Monday, April 6, 2009

The Black-Out Fantasy ...

Early on in my publishing of data related to my circumstances ... I repeatedly made the point (in, witness meetings, etc.) that primary among those goals of the investigators was to create the impression of my "supposedly" suffering from some sort of either biological or alcohol/drug induced memory loss and/or black-outs.

The investigators cherished this (and still do, I'm sure) as a goal as, coupled with the right incriminating evidence (stolen property, etc.), such an impression of memory dysfunction associated with my self would open wide the doors of psychological and historic investigation.

In other words, ... they would argue:

"Well, if he's having blackouts and is in possession so and so's property... and if he can't offer up any explanation for why said property is in his possession, then who knows what else he could have been doing while suffering from these bouts of memory loss? And so, we'd better be pretty thorough in doing some behavioral background work to make sure nothing more serious hasn't been committed by his hand."

That's exactly the sort of scenario the investigation has sought to create over the years.

They sought this much more violently and pervasively prior to my publishing of, but even now, I know this to be one of the die-hard goals of the investigation. This is the very reason why, many years ago when I was first coming to understand what was going on around me, a close friend recommended I begin keeping a detailed and daily journal.

And if you think about it, some sort of fictitiously created image of myself as having memory dysfunction, coupled with an altogether damning incrimination circumstance, is about the only way the investigators could legally have mandate to what they are seeking: total and unrestricted privilege to involve me in whatever sort of "alternative sentencing", therapy environment they desire to involve me in. You can read more about the known goals of the investigation at's section on that very topic.

Some Recent Wierdness

Recently, there's been a couple of events which have not only inspired the writing of this blog post but which also somewhat smack of the sorts of movements around myself that may or may not be related to the attempt to generate the impression of my somehow suffering from blackouts.

But before I get to describing these recent events, let me just say ...

It's no secret to my family or immediate friends that I enjoy drinking ale.

I also love vodka.

In fact, by far my favorite thing to do on the weekends is to spend time at my house listening to music and having some ales or enjoying a vodka tonic.

Booze is great ... within reason and all ... and as I said ... I enjoy imbibing from time to time.

That said ... I've never had what you'd call an alcoholic black out or anything even remotely related to such. Sure ... I've had mornings where the previous night was a bit foggy ... but certainly nothing where I didn't know where I had been or what I had done. And I damn sure have never woken up in a strange place or to find strange objects in my possession (oh, women's panties and the like) which I could not explain the aquiring of. That last bit was a bit of a jab at one of the past set ups that I believe the investigators wanted to involve me in ... ;-)

I think such an event would be rather easy to spot on one's historic time line as there would simply be a block of time when one could not account for one's self. Or even better ... some witness to the event, itself.

So anyway ... a couple weird events have occurred around my typical friend and family social circles which I think stand mentioning in light of the above black out/memory dysfunction topics.

Both events have to do with person's close to me noticing some aspect of their personal space and property had been tampered with. Both events are fairly benign, not involving anything criminal or dangerous or potentially either ... just a bit weird and unexplainable.

First, about two weeks ago, my roommate told me that when he went to bed (after I'd already crashed for the night) ... he had entered his room to find his "Sea Pap Machine" (for sleep apnea) removed from it's normal and customary spot on the lower shelf near his bed to, for some reason, be resting on the center of his bed with the motor running.

I of course told him I had no idea what that could have been about ... but it still registered in my mind as a possible thing worth keeping track of. Bottom line? He felt like somebody had entered his bedroom and turn the machine on and then removed it from the shelf to set it on his bed.

Just a strange thing ... but worth noting.

Secondly, just this morning (Mon), my mother calls me and asks if I had come to her house earlier this week. I said no, as I hadn't been down to her place in at least a month.

According to her, some point during the last week, while she was out of town and her husband was at work, somebody had entered her house and used her shower, leaving the towel on the toilet seat. Also, and this is really strange, she claims that a non functioning printer was now functioning and that the same person "fixed the printer" while they were there.

She seemed to believe it was me, even though I told her, no and that I'd been working all week or were otherwise at my house, saying, "they left the towel on the toilet like you always do and you know you always take showers when you come down here."

She then said, "The only other person it could have been was my husband ... but since he said it wasn't him, then he'd have had to have had a blackout or something ... and I'm not sure why that would happen."

Now it's true that during the summer months, when I use my mother's swimming pool, I will occasionally take a shower after getting out of the pool. But I certainly haven't been laying by the pool in this springs somewhat still chilly air ... and in fact, I haven't been to her house in that regard for nearly a couple years.

So the whole thing was just weird and sort of exceptional. Suffice it to say, my "spideysense" was triggered and therefore the authoring of this blog post.

But there the story ends.

I simply told her I hadn't been around and that they should get an alarm system.

So Why are These Two Events Worth Mentioning?

Because they are prime examples of what could, theoretically, be ongoing and subtle attempts to build a bread crumb trail of strange events that might or might not have been related to me (or any other person).

A string of events which, should some more damning and immediate set up of my person transpire, would look highly suspicious once any given historical investigation began.

But, as with so much of what I publish to this blog, they are only hypothetically investigation related and in no way am I making any factual claims.

The benefit of this sort of blog is that it allows me to instantly and regularly keep track of weird events such as have occurred over the past two weeks and should anything serious happen to me in the future, a real incrimination attempt, etc ... I'll at least have already publicized these wee events and thereby, hopefully, rob them of some of their mystery.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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