Friday, May 25, 2007

New Contract Client

As mentioned last month, I have begun work on a contract web site for a company referred to me by an acquaintence.

I expect to have this website done within the next week and published to the companies domain.

As I near completion of this project and especially after launching the site, I will be posting more information to this blog as well as my main website:

These ongoing updates, even beyond my ultimate 'hand-off' of the project to the client, will continue for some time.

The reason being, that the investigation against me has as a primary objective the eventual legal removal of my rights to use computers and/or networks.

Read on ...

Computer Crime and my role as Web Developer

As I reiterate over and over in my main website, the investigation against me and those organizing it at the local and federal law enforcement level are absolutely determined to force circumstances which make me appear to be someone who uses computers in a criminal fashion.

This is due solely to the fact that the investigators, for some years now, have made rather matter of fact claims to others in the community regarding my character and person. Such claims made by the authorities and to their various informant and community contact groups have been discussed at length with me by several of my long term and trustworty associates from the Houston area.

In short, the authorities seek this end to save face and/or reputation. There is nothing more to the investigation than that.

Anyway ...

The fact that I am allowing myself to engage a client in the efforts of producing for them a web site and the fact that I will be imminently privy to said clients personal web server login/FTP information, makes the need for ongoing and regular public accounts of such work paramount.

In other words, this sort of work leaves me open to any number of types of possible wrongful incrimination attempts, some of which types I've already seen: Hack Setup at previous employer; Credit/Checking fraud involving online porn, etc.

Follow the links for more information on those past computer crime related incrimination attempts.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why a Blog?

Everybody’s reading blogs. I don't, personally. but most persons I run into out there, do.

My main site,, has been constructed specifically to make public the facts of a local and federal investigation of myself.

I was required to author the site due to the fact that the investigation was using questionable tactics necessary to wrongfully incriminate me and as well tactics designed to portray me as a person suffering from rather cliché' and popular definitions of various types of mental illness.

The primary tactic model used by the investigators is, and has been, tactics congruent to those used by gang stalking operations and vigilante-style community watch groups; the general goal being to induce the outward appearance of a person being mentally ill and/or, a person whose claims of being under investigation should be immediately dismissed as some sort of mental illness or abberation of thought.

That said ...

The history of my circumstances and as well my own legal efforts to prove such circumstances true can be found in great detail at I would encourage you to spend much time at that site before expecting to understand anything written in this daily blog.

Why a blog?

And, so ... considering I already have a rather extensive website devoted to publishing the facts of my circumstance? Why is a blog necessary?

The answer is that a blog, typically, is a daily account. An overall and mostly loose discussion of daily events as opposed to a clinical and methodically exact account. It's a rant. A commentary or a tirade ... but not necessarily a clinical analysis.

My main site,, attempts to portray a clinical analysis of past and currently occurring events while this blog will merely record daily events, thoughts and occurences which may, at some later date be incorporated as portions of later exact and factual analysis' made public on

I’m always thinking, always seeing or experiencing something new which may or may not bear creedence to the facts made public in; a blog is a good way to make those bits and peices of forming material public ... while all the while, making clear, ... these are mostly new thoughts ... these things just happened, i just heard this or saw this and so, i'm not sure what to call it just yet or where to incorporate it in my overall legal efforts ... but thought that it should go on public record nonetheless.

That’s why i'm creating the blog.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Family Member Update

On May 12th, I delivered a three page document to a certain family member that was meant to generally describe my current status in regards to my ongoing efforts to expose an ongoing investigation of myself.

This is a family member who I have updated many times in the distant past; however, as with involving the majority of my direct family members, I have since restricted this person's involvement to a general minimum of one update per year.

The update is necessary now for a number of reasons.

I have posted below, in italics, the contents of this message so as to better make public the unique circumstances of my upcoming weeks which have made an update to family members necessary:


Dear, xxxxxxxx

Just wanted to say a few things via letter regarding my many claims over the past five to six years of having knowledge of an investigation of myself.

As you've probably noticed, I no longer discuss such matters with you (or most other family members) and this is for a couple of reasons:

Number one, I've got a full time website discussing the details of the circumstances, a website built first and foremost to pre-empt any wrongful incrimination attempts upon myself and secondly to document my monthly legal efforts in attempting to prove the investigation actually exists.

Secondly, I honestly feel you don't have the mind to entertain such very real possibilities as my being under investigation for primarily computer related crimes, and therefore have felt more comfortable keeping you out of the loop.

I have, however, regularly updated several of my personal acquaintances and friends and so just wanted to reiterate that all of my previously mentioned (past five years) concerns are still very much legitimately ongoing concerns for me.

This is not to say that such concerns cause me any daily duress, however. And, again, especially since making my awareness of the facts public via my website.

Why a Letter Now?

I'm beginning to do some side web design contract work and frankly, I just want it on record in a number of places that this is the case.

Point being, should I complete this upcoming work and then, should this clients personal website or computer equipment be somehow later compromised via some criminal activity by another, then the obvious starting point insofar as an investigation would be a knock on my door, and perhaps a not too soft one at that.

Anyway, my goal in such a case and my only real defense is to already have public statements such as this in place.

And regarding computers, the Internet and criminal activity:

You don't know much about these things, but the simple version of the explanation is this: when a client asks one such as myself to design a web page for them, they put a great deal of trust in me as a provider of a service.

To complete the work, I will have complete access to the intimate details of their personal "space" on the internet (where their site is 'hosted,' that is); meaning, of course, and at least for the short period of development work I do for them ... I will have access to their passwords and otherwise data necessary for the upkeep of their website.

I of course am quite skilled in such work and have always seen to such with the utmost professionalism and respect and this will be the case in this upcoming work.

Yet, on the flip side of this, and in the wrong hands, such sensitive data can be horribly misused by others for all sort of criminal activity: publishing inappropriate content via their website, hacking other computers online and a host of other sorts of rather common criminal misuses of the Internet.

And, it is quite easy to set up another to seem like the culprit.

That said, I digress.

If it Happened, What Would Authorities Argue?

Regarding the client(s) I intend to do work for in the near future, and should some criminal activity be later attributed to these web sites and my role in them, what would be the explanation?

I mean, as crazy as it might sound to you, still consider the following:

I've written letters such as this, expressing my awareness of an investigation of myself; I have constructed websites to document my legal processes; I've made regular and properly prepared legal requests to federal and local authorities and have even begun a process of verbally transcribing my entire website for archival to a library site on the internet.

So, in the event of my actually being incriminated around some activity involving use of computers or the Internet, how exactly could such supposed criminal activities on my part be explained?

Those involved in the investigation, almost assuredly, would argue some nonsense such as the following:

  1. I did the thing and didn't know it cause I was on drugs or otherwise intoxicated and in a blackout.
  2. I did the thing and didn't know it cause some biological or otherwise mental illness is to blame; resulting in my (as with the second) doing something I was not conscious of doing.

At my main website (, if you ever care to take time to read, I go to great lengths to make public my knowledge of the investigators desire to create the impression of memory dysfunction ... especially if 'they' can make it look like mental illness or drug/alcohol related.

I know that sounds extreme, far-fetched and unlikely, and having to actually some day entertain any of the above mentioned explanations for some personal incrimination really would be extreme, far fetched and unlikely!

But for the sake of this letter, which is merely meant to be a legally binding public statement, I have to explore such wildest of possibilities, if only as hypothetical.

Your Business

As I've expressed in the past, I respect the opportunity you provide me insofar as occasional work, even if only a day or two a week.

To be honest ... a day or two is all I could ever handle but nonetheless, I still appreciate you making such opportunity available.

That said; do know that I treat your personal business and my role in it with the greatest respect.

I feel compelled to reiterate this, even though I know you already understand this, due to the fact that over the past few months several new factors have arisen:

  1. I've become privy to certain of your personal online financial information and should any future fraud or mis-use arise around any of this information in the near or distant future, then I want statements such as this on public record. I of course mean my ongoing efforts in helping you with your money market stuff, etc.

  2. Also, recently I was informed of where the ladies in the office keep the petty cash; this is something, historically, I've never been aware of. And, as with the above-mentioned concern, should any discrepancies arise around such financial matters, I will feel better if statements such as this are on record.

  3. Finally, the somewhat recent fraud on your credit card accounts was sort of a wake up call to me (despite your personal beliefs) and so thought it wouldn't hurt to mention it.

What I've been doing over the past three years or so

As I've mentioned, I keep you out of the loop regarding my efforts to obtain data related to the investigation.

I understand your only recourse is to argue such circumstances away as mental illness or otherwise and, though unfortunate, I believe this is all you possess the ability to truly deem possible.

But, for the record, over the past three years, my efforts to both publicize my awareness of the investigation as well as legally seek proof of the same, have far from diminished. If anything such actions have increased and grown far more mature.

I in fact adhere to a near monthly schedule of letter writing, legal appeals and additions to my various personal web projects in the interest of keeping this personal fight alive and current.

The alternative, frankly, and regardless of your ability to entertain such possibilities as real, would be to allow some event perpetrated against me to result in my having to forfeit my rights to use computers and otherwise be wrongfully incriminated in a manner which would make my own personal sovereignty and freedom forfeit.

Sounds crazy, I know ... and truth is, I don't hold it against you for making fun on certain occasions.

That said and knowing the truth of things, these sorts of occasional, if only yearly when regarding you and others, are necessary.

With much love,

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Monday, May 14, 2007

Oversexualization as a....

You fill in the rest.

This is just a short reminder post, for myself more than anyone else.

This week I'll be fleshing this out (no pun intended) and hopefully will have a new article by the weeks end.

I'll be discussing how the behavioral science sector of the investigation is attempting to create Text Book Instances(tm) of supposedly self evident and/or apparent behavior patterns in my day to day life.

This illusion, of course could include false witness testimony and even planted evidence.

These patterns of behavior, which will or should fit precisely within the investigator's projected and desired outcome to this rather winded ordeal, all have a generally similar nature: such behavior patterns, as is nearly always the rule when discussing popular forensic psychiatry/psychology, will and must have sex and sexuality as a predominant basis.

Apparently, popular forensic psychiatry somewhat idolizes, even diefy's base sexual impulses as the most primal foundation of all potentially violent criminal activity; I only make this somewhat crass statement after having read my fair share of psych journals and forensic psychiatry articles. And, though crass ... it's somewhat accurate.

Furthermore, it's one's childhood years and experiences which popular psychiatry places the emphasis on ... and reportedly, it's experiences in that time frame of a person's life which, according to the popular forensic psychiatrist, can result in a near magical result of having adverse reactions to behaviors as an adult.

Almost like a mathematical equation.

My intention with this developing article is to demonstrate how such poetic license, in regards to the field of forensic psychiatry being able to supposedly predict the behavior of adults subjects based on their childhood experiences, has been and is desired to be used in the ongoing investigation against me.

Anyway ... as mentioned, this is only an article idea at this point ... but it's been on my mind and wanted to get it down here so it wouldn't fall off my screen.



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Public Affirmations

This post isn't as fun as some have been of late.


But the fact remains, the investigation (winded as it may be) against me is bent on making matter of fact claims regarding my public persona and character which are simply not true.

This is primarily to stroke egos and to satisfy respective of *their* career outcomes really and in reality has nothing to do with ... well, reality.

That said ... as a matter of course, in the 'Affirmations' section of my main website and domain,, I go into rather great detail in my description of what such accusations amount to and as well, my relative, or not, involvement in such.

Read more there, if you care too ... I wouldn't recommend it as enjoyable content, however ... just legally necessary.

Anyway, every two weeks ... every week when I remember, I scan a dated signature as a means of publicly acknowledging my commitment to the truth of such statements.

Like this:

This practice is, of course, meant to be preemptory in regards to the possible types of wrongful incrimination attempts discussed in my main website,; see the 'Anatomy of a Setup' section for more reading on that.

The point of the scanned sig attached to my public affirmations pages is really the same, in principle as the publishing of my main website and this blog:

All of these published accounts considered, should any of the types of activities I've ascribed to the investigation's actions against myself actually be played out, then hopefully such circumstances on the authorities part will seem questionable.

I'm suddenly reminded of a semi recent movie wherein a prominent activist against the death penalty suddenly finds himself setup around supposed murder charges and ultimately (if not quite quickly) on death row.

The scene that pops into my head is one in which he is pleading with his legal council (or otherwise) for some sort of support in his claims of being rail-roaded:

"C'mon! I'm the most prominent and long standing activist against the death penalty in the world! Don't you find it just slightly ironic that I'm suddenly on death row?!!"


Irony; I guess that's what I'm hoping my defence will be ... and if only a slight one at that.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fun Video Work ...

In the interest of not bringing too much Doom and Gloom(tm) to the world ... and since the point of this blog and my main website is, arguably and literally, an effort to not have my right to use computers and networks legally removed ...

I thought I'd post a link to some current and fun video compositing I've been working on.

This is very much a work in progress; video work takes an unbelievable amount of time ... but the jist of what I'm trying to do with this simple montage should be self-evident: time capsule ... retrospect, sentiment, etc.

Click on the below graphic to see about 1.5 minutes of what will be a 3 minute or so, piece:

Much work left to do on it.

FYI, the use of digital recording devices, be it still cameras or video has been a particularly enticing mechanism to the organizers of the investigation, and specifically in regards to the many and manifold means of using such devices to incriminate a person.

In the 'affirmations' section of my main website,, I go to great lengths to publicly document my association with such equipment.

Otherwise ... I'll post a link once I'm finished with this little vid project.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Computer Crime

(this text replicated from my main website,

I have worked in the field of computing, specifically software interface design and corporate intranet development for about 14 years; prior to this and going all the way back to my early twenties, I have been somewhat fanatical about anything related to computers, be it hardware or software.

In my early twenties I began hanging out with several individuals here in houston who were somewhat notorious among my social circles, and even among federal and local law enforcement, as being 'hackers,' and 'pirates.' In other words, these persons regularly took part in the practice of hacking other computers and were regular users, and even distributors, of pirated software. Some of these persons were eventually indicted for such actions.

For the record, and this should be easily verifiable with my social circles at the time, I myself never took part in the hacking of websites, VAX systems, mainframes or anything else hackers, historically, have targeted.

In fact, today even, I would not begin to know how to launch the most basic of offensive attacks from my own computer; that is not to say, however, I am not aware of the nature and details of most of the types of attacks that hackers can make, I simply lack the expertise and software to carry such attacks out.

Furthermore, I have indeed used pirated copies of software in my life, or at least borrowed, but have never been in the business or practice of distributing such.

But it is a fact, that at one time, especially in my early twenties, borrowing software was the number one means by which I learned the basis of any application that today I personally own and am proficient at. This would not be news to anyone who was close to me at that time as I was never shy about discussing my progress in learning any given application.

Howl BBS

During the late 1980's and early 1990's, I was the system administrator and owner of Howl BBS, a very popular Houston-based computer bulletin board system (BBS) dedicated to the rapidly expanding (at the time) culture of hacking and computer networking in general.

Furthermore, Howl was in large part dedicated to the discussion of literary matters and we, on a semi-regular basis, published an electronic magazine ('zine) called, Tamer Shrew. You can follow the provided link to see all such zines produced by those involved with Howl.

Some of the most well known and talented hacks and virii creators in the Houston and Texas area called Howl BBS on a regular basis; there were, as well, many out of state calls.

Howl was split in it's content direction, roughly, between the discussion of subjects related to computer hacking and phone phreaking and, because I was in college for creative writing at the time, all things literary, especially poetry.

This is in large part, why it's absurd that now, in my late 30's, the FBI is claiming to have no records of myself as a person of interest, when I knew for a fact, and based on the testimony of others, that in my early 20's such agencies were regularly survielling and participating in Howl BBS due to it's association with such topics as computer hacking and phone phreaking, not to mention the local authorities who, at that time and considering the infancy of the internet and 'cyber-crime' in general, were sort of in a race with the federal agencies to see who could develop enforcement and investigative protocols the quickest.

Suffice it to say, Howl BBS was high on the list of local Houston boards that factored into both ongoing federal and local law enforcement investigations and, since I built the damn thing and owned the hardware it was run on, it goes without saying that I became a member of that list as well.

The point here is that Howl BBS factors into the investigation as a very real kernal of truth in the agencies efforts towards creating computer crime spin within my current circumstances. Howl was not a criminal bulletin board.

Howl was not used to distribute or otherwise make available the tools with which one could hack or phreak, it simply distributed text based information regarding such practices; furthermore, Howl BBS, to my knowledge and since the BBS software and hardware changed ownership on several occasions, was never employed to distribute illegal software or pornographic material of any kind.

Howl BBS was a great thing. I miss it and those that were members of our brief community … Xann, Nils, and even Homer™, (that bastard!).

Pardon me, I'm getting all misty-eyed.

Porn! / Sexual Deviance

Regarding the claims of the investigators that I am a porn addict or regular consumer of pornographic content, I have the following to say.

I have definitely looked at pornographic magazines, seen porno movies and have seen porn online, and specifically regarding the latter, have even seen sites online which I would have been hard pressed to say were legal or not.

These things have passed my screen, as they have passed many other persons.

Furthermore, I know that the content I have occasionally seen online is not exceptional, as such materials go, because I have made a point to discuss such things, not only with friends and family, but as well with a number of psychological professionals who have, not once, commented that having seen such content online is exceptional in anyway.

In fact, across the board, these persons, friends and professionals alike have confirmed that such experiences are rather normal insofar as online experience goes.

What the investigation contends, however, is that I am a regular user of pornographic content, that I have an obsessive disorder and especially that my tendency is to seek out content that is questionably legal, such as child pornography, bestiality, violent porn, etc., and for the record and stated plainly, this is not true.

(please see my main site, for further reading)

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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