicious sushi, I then returned to the buffet area and, almost on cue, as I approached the food area, this same 11 year old (an estimation) also approached the very same area I was visiting.

Again, having had much experience with such antics on the part of the authorities, I simply went about my business and ... well ... simply loaded my plate with food.

Upon returning to my table and as I turned around the end of the particular buffet 'hot table' I was visiting, this little operative (I'd made up my mind at that point) decided to also turn around the opposite end ... and as we passed one another, she looked directly at me. I simply smiled and headed back to my table to join my company.

Why this is Important to Note

These things don't happen often.

I mean to say, I do not go through my days here in Houston, at work or otherwise, thinking that pscycho-social theatrics are being played out at my expense on a daily basis.

I mean, to do so would simply be insane, no?

But, these very real and thematically similar instances of street theatre dramatics associated with the investigation of myself do occasionally occur. And, when I'm sure enough that such an event had transpired, I feel compelled to add it to this blog and possibly, at a later date, my main website (

The reason for making these events public, as close to the date of their occurrence as possible is this: it is, in a very literal way, a defensive measure on my part.

Considering that one of the methods/tactics of the investigators is false witness testimony to my behaviors in public, this sort of ongoing daily account of noted and exceptional experiences as stated above, could be legally beneficial in the future.

When I say the investigation has and is attempting to use false witness testimony, I mean literally the recruiting of community members to make public reports of supposedly inappropriate social mannerisms on my part(inappropriate attention, made them uncomfortable, staring lewdly, etc.).

Pick any classic symptom exhibited by those truly acting out in an overtly sexual manner (regarding others in public) and you'll know what I mean.

For the record, though ... I just wanted to make a quick note to my blog regarding this recent experience.

I'll write more on this and other similar experiences in my main website,, later.

Much love ...


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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