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Circumstances around JBHFILE.COM are about the same as I've ever written; which is to say, things remains the same and I still fight every day and I still have as a mission to prove to my family that I have, indeed, been the subject of an investigation over the past 15+ years and that I'm not even slightly mentally ill at all (which is the favorite tactic employed by the investigators...that is, to convince my family and everybody else for that matter, that I'm somehow "nutzo" or schizo for claiming to be a subject of an investigation all these years.

C'mon ya'll. 

You got a problem with a citizen? You've made accusations? Well the least you can do is let that citizen defend his self, right? I mean,  just regarding principle and ideas and "justice?" ... what could be more appropriate?

But I digress as it's not about me actually being anything criminal or nefarious ... it's all politics at this point ... and I happen to know this as fact but there's no way to communicate my knowledge to you (unless your strangely gifted, in which case you already know the truth) and so, again, I digress.

But this post has nothing to do with

Rather, it has to do with writing

Writing ... 

The one thing that has quite literally kept me sane over the past 20 years and that I simply cannot stop doing. 

Even if it had nothing to do with an idea. Even if the letters and the words they formed made no sense at all ... I'd still find myself soothed, calmed ... by the rapid motions of my fingers over a keyboard. It's very strange...

I remember taking a freshman college course in typing and how fascinated I was by "learning the home keys" when first beginning (I had never typed before) ... cause I knew that once I had really learned the home keys, once those keys and the motor reflex motions of my fingers knew those keys as muscle memory and especially, all the surrounding keys, then I'd be on to something.

I didn't know what it was at the time, but I knew it was important; I knew it was something I had to learn...

And so I took that class and I stayed in it until my fingers new the home keys as a thing of muscle memory and until I stopped vocalizing every letter of a word and instead was vocalizing the word itself as I typed ...  and then ... I dropped the class straight away ...

Cause even then, at age 19, I was doing so much writing/typing at home (on an IBM XT, btw) that I knew I'd be a master within months and that the class, itself ... past teaching me the fundamentals ...  was really sort of unnecessary. And so I dropped it. At that time, grades and schooling were a real big deal to me, and so it was not without much trepidation that I dropped the course ... but my logic was sound ... and so I dropped. 

Then ... at home ... I became a master of typing. 

And today, I'm generally tested at about 120 words per minute and with very few errors (unless I have a really bad hangover, in which case the numbers are horribly diminished) 


And so I just wanted to post a bit of word about a little Wordpress blog that I've recently created wherein I will be attempting to post most of the notable (at least to my mind) bits of prose that I've uttered since 1994 or so. There's a whole fucking lot of it and most of it is totally unedited one off's and so it will be slow going getting it all published.

But it's important to me cause all of such writing exists either on aging CD ROMs or other magnetic media (hard drives and the like) and I worry about losing it. The way I figure, WordPress (and Google and what not) have far better back up scenarios that I do here at home and so if I get it all on line ... then it might last longer.

So anyway ... 

Here's a link to my new WordPress writing blog. 

It's really refreshing in a sense as it has nothing at all to do with the comical law enforcement goons, or the Xtian whackos and otherwise who parade around after me like stooges every day here in Houston (really ya'll ... you look super fucking stupid ... both to me and every one else watching who really knows what's going on) ... like I said, why not just come on out of the closet with your purported "claims" regarding my supposed behaviors and let me address them and/or defend myself?  Then we can all get on with our lives (you've taken 13 years out of mine, already) ... (and you'd better have some good reasons) ... but why not end the thing?  The fact that you all are unwilling to do this simply makes you look more criminal. And trust me ... lots of folk are watching ... 

Anyway .. (I almost got vitriolic and ugly there) .. LOL ... my writing blog ... that's what I was writing about ... 

Read it...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


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