Monday, April 16, 2007

DOJ Appeal: Reply Recieved

today i recieved word from the department of justice regarding my most recent administrative appeal; according to the letter, this particular appeal, which has been nearly a full year in process, is still operating under back logged conditions.

briefly, an administrative appeal is the means via which a citizen can legally contest the findings of a previous request to a federal agency made under the freedom of information and privacy act (FOIPA); it's a means of, at least somewhat and in principle, referring the matter to said federal agencies 'higher authority.'

in the past, since i've made many requests under FOIPA, my administrative appeals have always been handled very promptly, usually within a month or two; therefore, this particular appeal process is somewhat exceptional.

my intention is to do the necessary research over the next week to find out if there are imposed time limits on administrative appeals; for initiating requests made under FOIPA, there are indeed very clearly specified time limits for the specific agency to work within, yet for this secondary administrative appeal process ... i'm not sure.

here's a scan of the just recieved letter:



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