Friday, November 28, 2008

Psychosocial methods and Law Enforcement

This is a transcript of a good discussion I recently had with an online acquaintence regarding and it's inclusion of certain law enforcement entities as persons behind certain aspects of what I have come to define as ongoing harassment or even psychological torture.

I'm posting it as an article simply because it's a doorway to some important questions regarding psychologically directed investigations, methods, ethics, etc. ..


from: Anonymous
date: 6/15/2006
subject: Concerns ...

"I think that because of the prominence of the FBI in your story and website that I would like to receive copies of your correspondence with them, and especially that which they sent to you. Also any contact or correspondence you might have had with a law enforcement accountability entity (organization, attorney who handles these, etc.) regarding your situation.

I will probably start requesting this and other information of all posting members who have the FBI or law enforcement as a major part of their story.


For all my frustration with the FBI under the current administration, I think they are not involved with the stalking groups. I am open to having my mind changed, but I want to hear more substantiation. I also think that if we are to have this crime taken seriously, we have to stop publishing unsubstantiated allegations against law enforcement.

If your main harassers are law enforcement, you need to contact a police accountability organization or advocate with your allegations, rather than relying on forums. Police harassment can be stopped a lot more easily than gang stalking can.

I am not saying that your claims are fictional, unsubstantiated, or undertaken for malevolent purposes, but they are prominent in your story and that is why I would be interested in seeing your FIOPA or other relevant correspondence from law enforcement and accountability sources regarding this."

Take care, "anonymous"

I reply:

Hi there ..

Was thinking more about your comments and wanted to add a few more bits ...

What you say is such valuable information as, having done a cursory re read of certain sections of jbhfile i agree that it does, at times, clearly come across that i include the fbi and otherwise police authorities in some of the stalking tactics, primarily the street theatre and other psycho-social funny bizness that i see so often in various of my social settings.

It certainly reads that way ...

Other than realizing I need to fine tune certain sections so as to not seem vehement at the agencies or otherwise 'out to get' them ... I will certainly leave in the majority of the claims made that these agencies, and especially the behavioral science wings of such agencies, which have been some of the primary architects of the social dramas and ongoing street theater studies.

And, the funny thing is ... I believe they, in normal practice and as a part of truly attempting to divine the details of a person who is psycho-criminally (made that up) a genuine public concern, are perfectly entitled to use psycho-social theatrics as a means of learning more about a subject.

I would say even, that such methods in psychology and behavioral science are commonplace and traditional.

But ... that said ... the hitch is this ...

Are the target subjects witting or unwitting to the ongoing study?

Are the subjects aware of the so called claims made against their person which have resulted in their becoming the subject of public and social psychological study?

And perhaps most importantly here, are such subjects allowed to personally confront such claims and concerns once he or she is thusly aware of them?

If a person is blindly unconscious of the attention ... has no awareness of being the subject of an investigation or psychological study and if such study involves just normal social interaction/dramas played out along specific input/feedback models (they say/do, "this" and observe for reaction, "that", etc.), then I feel no harm could feasibly come to the subject.

And as well, at least some valuable data might be gained from the street theatre as the subject would be acting/reacting in a 100% genuine and natural fashion, totally unaffected by any stress or nervous trauma that would naturally arise out the awareness of being a subject.

However, if a subject like myself, who has been aware of the investigation/study, who has others close to him that have confirmed they're own involvement in the investigation, who is subjected to the same psycho-social scripts and routines every week and who has worked, literally, for well nigh six years to confront those behind the investigation ... when such a person as that is the subject ... then it could theoretically be argued that torture of a sort is occurring, or at least that the otherwise benign and traditional methods of psychologically investigating a social subject have met with conditions that make the study no longer ethical.

(You can quote me on this next bit ...)

No scientifically valuable data can be gained from a subject who is acutely aware of the nature, subject matter and ongoing methods of the psychosocial procedures employed in an experimental fashion against him/her.

Especially considering that this person/subject is acting/reacting while suffering what could be thought of as genuine and ongoing posttraumatic stress.

So, just looking at the types of stalking that could include street theatre or other psycho-social dramas, street theatre, neuro linguistic word play, action/ reaction scenarios, etc. ... I think one could argue that federal and local authorities, in many cases, are or could be involved in the harassing of a TI.

Of course, in many of such cases it involves a real and documented criminal investigation and so the agencies have every right to use such non-invasive methods on unwitting subjects.

Otherwise, regarding some of the other experiences I have had ... covert druggings, car vandalizations, rumor and slander, etc ... I seriously doubt that any authorities are behind such antics and would more likely attribute it to what happens in communities when certain types of rumors get out of control.

So, as said, thanks so much for the outsider's perspective on; I get blinded to what it's saying at times as I'm so close to the thing.

Also, if you read more, feel free to offer more criticism and other constructive remarks.
Take it easy.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Songwriting ...

As I've mentioned on occasion in ...

I've been a homebrew songwriter of sorts for a couple decades now.

Over the past six years, much of the content I generate has obviously incorporated some of the more stressing circumstances that I discuss in and some has not.

Also, in the 90's, I was a member of a couple different local Houston bands ... one that played very loud, very heavy (sort of Black Sabbath type) rock music and one that leaned more so towards the folk/alternative country scene (think Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, Joe Pernice, etc.).

Anyway ...

Just this past weekend I figured out a way to embed a nifty little MP3 player/jukebox in my various webpages and thought I'd post it here as well.

BTW: I publish songs under the pseudonym, "The Gods of Victory," (aka G.0.V.) ... a name I've always liked but which none of my old band mates were too fond of.

Listen at your own risk ...




this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Email to a friend ...

So this is a recent email reply that I sent to a local Houston, friend.

The friends originating email was an in general comment about a recent addition I made to my ongoing youtube video project entitled "The Insomniac Series(tm)" ...

The Insomniac Series is simple, random and for the most part, un choreographed video content that I've collected over the past 20 years. I chose stuff, like I said, at random and set it to music I like (or music that I've made) ... and publish it to YouTube under the above mentioned series title.

The Latest Installment

The latest installment to The Insomniac Series is somewhat special in that it features content related to myself and a certain past flame (girlfriend).

It's special in the context of my efforts with and this blog because central to the ongoing efforts of those persons behind the investigation of me has been a very real and damaging rumor campaign that I'm a stalker(tm), or otherwise some Repressed Male(tm) fitting the classic pathological profile of One Who Could Possibly Go Violent in the Future(tm).

All very cliche' and ridiculous and desperate (especially considering the fact that up until the actions against my person began, I was generally always involved in some sort of romantic liaison) ;-)

So considering that (and I'll discuss the above mentioned claims of the investigators a bit more below) ... this particular video posting is exceptional.

Truth is ... again ... it's just random content ... no messages being sent (well, not totally true) and otherwise, it's simply a bit of lovely content that I thought went well to the chosen music.

Here's the bit I discuss:



As an aside ... I worked really hard to make that Digital Video footage look somewhat like old film reel footage.

Came out quite nice if I do say so my own self.

An Email to a Friend

So today I get an email from a local friend (who is aware of my efforts with and he was expressing a bit of concern that such content as that might still be "tough" or difficult in some emotional way.

Which I immediately thought sort of strange as it certainly is not ...

But in my reply to this local friend (transcribed below) ... I found a good opportunity to convey some of the more harmful tactics used by the investigators back when they were tearing apart my local and long standing (now all but utterly non-existent) social circles of that period (1998/99/2000) when the gang stalking and rumor mill operations were first begun.

I thought it worth posting here as ongoing word of just how insane and desperate some of the investigators claims regarding my behaviour were and are.

Here's the email as sent back to my friend today:


RE: "Must be Tough"

Not tough at all, really.

She was cool. Just an old flame.

BTW: She's one of the primary ex's that the whackos running the
investigation of me have generated local/social rumor campaigns around.

They propogated such lies on a near fanatical basis back in the early

You'd have to read the site ... but in general they were claims that
I'm a stalker, classic obsessive ex boyfriend type and that I exhibit
any other 'text book' sort of curiously/possibly aberrant behavior
which generally always has an argumentative track leading to the
eventual and possible escalation to violence ...

I'm sure you know the popular profile of the classicly and supposedly repressed male.

Well, that's what they went for hard core ... and via 100% manufactured lies and mass saturation of old social circles with such (mind you, this all was going down six years ago or so ...) ...

I primarily made the video to fuck with the persons locally who have
organized the actions against me discussed in, something
probably not too smart (powerful egos tend to hold a grudge which can be dangerous to those of us who playfully provoke) but it feels a bit nice ... ;-) ... also, the content went well with that leonard cohen bit ...

According to close friends of mine from those circles long ago, they
even generated fake notes and otherwise gifts that were delivered to
such persons (like the silly little necklaces I used to make) ... all
to bolster the supposed social view of myself as some sort of
obsessive ex boyfriend stalker type ... totally freaky shit, man.
Almost worked too ... but publishing my stuff has helped a great deal.

I discuss those early attacks on my person to great extent in (it really is a books worth of content). And truly such
possibilities don't alarm or disarm me anymore cause if they went
through with anything like that, they'd look pretty suspicious since
I've already outed their intentions so thoroughly in my site(s) as
well as vocally with many family members and friends (I have an
ongoing, face to face witness group who receive verbal
updates/testimony from me about every six months).

It's really the same premise we use in the organization when we get
early word of something and then organize a mass bit of public motion to defeat it before it can happen (think Bloomberg, Social Security, the various and ongoing threats of new wars).

As per your earlier comment regarding the tracking down of your old
friend ... it really is sort of empowering to properly utilize the
intelligence work/methods that are central to our work.

It's just hard as hell perfecting them.


Anyway ...

Have fun.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random and sensual social fun!

So after waiting a mad two months or so ...

I finally got to attend the first official Houston "meet" yesterday.

This is something that myself and a fellow head-fier decided to organize, starting about three months ago (really, he did all the work and he also had the money to put up for the rental space)


Boy howdy was it a fucking hoot!

I swear. If your not into the high end headphone/amp scene already ...

Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY FROM IT!! LMAO.

It will consume any and all of your excess money. It will quite possibly wreck your home and or marriage and it will devour your mind with it's incessant and constant need for ever more minuscule improvements in sonics.

Oh but it's a fucking hoot. I love it ...

Anyway ... I was proud to be able to demo my own humble equipment at the meet, an MHDT Havana DAC ($900.00), Grado RS1 Headphones ($750.00) and a Stello HP100 headphone amplifier ($600.00).

The prices are listed there to indicate that my system was among the least expensive there and not so much to brag. :-)

Compared to some of the other attendees set ups, though ...

Mine is just a drop in the proverbial head-fi bucket ...

Electrostatic "STAX" systems (at left) will curl your toes with their unbelievably detailed and spatious sound reproduction. That's about a four thousand dollar setup there.

Anyway ...

Met a bunch of nice folks and can't wait for the next one.

Here's me trying to figure out how to get the money for my next upgrade:



Really ...

It's worse than crack.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

FOIPA Law loopholes....

My most recent reply from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Positively *dripping* with irony if you consider the run around I've been submitted too from the FBI Houston Field Office:


As a certain dear friend once said ...

"The Thot Plickens!"


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Friday, October 17, 2008

A lovely little film about bullying, love, vampires and revenge.

I'm a sucker for well made films.

And even more so when it comes to well made vampire films (which are really few and far between).

As a respectable and quite literate friend of mine once said:

"Vampires can be rather interesting literary material as, properly portrayed, they become very complex and troubled characters that can be used to explore some serious and meaningful subject matter."

And even though there hasn't been a truly engaging vamp film since Bram Stoker's take on things (which I found fairly decent but not great) and "Interview with..." (which I also liked but less than the more classic and complex Bram's bit) ...there nonetheless appears to be hope on the horizon in what seems to be somewhat of a unanimously acclaimed gem of a film (unanimous among reviewers).

It's called, strangely enough, "Let the Right One In"

The title of the movie is actually culled from an old Smith's/Morrissey song entitled, "Let the right one slip in" (you do the research) ... and is quite appropriate to the cinematic content once you understand the context of that lyrical bit (and certain of old lores regarding vampires).

And as movies go ... especially those that attempt to explore some humanist landscapes... (and even though I haven't seen it yet) ... I'm pretty sure I already love it.

I mean, the subject of bullying, though not necessarily central to my own legal efforts and circumstances, is, nonetheless very much akin to the tactic model of gang stalking and/or persecution in general.

So I'm quite interested to see how this quirky little drama about adolescent love, trust, bullying and revenge, and of all things, a 200 year old little girl vampire ... could possibly turn out.


Here's the official trailer:



Fairly interesting and arresting possibilities there, huh?


Anyway ... here's a decent review. There's lots of static online and in the film scene about this so I'd encourage you to do some searching of your own, but this one is decent:


A few choice (well chosen) comments from, Mari Sasano @

"The trope of the lonely, bullied sensitive kid that somehow turns that experience into a wonderful adulthood is a romantic idea. But it's not as simple as that. Being the victim of bullying or violence does not automatically teach someone to be kind. In fact, it's usually the opposite: kids who experience violence usually learn violence.

But there is an escape from this cycle -- the loving guidance of family or friends. The Swedish film, "Let the Right One In," balances on the edge of love and violence, and it's not clear if we always get out safely.

It's in this context that we meet Oskar (Kare Hedebrant), a pale wisp of a 12-year-old boy living largely unsupervised in an ugly lower-middle-class apartment complex. His parents are divorced. At school, he is psychologically and physically bullied. The only time he appears happy is exploring the countryside with his dad, or spending time alone studying forensics.

It seems to be a strange hobby for a kid, but in spite of his passivity, it's obvious that he harbours a great deal of anger. While acting out one of his violent scenarios in the playground, he meets Eli (Lina Leandersson), a strange girl who has just moved into the apartment next door. Even though it's winter, she doesn't wear a coat, or even shoes. She smells odd, and there is something not quite right about her father, Hakan (Per Ragnar). In fact, upon their arrival, there begins a strange series of unexplained murders. We learn soon enough that Eli's father or guardian (the relationship is not clear) has been committing these crimes, apparently at Eli's request. She's a vampire. But even though her life depends on inhuman violence, she is still a girl at heart. The isolation is hard on her, and she feels a deep sadness about missing simple human contact and social pleasures like birthday presents.

In Oskar, she finds a friend, and he welcomes a kindred spirit -- he, too, lives in violence. "You have to hit back. Hard," she counsels him, and she should know. They are two sides of the same coin, even visually: Oskar is blond to the point of being colourless, while Eli is dark-haired with huge blue eyes, and her skin often blood-spattered.

Oskar and Eli need each other, and are loyal and tender with each other in a way that no one else is. They fall into a non-sexual, innocent love, probably for the last time in Oskar's life before he grows up. Unfortunately, it's hinted at that Eli has gone through this dynamic before: was Hakan once Eli's childhood love?

Let the Right One In is a strange movie: a Swedish vampire coming-of-age story. But instead of being sentimental, it asks some tough, adult questions, not just about the circulation of violence, but also about the complexities of children's emotional lives and the difficulty of emerging sexuality. It is sweet, and horrifying."


And, just for kicks. Here's a few more quotes from reputable psych/horror thriller review sources:



Opens in the US on October 28th!!



Can't wait.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Sunday, October 12, 2008

(email to a friend; transcribed here for posterity, if nothing else)


I had a birthday recently.

With cake and beer and seclusion ...

I quietly celebrated my personal ninth year of being under the rather stark and alienating lens of local and federal authorities' concern ... (the most horrible of accusations, btw) ... with everything that such singular honor attributes.


And while certain folks have chosen to call me paranoid and mentally ill ...

All the while knowing the truth of things ...

(and even a few that have stolen from me)

I have, nonetheless, persevered.


Just wanting to say hello to someone who counts.

I'll be wanting to meet with you some time in the next few months.

You've been a big help over the past few years.

And, I've enjoyed and benefited from our past meetings.


Anyway ...

The point of all this drama:

Here's a recent little video I made (including an original song recording) that I have officially dedicated to all my most cherished friends. It's especially dedicated to you and "xxxx".







Thursday, October 9, 2008

Necessary P.S.A. regarding MySpace usage

It's true.

In so many ways I find the abomination that is to be disgusting.

It just reeks of non-existence on so many levels.

I'm of course speaking of the somewhat deleterious affect it has had on the very young.

The way it can lead certain types of personalities to believe that such communities can be viewed as truly social. The dangerous opportunity it allows said types of persons to slip off into a state of nonsensical and often times injurious fantasy.

Said plainly, I'm of the opinion that, for many folks, as opposed to being social at all ... rather, it becomes a hugely anti-social escape from reality.

I mean, portraying yourself as you'd prefer to be seen as opposed to how and who you really are, etc.


Pretend movie stars.

And worse.

But I took out a page anyway....

Mostly to make fun of myspace.

My main page heading reads "Myspace sucks uber ass."

And it's true, I think, for the most part, it's quite tripish and inane.

That said ...

Every one of my family members, both close and distant, have had a page for several years.

And, they use it well I would say: My mom (to talk to her cousins a couple times a month): my sisters (to network for their art/cosmetic/modeling careers); my brother (sadly, to get dates and talk to his old friends) (fuck you, BRO!) :-) .

Point being ... they've all got fairly healthy daily social lives and their activity on myspace, brief as it may be, has an actual personal intention behind it other than escaping from something.

They've also pretty much begged me to get a page of my own.

This, simply, so as to send them gay little messages and videos and what not. Something we do anyway via phone and in person on a daily basis. I mean ... we're a close family ... having daily and weekly contact with each other. I mean both my parents and my brother and sisters.

So thinking I could kill two birds with one stone (equal parts venom + love), I took out a page and decided to use it solely to post my original music and some of my video work ...

Between bouts of cursing at that is.


Actually met some decent folk ...

And what I've found is that there are a few decent folks who host pages on myspace.

Mostly old friends of mine who are above 30 and hold down daily jobs, have vital and active and real social lives,etc.

I've also met and been hailed by similar folks from bands and otherwise (many from other cities) who just happen to share my personal affinity for certain types of music.

We've actually hit it off fairly well. Men and women alike.

I've actually found such daily interaction, brief as it is and shall remain, to be rather fun.

I've also enjoyed making fun of myspace, it's more glaringly disgusting qualities that is, very very much.

How does this intersect my efforts with

First, and foremost ... it opens the door for future set up attempts against my person which might be created to force the impression of stalking or otherwise.

Even those born yesterday have probably heard the terrible side of online communities which is there undeniable proclivity towards allowing stalkers, pedophiles and otherwise sexually demented (or, just lonely) persons the opportunity to obtain new targets.

It's as notorious of an online problem as is pirated software.

That said, there are certain of those I have met from myspace whom I have forged real and physical ties with ...

Person's who have forwarded their mailing address so as to exchange musical mix tapes, etc.

Person's who might have sent me a phone number so as to better confirm the mailing of a package, etc.

Men and women alike.

These persons include those I've known from my Houston social circles and some whose acquaintance was originated wholly on and who may or may not live in cities/states other than my own.

Why post this bit, now?

I haven't heard anything from my long standing friends regarding possible misuse of the above stated situation.

Those who have confinded in me their past knowledge of possible nefarious actions against myself have said nothing, as of yet, regarding such possible attacks.

I'd hope that such never happens.

But I'm still typing this brief and boring bit so as to preemptively head off what, to my mind, and knowing what I know regarding those organizing the winded investigation of myself, could become a very big juicy temptation to them in the way of falsely incriminating myself.

Pardon that run on. Couldn't be helped.

Say for instance, one of the persons (most likely a woman since I'm notoriously hetero) I have interacted with on a physical/mailing basis suddenly finds her cel phone receiving random and unsavory (or even mysterious) regular calls?

What if said calls escalated into something local authorities could describe as problematic or worrisome?

What if said calls were then traced to my cell phone?

The rest should be easy enough to play out.

Just hypothetical, of course ... but necessary since I for one have a unique understanding and knowledge of digital cel phones (courtesy of my many years administering a local computer hacking and phone phreaking group/bbs).

Trust me.

One does not have to physically dial the number one's self to actually make a phone call on his or her cel phone. It can be done quite easily in a remote capacity and by a third party, allowing that said third party has access to the appropriate information.

This same fact holds true for household phones that are a part of a digital network.

Digital phones (having the right knowledge) are *CAKE* to manipulate remotely.

Each and every one of you reading this who are digital cel phone owners, no matter your network or plan or phone, are proud owners of perhaps the most ingenious and effective remote listening/remotely controllable surveillance device ever crafted.

The magnitude of just how effective of a surveillance device the common digital cel phone is is simply staggering.

Any cel phone can be remotely dialed and cued to auto answer without ever giving any indication of such usage to the owner of the cel phone: no lights, no ringing, no vibration, etc. Just a sudden and unheralded and instant audio connection to the phone owner.

Furthermore, any cel phone can be remotely directed to call another phone number; again, without any indication of such usage: no lights, no ringing, no vibration, etc.

And even furthermore (and way more accessible to the average joe) ... there are types of phones that can be used to dial other phones while transmitting any sort of custom manipulated originating caller number and caller ID information (the commonest form of such a device would be the somewhat popular "internet phone").

But I won't type any more and will leave it to you to further investigate such technologies.

I've done my homework (about 20 years worth) on such and know such to be true but am not here to argue the facts.

The point is to simply and preemptively announce certain of my past few months activities which, as with so much of what I've written here and at, could be used against me in further attacks on my person.


Thank you for shopping at Fiesta.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some words from Allen L. Barker ...

reprinted without permission from one of Allen L. Barker's essays on mind control.

Keep in mind as you read that I do not claim to have ever experienced any of the electromagnetically directed attacks he discusses. Nor have I ever experienced the "voices in your head" type harassment that he discusses.

But this is beside the point.

Allen's thoughts on mind control and harassment are nonetheless quite on point in regards to anybody needing inspiration towards how to personally deal with *any* type of prolonged and constant, unnatural attention.

As Allen himself wrote:

"The focus is on the effects that the victim experiences, not necessarily the particular technology that is used to inflict it"


Living with Constant Harassment

"How do you deal with "ordinary" social interactions with the pigs harassing you constantly in your mind? Do you act "ethically" and warn everyone you interact with that their privacy is also being invaded, by way of you, against your consent? People you interact with either believe you or they don't, but either way the social dynamic is completely changed. The pigs invade the privacy of everyone around you, by using you, even that of your spouse and children. They may also impersonate anyone you see, in your mind, to make it seem as if that person is the one "contacting" you. They try to make it seem like everyone can hear your private thoughts, that you are "broadcasting" to everyone. (Of course some victims might actually be doing that; if they can read your thoughts they could then broadcast them wide-field or local-field...)

What sort of career are you "allowed" to have in a system where your intellectual property is stolen the minute you think it up and where you have to cope with both "regular" harassment as well as harassment in your mind? All this is in addition to the ordinary stresses of the job -- and not to mention that some jobs require actual mental concentration. How sociable are long-term harassment victims with serious cases of Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder? In American society there are also plenty of vicious jerks who, while not Nazis or torturers, are quick to sense perceived weaknesses in people and home in on them. The Nazis can often just wound a person and then throw him or her to the sharks, bleeding.

It is natural for humans to think about other people. It is even natural to run a mental simulacrum process to imagine and empathize with other people. Monkey see, monkey do, air guitar, "I was just thinking of you..." etc. The rapist pigs try to turn this against the human beings they torture. Sex is also a natural process, as is farting, masturbation, defecation, burping, spats with people, fantasy, and so forth. The rapist torturers try to turn this against their victims. They constantly attempt to demean their victims. Worrying and anxiety are also normal human emotions. The torturers, though, try to turn all of these human properties against their victims.

One technique the Nazi pigs use is to try to reinforce anything you might worry about or feel anxious about. It is like taking a dynamical system and driving it at its natural frequency in order to purposely destroy it. Of course this is not to say the idiots know anything about dynamical systems. If you ever read Lord of the Flies in junior high school you know about the level that these pig idiots operate at, but when they rape your brain to inflict such ridicule and hatefulness it sets up positive feedback processes in the brain that constitute torture. (If I am teaching these idiots anything by this, then you had better watch out because they have already tortured me.) They will purposely injure you and then pick at your scabs if you start to heal.

This process also happens because you know damn well you are under surveillance and the pig ridicule squad is there to taunt you. Try not thinking about something you are conditioned with "cattle prods" into knowing will result in harassment. You know the torturers will zap you -- that is why they goad you with triggers at times -- but it is like not thinking of a pink elephant on command. Yins produce yangs, so to speak. Transcending the yins and yangs is hard enough without the torture.

The torturers treat your personal, private, internal speech as if it were your public speech. They try to subject you to all the ignorance and "political correctness" and everything else that someone at a podium in a public place might be subjected to. The sadist nanny state is not just concerned with what you say in your own home, they want to regulate what you think inside your head also. That can really cause your "moron anticipator" thought pattern to distract from your normal private thinking, because you cannot even think your private thoughts without knowing they will be "reviewed" for you by rapist morons.


For more reading from this most insightful of fellows ...

See here: Allen L. Barker's Essays





this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"They wanna steal your gear..."

So this just recently in from a person who has several times in the past confided in me their awareness of the investigation of myself.

Seems, being angered by my flagrant and granted, somewhat jubilant earlier post regarding "Two of My Fav Idiots," those behind the investigation are going back to their old ways in the sense of simply wanting to demoralize me or otherwise, bring about emotional duress through blatant invasive actions against myself and/or my property.

In essence, as with the long ago attempt to make it look like I was hacking my most favorite websites, the point here is to strike at what I most love, to not only insult but to degrade through deft and personal "twists of the knife," so to speak.

Lets Bag His Computer and Hi-fi Gear!

So according to this contact, while having tap water and crackers the other day (we're sort of recovering from a Hurricane around these parts) ... it was conveyed to me that the investigators were growing a bit miffed that not only have I maintained my soveriegnty throughout the past six years but that I've also developed a very neat and consistent way to publish the facts of my ongoing efforts, IE> personal computer combined with my personal website, and this blog.

Furthermore, they seem to be increasingly vexed that I've developed personal hobbies that are truly enjoyable to me (though, admittedly quite expensive to pursue): I'm of course talking about my before referenced headphone listening gear which, literally has cost me over $2500.00 to piece together.

So as with the very old but not forgotten early attacks on my person (theft of household, multiple and continuous thefts/break-ins of vehicle, etc.), the investigators seem to be devolving back into their more infantile mode of operation where they feel that simply lashing out and causing the most emotional duress is their only recourse towards feeling "powerful," or "in control" of the proceedings of the investigation.

I mean to say hear that according to certain "whispers on the wind," of late ... certain rumors from very reliable old friends around my community ... the desire is to at some point burglarize my home and target, specifically, my home computing equipment and especially my audio gear, both of which I use many times over on a daily basis.

This became pertinent at this time I believe simply because the Hurricane, with it's prolonged effect of loss of power to my area, offers those who would see to such heinous actions a unique opportunity as alarm systems are down and there are generally no lights at night.

My Intentions as of Now?

My intentions as of this writing are to simply go on with my life.

I'm not so much of a Lockean freak as to be bothered long by the loss of some of my dear (but in the end) not too important personal property.

Computers can be replaced.

It takes only the simplest of computers to publish to my various efforts online and so I'm not too worried about being disconnected from those (most important) of responsibilities.

My hi-fi gear is a gratuitous luxury.

I enjoy it immensely and have worked like a devil to afford it but bottom line? It's not important to my overall well being.

So if they go through with it, I'll be just fine.

I'll also be a bit vindicated as I have this post warning in advance that it might occur and it will therefore be yet another feather in the "cap of my credibility.


Besides as I go about things in a most mature and respectable manner (for the most part) ... publishing what truths and even "hints of possible truths" that I can ...

And while the proverbial They(tm) sink back further into their well known tendency towards infantile, childish and agressive tactics ...

I can only think that, again, my credibility is even that much more appreciated.


That said.

I pray we get power back soon!



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Online Music Downloads ... Part II

As I've mentioned in previous posts ...

I occasionally will use Google to find online music from my favorite bands and/or bands I'm not familiar with.

The legal ramifications of such activity are not really a concern to me as the files I randomly find in public folders and blogs are just as likely to be public/free domain files as they are copyrighted. The exact nature of such, regarding such questions, is really not known to me and so I count it as good fortune to find any of such files.

It's a sporadic and infrequent activity on my part and it generally leads to my purchasing an official CD of the same artists material and so I don't really concern myself too much with the legality of such behaviors (even considering the fact that I'm the subject of a rather banal and corrupt local investigation).

Which brings me to my next point ...

Just two days ago ... I found a handful of songs from Rage Against the Machine on the above titled/mentioned blog.

I downloaded some of them as they were in .FLAC format and seemed to be fairly decent quality. This download was in large part because I have been wanting to purchase one or two hard copy Rage CD's in the near future from my local record shop and I figured this would be a great way to figure out exactly which CD's I will ultimately purchase.

Anyway ...

So today ...

Wanting to see what else the auther of musicindexof.blogspot might have available for download ... I revisited the site, only to find that it had been removed from public access.


What does this tell me?

That maybe those who have been lusting after the possibility of bringing me in on some (any, really) sort of internet use related charge are growing even more desperate than I could have imagined and are planning to possibly "call me out" on charges related to illegal downloading of music ...

That maybe they notified said owner of musicindexof.blogspot of such intentions and then he/she were required to take their blog offline ...

Or maybe "They" notified Google and google shut the guy down ...

I really don't know to tell you the truth.

It also could have just been a random thing.

Legality of Music Downloads

Whether the Rage Against the Machine tracks I downloaded equaled a technically illegal action on my part or not is any one's guess.

As far as I know ... such randomly found and downloaded tracks are just as well covered by the Fair Use Act of 1976 as they are covered by any of the more prosecutorial laws of our land.

It's a user making tracks available for review/education purposes, after all ...

I mean, such downloads are what will influence me to purchase one or both of those same CD's from my local record shop this weekend ... so it's anybodies guess, really.

It's also not unlike finding a used CD in the trash can as far as I'm concerned (and maybe the law as well, when speaking of, strictly, downloading of such content).

Those academic musings stated ...

The situation for the person responsible for publishing such content ... that is ... making it available for direct download by others ... is much more precarious, I'd think.

For such persons actively publishing such content ... then here, maybe the prosecutorial options becomes a bit more arguble.


Anyway ...

As mentioned above ...

My actions in so far as randomly searching public directories and repositories, seeking this music or that as demo downloads ... is very slim at best.

The general mode of operation, as stated before, is for an ISP to issue multiple warnings that such activity should cease as opposed to booted feds/cops busting in one's door.


Anyway ...

I hardly ever find myself partaking in such activity and I only bring such topics up here and now as it seems a bit coincidental that such a random site that I recently downloaded files from was shut down just a day or two later.

My General Mode of Music Download

My general mode of downloading music is most often from pay-sites like or

I've spent thousands on hard copy CD's and online downloads and I'll continue to do such.

But it should also be stated here that many of the artists that I purchase music from were first discovered by random searches of online blogs and public FTP directories.

As a creator of music/songwriter myself ... one who has published nearly 200 songs online for free download ... I consider such activity indispensable towards ultimately paying for the music I enjoy.


So as I continue to spend boat loads of cash on downloaded and hard copy music, I will nonetheless also and occasionally explore google directories for online music to demo.

Just wanted to post a little heads up as I thought it rather unusual that that guys blog was shut down so soon after I downloaded those files ...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Saturday, August 9, 2008

A record breaking post!!

Just a quick word about the last article I posted ... the one entitled, "Two of my fav idiots...," wherein I daftly and not too subtly refer to a certain Universtity here in Houston and a certain political figure who, by way of his father, is also stationed in my home town of Houston.

Well for what it's worth, that post now carries the esteemed honor of garnering (by far) the most unique page views/visits during the first two days after it's posting than anything else I've published here at this blog.

Not Popular

My blog is not that popular, understand.

I mean, folks don't stream here by the hundreds/thousands a day to get the latest juicy bit of related information.

Really ... why would they?

I certainly wouldn't if I were outside of the proceedings discussed here. Frankly, the content here is pretty boring and unbelievable material.

In fact, on average, I'd say this blog gets about 5 visits a day, most originating from search engines and a few from regular IP based visits (friends and family no doubt).

Anyway, the above mentioned post, in the first two days after it's publication, resulted in a whopping (relative statement) 33 unique visits starting the same night it was posted!

And NONE of those visits came by way of a search engine hit!

This means that (seemingly overnite) 33 real individuals suddenly developed a keen interest in my blog and my blog URL from within their web browser with the sole intention of reading this new article.

They were all direct requests from individual IP's.

So what does it mean?

It probably doesn't mean anything.

It's probably just random that 33 individuals purposefully typed in my blogs URL and visited that particular article (that all previous log data to date shows that to be a unique event is also, most likely, random)

It's also probably just a random thing that this particular two days of very heightened activity had anything to do with the content published in my "Two of my fav idiots..." post.

Or, randomness aside...

Knowing how the hyper egotistical think (probably better than they themselves do) ;-) , I could also surmise that the unique occurrence of dramatically increased page views might have been a stampede of investigation related folks logging on to look at themselves in the mirror, so to speak.

Either way ... I really couldn't say for sure.

But one things for sure...

That particular post was a HUGE hit with somebody for some reason.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Monday, August 4, 2008

Two of my fav Idiots...



Some, so called, "bastions of learning," are actually the most ghey and over hyped mind jobs on the block.

That said ...

The math/neuro/psych wing of Rice Univ., here in my beloved home town of Houston, are front-runners in the claim for the cup!

They love their "hypotheticals" so much that they'd do anything to create the semblance of a physical proof for the same.

Even those "things" best associated with Nazis ...


You know ...

Like planting evidence ... torturing ... drugging ... making false claims regarding character ... all that sort of loveliness ...

EDIT (08/08/08):

Now, in retrospect (four days after this post) ... lets be realistic.

In no way am I guaranteeing that said University (or even that most notoriously fumbling of political figures) is involved in the ongoing investigation against me.

Just that things have "reached me on the winds," so to speak ... be it via direct verbal confirmation with random sources or be it otherwise.

As with everything else in this blog, things should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Refer to my main website,, for those things I consider factual.

And besides ...

If such folks really are involved ... a little poking should do some much needed good towards cracking the plasticy veneer of their most axiomatically created "Ivory Towers."


Just some random filler to keep my lovely blog alive.



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Worth a re post!

This is something I published just a couple/few months ago.

It's worth reposting:


"Here's my address and social..."

These days, it's not often that any of my built in checks and balances are thrown into a state of alert.

Yes. You may find it surprising, but I honestly do have an internal system of observation wherein I will most times, if something unusual occurs, weigh it against the facts of my own circumstances related to the investigation of myself.

I mean, face it ...

Knowing what I know about those behind the investigation and what they ultimately desire in the way of wrongful incrimination (or forced isolation) of myself...

... and having already seen many such attempts on my person along those lines in the past ... it just goes without saying that over the years I've implemented a sort of protocol, if you will, in the handling/publishing of certain events that transpire in my daily life.

Such 'protocol' is developed primarily to prevent such actions against my person from playing out or at the least, should they play out anyway, to cast said events in a very questionable light.

And as I started with ... over the past year ... such events have not occurred very frequently.

Here's My Address *and* Social Security Number!

Well today such an event occurred.

Again, as with all such published articles, I'm in no way saying this is indeed related to the ongoing investigation of myself but simply that it possibly could be.

To claim matter of factly that the following events were manufactured specifically and absolutely to be later used in a wrongful incrimination of myself would be, quite frankly impossible, and even something one might call a bit clinically paranoid.


Anyway, that said, here's what happened to day that threw a few bells and flags and whistles within my internal matrix of checks and balances related to always being aware of the Possibilities inherent in any given daily social circumstance I may find myself in:


I was working for my father today and as is customary, was on a service call to a regular location that we work at often, the Merisol Chemical Plant, just off of the Interstate 10 Freeway in East Houston.

When working at this specific location, it's required that we check in with the gate officer, receive a permit and ID badge and prove that we have all the necessary safety gear: hard hat, safety goggles, respirator, etc.

I've been visiting this specific plant on work related matters for well nigh two decades, off and on now.

The same middle aged, slightly heavy set blond haired woman is always there to check me in.

We all know her. She's nice. Does her job well and I was expecting to say hello to her today as I approached the guard shack.

But instead, I was greeted by a 20 to 21 year old, very attractive young dark haired girl (slightly Hispanic/Greek in appearance); for the rest of this article, I will simply refer to her as The Hottie(tm) (I figure that's properly objectifying enough to slightly bug the behavioral science/12 step whackos who I know will read this in a day or so ... and it also is true). ;-)

So, short of being surprised, this was still not unusual, no flags thrown or anything, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I handed her my Merisol ID badge and she immediately let me know that it had expired in April.


That meant I was going to have to sit and watch the quite horribly produced orientation video that everyone must watch at least once a year wherein is discussed important things like siren types, where to go should a siren sound, how to watch the flags so as to always be upwind of any hazardous chemical event, blah blah blah, ad infinitum. There's really nothing more horrible than watching these things.

Anyway ... still ... no internal alarms (or sirens!) sounding, no flags thrown.

So I sit and begin watching the video.

The new, attractive young gate officer (The Hottie(tm) then moves around 10 feet away from me and sits, facing away from me, in her swivel chair.

A minute or two of watching the orientation video goes by.

Then, innocently enough, The Hottie's(tm) desk phone rings and (I mean, she's basically a stones toss away from me) I can't help but hear the following:

The Hottie(tm): "Oh, hi ... so you mean you can't do it? What do you mean? I make deposits for David all the time!"

(The Hottie(tm) then swivels in her chair to face me directly. I'm not looking in her direction of course as I'm glued to the orientation video, but the projection of her voice becomes even that more pronounced with the turn)

The Hottie(tm): "Well, I can give you my social security number and address if that's all they need to go through with it."

The Hottie(tm), then proceeds to, while directly facing me and in as loud of a conversation voice as you can imagine, slowly read off her social security number and physical address.

I of course retain no knowledge of either as, contrary to popular opinion, I do not have a photographic memory and nor am I interested in covertly/stealthily seeking the personal info of attractive young women I might encounter in my daily routine.

I personally found it rather unusual and, in lite of the sorts of actions I know the investigators wish to level against my person, it did in deed smack of being possibly some sort of questionable activity.

In otherwords, internal flags began to wave, whistles quietly found their breath and I immediately made a mental note to pen an article about it the same evening (this!).

I mean, with the state of todays identity theft problems, the supposed weirdos roaming the streets raping women and invading homes, what attractive (very) young lady slowly and deliberatly reads out her social security number and address in front of the random blue collar grunt who happens to be lounging 10 short feet away from them?

Even more strange, who would turn to face said grunt before slowly and deliberately delivering such information.

It just didn't add up and still doesn't.

I almost toyed with the idea of just all out scolding her on the insanity of such behavior (playfully, mind you) but decided it would be best simply to author a short article about the affair and leave it at that.

So why does this throw my alarms?

It's not a secret to me, nor those who have confided in me their awareness of the investigation that those behind it are fantastically obsessed with somehow publically portraying me as a sexual predator or stalker.

It's really quite ludicrous as I've a sterling relationship track record and up until the beginning of these investigation related events some six or seven years ago, was generally always involved in some sort of sexual/romatic partnership, be it casual or long-term/serious.

Stalking/predation just doesn't factor in to it (unless someone keenly manufactures some events!) ;-)

Anyway ... say some event occurs in the Hotties(tm) life in the next few weeks or month?

Say her home is invaded and some of her bras and panties are stolen? Maybe her drawers are rifled through or some other molestation of her property occurs?


Say the authorities investigating the event then ask her some questions such as:

"Does anyone you know of have any obvious feelings for you that you have not returned on?"


"Has your ID or wallet been lost/stolen in the recent past?"


"Have you spoken publicaly or transmitted any of your personal information recently? Information like your home address, social security numbers or credit card info?"

And then suppose the Hottie(tm) ponders on these questions for a while ... and suddenly, after backtracking through her days over the past few weeks/months says:

"You know ... there WAS a time at work where I told a family member my social security number and address over the phone. There just happened to be only one guy in there at the time, but he was just watching the orientation video and ..."

And that would be enough to get what might be called an "interview" with me by those investigating her case.


All hypothetical on my part, mind you ... but quite necessary to publish.

Moving On...

In closing, I think it important to reiterate the fact that criminal inclination around sexual issues has been a well known facet of the investigation's tactic model.

Any sort of supposed sexual issues really, as long as the conveyed image carries with it some sort of worrisome stigma or cause for concern.

And here I mean, specifically, wrongful and forced incrimination.

In other words, the investigators wish to lie, plant evidence and employ false witness as a means of realizing an end to the investigations proceedings which satisfy them.

That's been discussed ad nauseum here and even more so at my main website,

Anyway ...

I thought it might be beneficial to re post here a bit from my main website wherein I discuss a completely hypothetical suspicion involving a home invasion event which occurred at an old friends house. My concern and comments are hypothetical, but the event really did occur in this friends life.

Here's what I wrote:


copied from, in the section/page titled "Examples of Set-up Attempts":

"As well as the definite, proven and/or witnessed attempts to wrongfully incriminate or otherwise play psychosocial games with me, there have been other events I've caught wind of or have observed that, considering the objectives of the investigation, could have easily been scenarios with which I would later be somehow linked.

One example:

A traditional and very close friend of mine from the Houston nightclub scene, a person I roomed with and worked for, for a number of years, experienced a home invasion in mid 2005, wherein nothing was stolen except a handbag containing some of his girlfriends clothes and/or belongings, ... panties, lingerie, etc.

The break-in occurred while they were at home and sleeping!

I spoke with this friend shortly after they had experienced the break-in and he said the police, during their assessment of the crime scene had informed them that this sort of event is what's viewed among profiling circles as indicative of a possible or likely planned sexual assault in the future ... rape, abduction, etc.

In other words, this sort of criminal invasion, specifically one in which a woman's personal clothing is stolen, is typically viewed by investigators as something which, statistically, might possibly indicate a planned sexual assault.

The key here is that this friend and his wife are the best friends of a particular ex romantic partner of mine, a certain past romantic partner who I have known for some time is one of, if not the main, persons that the investigators have worked to build a false impression of my having an obsession with.

My hunch is that if the break-in event was investigation related, then the goal would be to later, post a successful detonation, link me to the scene or event through planted DNA evidence or otherwise something that was found in a search of my home.

Again, since my friend will undoubtedly read this at some point and since the event in no way could ever be proven to be linked to my circumstances, it should be said that it is listed here only as a (very good) hypothetical circumstance which is indicative of the types of primary (detonation events) and secondary events employed by the investigators."


Here's some more fun reading at


More on Detonation Events

Setups, Hypothetical Examples

Anatomy of a Setup


More later ...


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whoa! Posts are lean!

So I haven't been writing much here ... and I suppose, considering the big picture, this is ultimately a good thing.

Though I try to be entertaining in the discussion of this blogs content and purpose, I in no way have created it to be an entertainment blog; much to the contrary, it's a tool whereby I make public certain facts related to a very long-winded and ongoing investigation of myself, facts most concerned with that investigations more harmful tactics and ultimate (fabricated/forced) desired end.

That said ... the way I see it, the less posts the better. :-)

Of Late I've Been ...

Very busy.

As mentioned around the intrawebz, for the past six years I've worked daily with a certain political group affiliated with the Democratic party.

It's been very difficult work but also very rewarding in an educational way.

The hours are very long, the typical work day is generally between 11 and 14 hours or more a day. The amount of national work we need to get done and the number of us doing it require this sort of commitment.

The pay basically amounts to money for food, rent and health insurance, with near zero left over for anything else.

Ongoing Side Work for Family Member

So about three months back, I had to take on extra work at my father's company in order to cover some bills which simply were not being paid.

I'm still working two to three days for my father with the other three days of the week being spent with the 12 hour a day political organizing work.

It's been a huge benefit to have this option of work with a family member as it's allowing me to slowly wittle down some of my accrued debt (which isn't staggering by any means but still a bit bothersome to have hanging over me).

I won't go into detail in this post, but the social circles around my father's home town of Jacinto City have been some of the most oft utilized in the ongoing efforts against me.

I mean to say, these persons (some, of course, and not all) have been one of the primary pools from which the investigations "information gathering network" and informant base has been created.

And though of late, the investigators seem to have slacked off in their pressuring of me ... though the general mood around my social movements seem to indicate that "a storm is slowly dwindling into inactivity," ... and though things in general seem very calm and unaffected ...

All of that considered ...

I happen to know it amounts more so to a simple reconsideration of tactics than it does any real cessation of the ongoing desire to see the investigations end goal met.

In other words, it's not even close to being done.

Therefore, all published concerns related to time spent in and around my father's social circles are still very much applicable and important.

Anyway, for more reading ... follow any of the above embedded links. It would just be covering already covered ground to re type it all here.

It should be re stated, though ... that the "end goal" of the investigation (as referred to above) is the removal of my own control over the future of my life, if only for a few months, so that certain of the investigators curiousities can be sated.

You can read about it in all it's loveliness, here:

Otherwise ...

Just wanted to post a little update for the three or four of you who read on a regular basis.


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