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Allow Me to Introduce You to Your New Home

I don't update my main domain and website or this blog too much any more. I've said everything I can about what I know regarding the long winded assault (aKA "investigation") of my self and saying more (unless it's absolutely necessary), is sort of redundant at this point. But lately, it's become necessary.

So, weary though I may be, I will continue with such writings now...

**NOTE: this particular post is a work in progress; in this case the need to publish in a timely manner precedes my own personal desire to write well and in an organized, coherent fashion so check back and things might gel a bit more... 

Drug him! Call him crazy! Put him in a home!

Of course, as stated in the past and despite the fact that I'm not too active here (or at folks organizing the long winded actions/investigation of me are still (and quite obviously, lately) absolutely enamored with the idea of somehow interfering in my life in such a way that will legally isolate me from what I've (strangely, enough) come to understand as my home, my life and my lifestyle; this, of course would/will be accomplished by any given of the following means:

  1. A Covert Drugging: one that so debilitates me that I (unknowingly and under the effects) act publicly in a manner completely outside the norm of generally accepted and appropriate human behavior (think shitting in public, blacking out and claiming to be Jesus, walking around with one's pants off in one's front yard or other public venue, etc.). And, since I don't do drugs, don't smoke weed and only drink a day or two a week, this would most likely be explained away as some random convergence of effects such as (believe it): "the combination of drinking energy drinks mixed with the intake of fitness supplements I take every day mixed with wild and unexpected side effects of a common arthritic medication I recently tried...and all of that compounded by, perhaps, spending two to three hours in the summer sun (mild heat stroke)...which, apparently caused an unexplained brain malfunction that really should be examined closely for a period of time to ensure that no recurring bouts might occur." Again, I'll say... believe it. ;-)
  2. Court Mandated, supervised relocation/detention: this would happen after point #1, just above, meaning a following charge by a judge which would include a mandatory stay in some sort of psychological/mental recovery environment, even if it's something as "benign" as a so called "halfway house" or otherwise; the important part being that a judge orders it and that I would have no argumentative or otherwise say in protesting. I highly doubt that anything really terrible, like a 5 year prison sentence would be involved as one, long time family "friends" of mine are still acting as informants and I would hope that some vestige of a soul still exists within their frames (though it seems more and more unlikely) and two...something horrible like a long prison term or the like is unlikely because, in truth, the main driving impetus behind the thing is to allow some psych freaks their leisure in poking and prodding, etc...trying to confirm hypothesis' and what not, write some articles, move me out of the state (the political angle) and so on. So most likely some sort of public indecency charge, or public intoxication sort of setup (with some strange behavioral twist to seal the whole psych part) would be what the court uses to mandate my commitment and a following directive by a judge to be removed from my home for a little visit to "alternative living arrangements", etc would most likely be the scenario.

But the main point to take from this bit of intro is that the mechanism the  investigators wish to use is one that absolutely would involve some debilitation of my person (via drugging of some sort) and then a subsequent court mandated change of living arrangements; it could not possibly happen any other way...other than, of course, letting me personally confront them on their claims against me (and they've already denied me that opportunity countless times; see my log of requests to the FBI, here: my legal requests)

Like I said, this is the same shit I've been dealing with for ages now (almost 12 years) and I was writing about the same thing almost that long ago. That whole circumstance described above, being potentially custom crafted in my life, is what I refer to as a "detonation event" over at my main and traditional website, Read about it at either of those two links.

I'm going to talk a bit more, below about the above two horribly bulleted points, but first, the good part of this whole shitfest...


Little secret? For about four months straight now, I've been getting up every day around 4am and spending either an hour in the gym doing "strength training" (weights, etc.) or, on the alternate days, running 3 to 5 miles. I've been eating right, lots of raw vegetables, really high protein intake, lots of fruit and liquids and I generally retire each night by 8:30pm or 9:00pm as one, I'm usually exhausted by then and two, it allows me to wake easily at 4am the next morning.

(^^ yes, that's me; photos taken on 07.01.12 by a secret surveillance team; do yourselves a favor and lock up your teenage daughters cause I'm coming for them! )

I've been doing this for 4 months now because round about the end of 2011, I simply got fed up and tired of being out of shape, unhappy and generally pretty damn pissy about my ongoing life situation (this investigation shit in large part) and especially my work. My attitude sucked serious ass; I was angry towards people at work and generally hard to get along with in a personal sense and I could see it and was supremely bothered by it.

So, against quite considerable internal dialogue to the contrary, against considerable opposition, I put my boot on my own throat and made some Real Serious Fucking Changes(tm) in Joel's life.

And, now well on the other side of that proverbial "hard part" that is obviously inherent to most such changes, I can quite happily say that the changes have been hugely successful, hugely positive and quite freakishly dramatic.

I've lost over 30lbs and (if I do say so myself), I look and feel absolutely fantastic. My attitude at work has been transformed; I actually look forward to the daily grind and get a lot out of it in an important social sense that has  been lacking for quite some time now. I don't quite "jump" out of bed each morning at 4am but I certainly do look forward to waking and continuing with my efforts to improve myself.

Furthermore, I've cut my consumption of alcohol down to only a day a week or maybe two on my "party weekends" and along with all the other positive changes I've made in my life recently, this has resulted in a much, much better physical and mental sense of well being. I was drinking quite a bit there for a while, finding it an easy way to "chew up spare time," ... an easy way to socialize and otherwise be around other persons and, frankly, it became a bit of a habit. I was wasting way too much money every week and otherwise just sort of ruining my body with it. Therefore, along with my negative attitudes, it had to go.

For the record, I've reached every personal physical and mental goal I had set for myself over the past four months and I'm absolutely enthralled at the thought of continuing, of seeing where I can take myself in a positive sense over the coming months as well. And, for the record, this is my plan for the coming months, to continue with the course I've set over the four previous.

But above all else, these totally awesome, totally positive changes I've recently made in my life are a GIGANTIC impediment to the folks running the investigation (assault) against me as, without the frequent drinking I was taking  part in weekly a very good bit back, without the bad attitude and sort of (admittedly) "doomsday" outlook I would occasionally exhibit? Without all that, then how to forcibly create circumstances in my life that would land me in some sort of recovery ward, half way house or alternative detention center? What exactly would be the explanation for my (likely) semi-incoherent public behavior should the investigators successfully dose me with some debilitating drug and should I in some way make a fool of myself in public or otherwise require external, er, "assistance?"

Energy drinks, fitness supplements and sun stroke did it!

For what it's worth, the following is on the confidence of others who have discussed these things directly with me and despite my ability (or willingness) to expose these persons, it is true. I've talked a great deal at about those who have confided in me their awareness of the investigation and the simple fact is that they cannot be publicly named as they themselves would then be implicated for impeding what would be called "an official investigation," and so, of course they have and will continue to remain anonymous...but that's not the point of this blog post and so I digress. Continuing...

According to my sources, the investigators have concocted a far flung scenario wherein first, I would be incapacitated by a drug of some kind and induced into a situation wherein I acted publicly incoherent, without awareness or otherwise alarming in nature. Second, I would be either taken to a hospital emergency room or apprehended by authorities. Third, and because I have been living a particularly healthy and positive life style for the past four months, the explanation would be attributed to any number of the following:

  1. he had recently used a medication that, apparently, had some unknown side effects.
  2. this medication, possibly coupled with his regular consumption of various fitness supplements and/or energy drinks might have further compounded the side effects of the medication.
  3. also, he had just spent four hours in the hot Texas sun, surfing or otherwise and might have suffered a minor heat stroke which further compounded the mental abberation
  4. and we should also take into account he had drank a couple margaritas after arriving home

As I said, far flung. But really, once any given set of apparently unexplained (and alarming) personal behaviors in one's life are relegated to an arena of psychology and biological/neurological medicine, once the explanation is to be met with those sorts of "professional" opinions? In that case, then, really...the sky is the limit as they say...since pretty much anything environmentally can be factored in as a possible cause for the behaviors of the individual who freaked out (or passed out, as it were) in public because face it, when your dealing with freakish behavior and the mind? You really never can know exactly why it does what it does.... ;-) ...

That was one fuck of a run-on sentence and I apologize, couldn't be helped.

But why such violence?

Why go to such lengths? Why covertly drug me? Why organize a legal situation that warrants or allows a court/judge to suddenly have the right to dictate the immediate future days/months/years of my life? Why would such insanity as that be necessary?

I mean, any sane person has to stop and ponder. I mean, just consider how unlikely all of this sounds!

The most obvious and truthful answer is because the main persons organizing these motions against me (under the guise of a so called "investigation") are of that sort of mental/personality make-up or "bent" which, pretty much across the board is accostomed to getting their way.

It's as simple as that.


Huge fucking egos! Giant. Almost incomprehensibly so. And at this stage of the drama, this is compounded by the fact that the Egos have involved whole communities in the effort and now their personal standing/reputation...their public persona (ego, as it were) is on the line; this just tends to make the already fat egos even fatter.

This also quite neatly explains why various federal agencies have not responded to any of my gazzillion requests for proof of the investigation, why they are afraid to meet with me and discuss publicly the claims they have made about my person and proclivities, and why a simple resolution along TRUTHFUL lines is unacceptable to them: Ego and reputation...being "burdened" as it were with the task of proving to the community at large that yes, what they have said about Joel is true (or at least deserves forced investigation/exploration) and that yes, all this effort has been for a very specific and just and right cause (as opposed to simply just admitting that they've made 99% of it up and therefore the need for covert druggings and forced stays in alternative living arrangements and court ordered public supervision, etc.).

Think about it for a second:

If Joe Citizen is thought by the majority of other citizens (in his particular social strata) to be something criminal or potentially dangerous/nefarious...and if Joe Citizen who others are accusing of these things is acutely aware of the accusations and attention of the rest of the nearby populace, wouldn't the only rational and just thing be to allow Joe Citizen to confront those others on such claims/assumptions? Seems they'd be dieing for an audience, right?

"Allow me to introduce you to your new home..."

But as opposed to that, opposed to simply allowing me (as a sovereign citizen) the opportunity to defend my self...the all encompassing, all IMPERATIVE need is to first remove my ability to think/choose/exist independently (the court charge, mentioned above) and to, as well, legally change my living arrangements from one that is relatively safe in a domestic since to one that is absolutely controlled by the main organizers of the investigation against me.

Which is to say that yes, over the years, I have met (and surrounded myself with) people who are sympathetic to what I have been (and am) put through on a yearly basis; yes, I have made a few friends who are trustworthy and who genuinely understand the notion/principle of "truth;" yes, I have developed a somewhat non-threatening (in so far as harmful actions against me are concerned) home environment to exist within; yes, certain of these friends are persons very much aware of the investigation against me, among them being some who are actually associated with the investigation and bothered enough by it's negative impact on my life that they are, on an ongoing basis, willing to risk their own personal freedoms by discussing with me the ongoing threats that I might need to be aware of for my own safety.

And  yes, this is a huge "thorn in the Alliances(tm) paw" ... if I might borrow a line from the awesome sci-fi  flick, "Serenity".

So therefore, primary on the investigators list of hat tricks is to create circumstances in my life that would/will move me out of my relatively safe home environment to one that is not only unsafe, but that would become a literal playground for further psychological "fuckery," mind games and most likely, further attempts to incriminate.

And as mentioned in the opening of this bit of tripe, that sort of environment would be a half way house, alternative detention center or otherwise isolated, controlled environment deemed appropriate by some legal authority.

(to be continued) 


I'm a bit spent in so far as this writing is concerned, reaching the point at which I feel satisfied that, at least in part and essentially, my point has been made with most of the above and so I digress for now and will continue in a bit and as I find time to edit/proof.

It's Saturday. The sun is shining and there's a really nice smelling, stiff and dry wind out of the North.

I'm going to try and enjoy it.



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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