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How it all began...

Below find posted some quoted text from my main website

This is the most important published statement related to my ongoing efforts to prove the existence of an investigation of myself as it absolutely describes the circumstances under which the noticeable attention to myself began.


(the following text is copied from my main website and specifically under the section titled, "The Investigation")


My time at the bank is ground zero, so to speak, for everything that has happened to me since late 1998.

Without exception, my awareness of being the subject of what I now know to be a federal investigation, began just after a successful legal battle with the FDIC wherein I had to very publically and directly defend my right to work at a very large international financial institution.

This was also the period within which I first began to fall victim to the gang stalking and overt harassment operations which I experienced so frequently in my work and other social environments.

This bit of text, though winded, will be referred back to again and again throughout the rest of this site.

Keep in mind, the bank experience, seemingly, was simply the catapult into the circumstances wherein I began to be stalked and survielled, at least in a noticeable manner; the investigation itself, however, the claims it makes against me, especially involving computer crime, goes back all the way to the late 1980's.

The Bank and FDIC

In late 1998 I was, quite unexpectedly, escorted by uniformed security personnel off the property of the Houston headquarters of the largest (then and now) bank on the planet; this bank, at the time, just so happened to be my full time employer and had been for over a year prior to the date of "the incident."

I was 31 years old and had worked a year previous, on site, in a contract role as the main administrator, designer and coordinator for an international intranet system for the treasury department of this financial institution; I was, at the time of the expulsion, neck deep in rather complex software and interface projects.

"The incident," as I call it, was nothing more than my going through the HR full time hire process, including a full background check.

My immediate boss, for nearly a year, had been urging me to hire on as a full time employee (FTE) but I had always been reluctant; the ultra corporate, three piece suit culture really wasn't my thing. Professionally, I had always leaned more so towards design firms and other artistically directed environments.

Anyway, in late 1998, having completed some very successful projects in my intranet management position, and actually very much coming to enjoy the work, I succumbed to my co-workers constant proddings and accepted a full time offer from the bank.

It was during what I thought would be a rather innocuous Human Resources meeting, to discuss background, criminal history, etc., that the proverbial ca-ca hit the fan.

One of the questions on the FTE interview form was, "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?"

I answered no, but also made a note for a verbal qualification as I did have a transgression on my record, from when I was 17 years old and for which I was never convicted of any crime; I was sure this incident would turn up in any public record background check and so I simply mentioned it.

As it turns out, upon hearing that I had a felony charge on my record, albeit without any subsequent conviction, HR immediately had a genuine grade-A freak out, called security and had me escorted from the building!

A felony charge. When I was 17 years old. A charge I was never convicted of.

After that day, I had to work from my home office; I was on order to not come within 50ft of the bank premises without express verbal consent of my immediate supervisors.

After several meetings with my immediate supervisors and HR, I was informed there was a legal appeal process I could pursue in order to argue for my rights to work at the bank. This involved a rather elaborate process of letter writing, references and finger printing by bank security, all of which was then mailed to New York for review by the FDIC.

My immediate supervisors urged me to begin this process, as we all were concerned for both my own well being and the state of the many projects that we had in motion; after little deliberation, I decided to go ahead start the appeal process.

We did the necessary paperwork with Human Resources, did the fingerprinting, and then sent the appeal to New York for FDIC processing.

We waited for a response …

And invariably, from the first appeal set mailed, ... on through the second ... the third ... and so on ... the response from the FDIC was always the same: we had filled out a form wrong; we had placed a fingerprint to close to a border; we had not crossed a 'T' or dotted some 'I.'

In truth, each and every correspondence was prepared perfectly, both by myself and by the bank security personnel working on the case. This went on for almost six months.

The message from New York was very clear: someone in the FDIC or the upper echelons of this mammoth global financial institution, did not want me working at this bank.

Needless to say, we did not digress in our efforts; upon each return notice from the FDIC that we had done something wrong with the submission process, we repeated the fingerprinting, repeated the letters and, overall, repeated the submission of the appeal, exactly as we had the previous times; this process was repeated over 3 times spanning a period of 5 to 6 months.

All the while, I was working from a home office; the few times I did have to occasionally meet with bank staff or HR, I had to schedule an official meeting with official clearance to approach the bank property.

And then, ...

Finally ...

After doing everything in their power to let me know their true preference was that I simply disappear and quit trying to work in a place I obviously didn't belong, the FDIC replied, doing the only legal thing they could do: they informed me in writing that I could hire on to this bank as a full time, payrolled, employee.

We won the appeal, not because of any tricky maneuvering or legal wrangling on our part, but because, in the end, what this institution was reacting to, in such a profusely paranoid fashion, was an incident which had happened when a 31 year old man was, basically, a child … and, even then, it was an event that had never resulted in any legal conviction; said plainly, the FDIC simply had no legal grounds upon which to bar me from employment with this institution.

Also, I was, by far, the best person in town for the job and I had my superiors and co-workers backing on this. So, upon receiving word of our victory, my boss invited me back to the office.

Surviellance Begins

It was only a week or so after my return that I began to notice the surveillance.

But, this was no ordinary surveillance.

What I began seeing around me, at work and even after work in my traditional Houston social haunts was blatant following and even what could be called visible harassing; frankly, I was being stalked.

I noticed obvious surveillance of myself by bank security while on-site at our offices; furthermore, I noticed similar surveillance by consistently the same individuals when I was away from the office, in and around the Houston coffee house and bar scene, of which I had long been a frequent attendee.

I'm saying that the surveillance was occurring when I was away from the office, even!

These same off-site persons would regularly do drive by's of my residence and, as I grew obviously more and more uncomfortable with my circumstances, would even wave or honk if they saw me looking.

It was blatant. It was relentless. And in retrospect I can say it was, by design, an effort to literally loose my mental hinges.

And frankly, it worked. And very well at that.

This attention, at work and off, grew to to such a degree that my discomfort and inability to make sense of what I was experiencing eventually culminated in what I now, some five years after, could only call a nervous breakdown of sorts.

Suffice it to say, a month or so after January 1st, 2000, I resigned from the bank.

However, after my resignation, the surveillance within my own neighborhood continued and even intensified.

Furthermore, I began to be witness to a number of regularly occurring social dramas that would be played out in any given of my usual public hang-outs that could only be called psychosocial dramatics, or 'street theatre,' dramas which were, without a doubt, targeting me and seemed designed to illicit even more nervous responses or symptoms.

I also began noticing within my house that various personal items had been tampered with, clothes moved or guitar strings unwound, little tidbits to very definitely let me know that others had been in my personal space.

At a point, certain of my long time friends began to occasionally (and even fearfully) confide in me things they had heard via rumor, rumors specifically regarding me, and especially my personal character regarding, of all things, sexual deviance and criminal actions in general! Also, these persons shared with me that rumors were being spread regarding an investigation of myself, and that certain of these friends should keep their distance from me.

Mind you, I have lived from birth in Houston and the personal friends and social circles that I have developed in that time are not skin deep; and so, I knew these persons were speaking the truth. Besides, I could see it all happening around me.


Suffice it to say, my distress at being stalked throughout every area of my traditional neighborhood eventually culminated in what could only be called a nervous breakdown and, following the direction of a certain acquaintance of mine, I found myself in a community shelter of sorts, until I could get my emotional state under control.

While there, I talked quite openly about what I had been witnessing and even elaborated on any and all personal routines and behaviors that I thought could possibly be the cause of such attention; needless to say, I quickly learned that to approach neighborhood officials/representatives and claim that you suspect, even know that you are being surveilled and seem to be under investigation, is an invitation to be quickly 'diagnosed,' as it's called, with some sort of paranoid disorder.

Therefore, after my initial freak out back in early 2000, I quickly realized that emotional reactions would get me nowhere in proving the existence of an investigation and so I began therewith to educate myself on my legal options insofar as requesting for proof of investigations from federal agencies.

Since early 2000, the investigation, as it's called, and the constant surveillance has continued; as well, it has been combined with an obvious and quite vicious slander and harassment campaign against myself.

Rumors regarding my conduct as a person and citizen have been spread throughout my traditional and long term social circles, making gross claims that I partake in a laundry list of deviant behaviours, from child pornography, to stalking, to drug/alcohol induced blackouts leading to wild bouts of unrecollectable neighborhood theft; anything, really, to create hysteria within any given community and to prevent me from building any real social foundations...

Any new social circles I might attempt to develop are quickly corrupted via slander or are infiltrated or even re-purposed into some role that serves the aim of the investigators...

My car has been burglarized four times in the past six years, once with written harassment messages left on the front seat...

My home(s) have been seeded with surveillance equipment...

I have been covertly drugged too many times to mention in this text; once even, overdosed on phencyclidine (PCP) to the point of being near death...

At a previous employer, my computer was infiltrated and rigged in such a way as to make me look as though I were hacking web sites...

Illicit and questionably legal pornographic magazines (teen porn, etc.) have been planted in my car...

And perhaps worst, any and all of my efforts to both expose the existence of an investigation of myself by any agency and as well, confront the claims made by such an investigation of myself and my behaviours, have been written off as the apparent manifestation of some mental illness such as paranoid schizophrenia or any other of a number of ridiculous (and seemingly inexhaustible) types of mental aberrations.

Long time friends and persons who shall remain nameless have expressed their concern to me regarding what they've heard via rumor; furthermore, other persons in my traditional and long-term social circles have, on conscience, shared with me, their knowledge of ongoing attempts to covertly drug and/or incriminate me; however, these same persons, through fear of retaliation or in some cases due to very real legal reasons, cannot and/or will not publicly back me (via testimony in a civil suit) in my efforts to gain information from the FBI.

What I've discovered is that certain local and federal agencies have had open investigations of myself, generally regarding computer crime, for many years prior to my employment at the bank, that because I had been involved in the local Houston BBS scene, especially those networks popular on the Hack and Phreak scenes, I was of especially keen interest to local and federal law enforcement.

Therefore, as my legal activities continue on a monthly basis, I have decided to use this site to track such processes; furthermore and just as important, the site exists to make public the assumptions made by the investigators regarding my person and behaviors and, as well, to make public the ongoing and at times harmful methods and tactics employed by the investigators and their accomplices in what could only be called an attempt to absolutely destroy my ability to have normal, unmolested social relations and opportunities.

That said, ... enjoy the read.


For more reading on my efforts, please see my main website/domain at

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Saturday, November 3, 2007

Recent Credit Card Usage

Earlier posted article republished to include scans of mentioned, latest online credit card usage:


Today I arranged several purchases using a family members credit card.

This immediate family member occasionally lets me make online purchases with his credit card and I then reimburse him with cash.

In the past, there has been some questionable activity on his card around the same times I borrowed it ... and therefore I make this cursory post.

That said, this post is simply to make public the fact that, with permission, I have used his card to make online purchases which I am reimbursing him for.

Briefly, here's the actual AMEX report showing my allowed purchases back on 09/25/07:



I'll post more later if necessary.

I've already informed the secretary at this family members business that I am going to print copies of the AMEX bills for the month in which I made the purchases.


Also, for those interested, here's some more reading on the above mentioned past examples where a particular family members personal financial data has been either tampered with or used fraudulently:

1. Other Person's Money

2. Family and Credit Cards

3. Farm Secrets!

So ... regarding the investigations claims against me, and specifically regarding the event of some future attempt at incriminating me around the use of credit cards and the internet ... there really are only two explanations:

1. I'm either doing it and totally forgetting about it (NOT! But that's what they'd argue ... or that I was simply lieing).

2. Or someone associated with the investigation of myself, someone who wishes to fulfill the investigators goals of isolating me withing a home and work environment under their control, is to blame.

Fun, highly unlikely stuff, eh?




this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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