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Friend Informants: Part I

Over the past five years, as I’ve seen to the legal processes discussed in, I’ve certainly not made constant claim that "Everyone's involved," ... or "I'm being followed everywhere I go!" ... or, otherwise.

I’ve simply made efforts to publish what I know about an investigation of myself as a means of protection from the aggressive tactics of that investigation.

That said, I have indeed stated quite publicly that it is known to me that certain individuals, both from my traditional social circles as well as from immediate long term family social circles, have been and are involved as informants to the investigation.

This personal knowledge comes primarily from direct dialogue with others mutually acquainted with those above-mentioned persons and myself acting as informants.

This article deals specifically with a long-term personal friend who has been identified by others to myself as a person involved, primarily, as an information gatherer and/or verbal informant.

I also intend to discuss how it is known to me that an ultimate goal of the investigation is to land us both, simultaneously in the same sort of 'recovery' environment; of course, this person's presence would simply be to further exaggerate my own supposed, er, 'illnesses' and overall, especially once certain family members are brought in, reinforce the supposed and much promoted notions of various mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, etc.

Read on.

A Particular Friend

The friend in question, as well as his immediate parent figure is and has been a very long term and close friend of mine; furthermore, they both have been made aware of the fact, by myself, that I have it on faith from others that they are participating as informants. Our mutual social circles run quite deep and long term and from such have come the various people’s who have confided in me their personal awareness of the investigation.

But regarding this certain friend and his immediate family: I have, in fact, on a couple of occasions requested that they assist me in a civil suit to demand provision of documents related to the investigation but they declined.

Over the past two years, on the occasions when I have gotten wind of certain events meant to introduce me to the legal system (detonation events), I’ve noticed something peculiar about this particular close friends own personal circumstances: he begins to cite personal experiences similar to what I’ve been through in the distant past and specifically experiences related to the investigation that makes public. I’ve seen this from him on a couple different occasions.

For instance, ...

very early on in my own circumstances, around mid 2000 or so, when I was seeing the street theatre operations the most frequently and when I had absolutely no idea an investigation existed, I made it clear to others who I sought to confide in that the nature of these little public dramas usually involved children in some manner.

These were skits played out in coffee houses or otherwise, seemingly meant to gauge my reaction to being close to children, comments made when passing my table with a child or some other bit of obviously generated drama to either test for or even outright invoke a possible nervous response.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, these social environments were very long term and regular social destinations of mine and so the sudden change, at that time, in the regular daily environment as related to me, was glaringly obvious; furthermore, the attention and nature of the attention being so obvious, and myself having no idea at the time that I was the subject of an investigation, these events caused genuinely debilitating stress and concern in me.

See this page, at, to get an idea of what I mean by street theatre and psycho-social dramas: Street Theater

Anyway, a couple of years ago, this friend, who has somewhat of a long standing and reoccurring drug habit, began to comment to me while also claiming to be high on drugs, that he thought people were following him and that people were leaving children's clothing catalogues outside his front door, that he thought his house was bugged. Weird stuff like that which smacked of the very same sorts of surveillance and street theater activity I had witnessed several years prior.

I say, 'weird stuff like that' because here was a fellow, who along with a parent, had been continuously updated by me on my circumstances over a year previous.

From regular visits discussing my legal efforts, to letters describing the same, they both were no strangers to the facts of my own circumstances and as mentioned, I had it on faith from others that they were acting as information gatherers of a sort in service to the investigation.

So, long story short, he seemed to be pretending to be experiencing the same sort of dramas I had written about for years and regarding myself.

Flash forward a couple years:

Just in the past month or so, as I again got wind that certain actions might be taken as an effort to land me in a controlled environment of some kind (family credit card fraud, etc.), this particular friend had another Big Drug Relapse(tm) and again started claiming he was experiencing the same sorts of things I made claims to have experienced many years before.

Just recently called and said something to the effect of: "I think I might be in trouble. I looked at some porn on the Internet that I’m not sure was legal or not. The links just said, 'young girls,' and I just clicked it ... I don't know if they were real or not but I may be in trouble."

I dismissed it immediately because the whole conversation seemed a bit staged.

He then went on to tell me his mother thinks he's paranoid schizophrenic (is there a pattern emerging here or what?); and then went on to berate me that my legal efforts and especially my rather frank comment that I believed he had acted as an informant to the investigation were all just delusions and then hung up on me.

Anyway, his comments about porn and what not smack quite heavily of my own discussions with community leaders early on, some five or six years ago. You can read about such meetings and why they took place in this section of Fact vs. Fantasy

Again, as with the much earlier claims of his, regarding surveillance and supposedly people playing out street theater operations around him, again this was an uncannily similar set of dialogues and supposed experiences on his part which near identically mirrored my own of many years previous.

Now, the latest, is that he's supposedly involved in some sort of gangland style gun-toting drug crowd and has just recently, and reportedly, suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the scrotum. That’s right, to the scrotum.

I don't know about the gunshot thing, short of making him show me his privates, there's no way to really say if it's just a ruse or not, but I do know this: if a gun were ever planted on my person or property as an effort to incriminate me around circumstances which would appear possibly injurious to myself or others, then this friend having experienced similar circumstances recent to my own incrimination would certainly make dialogue among our respective families rather convenient.

Read on for more of why that would be a rather convenient coincidence...

If true, then why?

So, why would this friend who I know has acted as an informant to the investigation be doing this? How would this serve the investigation if any given set up attempt were successful against me?

First, my hypothesis is that should some action against me take place and were I to be then relegated to the confines of some environment under the jurisdiction of the legal system (half-way house, drug rehab, etc.) then this person might suddenly and quite conveniently appear in such confines with me (or not, but the experiences being similar would still be important)

The point being, he could then go on to claim he'd been experiencing identical or even merely similar circumstances.

At which point, we'd all have a nice little pre-established course into the discussion of certain topics of interest to the investigators and their desire to direct the course of whatever would transpire in the way of therapy, etc. after any given set up attempt might prove successful.

Also, his parent figure could then be brought in to discuss with my parent figures how uncannily similar their dear son's circumstances are ... and, "isn't it great that they have such a long standing friendship as a basis for the long road to 'getting well' " ... or, ... "isn't this paranoia thing amazing and terrible? That these two could actually think these things are real?" ... or, better yet ... "they've both been fighting this addiction problem for so long, and now this"

The point being of course, to further compound and generate the image of mental illness (even though this friend and his parent are wholly aware of the investigation against me).

But why would they do such a thing? I mean, why would long term personal friends of mine participate in a ruse so grossly manipulative?

First, I sincerely believe this friend and his parent feel I would be happier with a different lifestyle. That after a few months of discussions and/or therapy I could be made to believe doing something other than the political work I’m currently involved in would be more fitting to my personal loves and skill sets.

Secondly, they very well may have been made to believe many of the lies pushed by the investigators over the years: that I’m obsessed with ex girlfriends, that I stalk, that I’m a potential future offender of some kind, or any other sorts of gross fabrications developed by the (indeed, truly obsessed) leaders of the investigation.

That being the case, it's easy to justify personal involvement in violations of a person's privacy and dignity, all the way up to forcing a person into a legally controlled set of sentencing circumstances if those participating can truly be made to believe that, "it's in his best interest. Nothing will be hurt but his pride. And in the end ... and after a lot of work on himself, he'll see it as a blessing in disguise. "


Anyway, for the record, I don't do drugs and nor do I suffer from any other form of addictive behavior that could be called injurious to my person.

I’m not a fan of guns.

Nor do I, as my misguided friend claimed recently to have been doing himself, find myself ever looking at or involving myself with inappropriate pornographic material online. I watched the Paris Hilton sex video, that's about the extent of such things, and for that I’m certainly not ashamed (it actually got me a bit hot and bothered!).

The reality is that my days are, as mentioned briefly here and elsewhere, spent organizing with a certain political action committee with the Democratic Party. I’ve done this for five years and will be doing it for the foreseeable future.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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