Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"They wanna steal your gear..."

So this just recently in from a person who has several times in the past confided in me their awareness of the investigation of myself.

Seems, being angered by my flagrant and granted, somewhat jubilant earlier post regarding "Two of My Fav Idiots," those behind the investigation are going back to their old ways in the sense of simply wanting to demoralize me or otherwise, bring about emotional duress through blatant invasive actions against myself and/or my property.

In essence, as with the long ago attempt to make it look like I was hacking my most favorite websites, the point here is to strike at what I most love, to not only insult but to degrade through deft and personal "twists of the knife," so to speak.

Lets Bag His Computer and Hi-fi Gear!

So according to this contact, while having tap water and crackers the other day (we're sort of recovering from a Hurricane around these parts) ... it was conveyed to me that the investigators were growing a bit miffed that not only have I maintained my soveriegnty throughout the past six years but that I've also developed a very neat and consistent way to publish the facts of my ongoing efforts, IE> personal computer combined with my personal website, www.jbhfile.com and this blog.

Furthermore, they seem to be increasingly vexed that I've developed personal hobbies that are truly enjoyable to me (though, admittedly quite expensive to pursue): I'm of course talking about my before referenced headphone listening gear which, literally has cost me over $2500.00 to piece together.

So as with the very old but not forgotten early attacks on my person (theft of household, multiple and continuous thefts/break-ins of vehicle, etc.), the investigators seem to be devolving back into their more infantile mode of operation where they feel that simply lashing out and causing the most emotional duress is their only recourse towards feeling "powerful," or "in control" of the proceedings of the investigation.

I mean to say hear that according to certain "whispers on the wind," of late ... certain rumors from very reliable old friends around my community ... the desire is to at some point burglarize my home and target, specifically, my home computing equipment and especially my audio gear, both of which I use many times over on a daily basis.

This became pertinent at this time I believe simply because the Hurricane, with it's prolonged effect of loss of power to my area, offers those who would see to such heinous actions a unique opportunity as alarm systems are down and there are generally no lights at night.

My Intentions as of Now?

My intentions as of this writing are to simply go on with my life.

I'm not so much of a Lockean freak as to be bothered long by the loss of some of my dear (but in the end) not too important personal property.

Computers can be replaced.

It takes only the simplest of computers to publish to my various efforts online and so I'm not too worried about being disconnected from those (most important) of responsibilities.

My hi-fi gear is a gratuitous luxury.

I enjoy it immensely and have worked like a devil to afford it but bottom line? It's not important to my overall well being.

So if they go through with it, I'll be just fine.

I'll also be a bit vindicated as I have this post warning in advance that it might occur and it will therefore be yet another feather in the "cap of my credibility.


Besides as I go about things in a most mature and respectable manner (for the most part) ... publishing what truths and even "hints of possible truths" that I can ...

And while the proverbial They(tm) sink back further into their well known tendency towards infantile, childish and agressive tactics ...

I can only think that, again, my credibility is even that much more appreciated.


That said.

I pray we get power back soon!



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