Friday, September 6, 2013

Criminality and MP3/Movie downloads

A couple posts back I made a rather forward statement that many of the actions of the investigators and directed towards me have been and are what I would call criminal. And, in most cases, violently criminal. It's funny as that particular post has, in just the few days it's been published, rocketed way past any other post ever published on this blog in regards to page views. Which tells me that that the investigators are not only notoriously egotistical, but they are also, apparently, a bit sensitive.

But regarding that post and my comment of criminality...

To covertly dose a supposed investigation subject with PCP so you can then corral that person in to a living circumstance more conducive to the peculiar desires of the investigators is not only hugely violent but also, violently criminal.

To covertly drug a supposed investigation subject with some sort of "date rape" type drug slipped into his drink at a bar, so that person will behave in a less than lucid or even downright psychotic way in public, specifically so that person can then be corralled into a circumstance more conducive to the peculiar desires of the investigators is not only violent but also, violently criminal.

These sorts of very literal and violent assaults have been perpetrated upon my person on countless occasions, some occasions for which I've gained proof, most of which, I have not.

The extent of my own criminality

As mentioned countless times, the investigators have stretched  this ongoing charade out over a period of going on 13 years now. All the while making public claims that I partake in a laundry list of pretty severe, criminal behaviors, among them being: production of child pornography, viewing of child pornography, stalking underage women, that I'm possibly a molestee in danger of becoming a molester himself, a home invader, a stalker of ex girlfriends with certain indications of possibly becoming violent in the future, a rampant user of pharmaceutical drugs, a known and regular marijuana user, a notorious hacker and lastly, a person prone to severe bouts of memory loss wherein  many of the above listed criminal activities might have taken place.

Really, it's quite outlandish the extent to which supposed "law enforcement" folk have gone in regards to falsely and forcibly defaming my name throughout just about all of my Houston social strata.

But the fact remains, the investigators are in a pickle as none of the above are true and yet they've spent 13 years, very effectively seeding entire communities and social strata with the notion that I am, indeed, partaking in such activities. And short of succeeding in some fictitious, criminal set up of myself (wrongful incrimination) around some or, any really, of the above? The only recourse, if they don't force any of the above circumstances on me, is for them to look really silly in the eyes of the communities that they have worked so hard to brain wash regarding my supposed proclivities.

Of course, the bottom line is that if any of that were true, they could have easily "moved" on me many years ago. I mean, I'd have to be some kind of genius criminal mastermind (think Lex Luthor) to be doing any of the above consistently enough to garner the attention of law enforcement and still not be able to be "brought in on charges" or even, suspicion. It's actually quite ridiculous.

The point here is to state publicly that I lead a rather crime free life as a citizen of Houston, Texas and here in the United States ... other than the very infrequent downloading of free MP3 music and/or the occasional MKV movie.

Occasional MP3 and movie downloading

I've mentioned in several past blog posts that I will occasionally download MP3 music files and/or a movie here and there and without paying for them. This is a rather common practice among internet users, nearly rampantly so, and compared to most of such users ... my activity in and around such things would be seen as minuscule at the very least (ie it happens, at most, infrequently).

I also spend a great deal of money purchasing the same sort of digital media; in many cases, the only reason I eventually purchased such content was the fact that I had first freely previewed it via some online resource or other. In fact, I and many others online consider it a great boon to be able to check out certain music or movies and decide if it's something I like or not and use this as a basis for ultimately purchasing (many artists, including this writer, believe this to be a positive thing too).

It's true, I do this...not frequently but occasionally...once or twice every two months or so...and technically, legally, this could very much be defined as criminal. Violently criminal? No. Life threatening in the criminal way that covertly drugging a citizen with potentially lethal substances can be defined as such? Not even close. I would say MP3 downloading, comparatively speaking, is more akin to jay walking or pulling through the parking lot of a convenience store to get around a particularly traffic clogged intersection and the like (fairly non consequential but still, technically, criminal); while the covert drugging of a sovereign citizen with potentially lethal substances could possibly be defined as attempted murder or willful bodily injury or even attempted manslaughter.

But regarding the fact that I will occasionally download free MP3's or an .MKV encoded movie? I don't have a problem publiclyl admitting that and having said it, I'll continue to enjoy this unique benefit of online activity.

Just get him for *SOMETHING*

But for the investigators, as they grow more and more desperate ... as they become more and more "reactionary" and vindictive, angered at the fact that I'm pretty much just a normal  Joe(l) going about his day to day life under some pretty extensive and ongoing outwardly induced duress, it's certainly not beyond the scope of their insanity to attempt to use such trivial activities against me. I mean, somehow attempt to confront me around such activities as MP3 and/or movie downloading.

I in fact have it on direct communication from certain of the past "numbered informants" to the investigation that I remain in contact with that this is something that is very much on the list of possibilities (or at least compounding matters once some more worrisome and falsely contrived series of circumstances were created by the investigators).

These mentioned contacts, persons who in the past acted as numbered informants to the investigation and who have long since bowed out for reasons of conscience are the very same persons who alerted me a few months back that the investigators wanted to stage a contrived burglary of my home for the sole reason of removing my access to my computers and music equipment.

But suffice it to say, barring some more serious and supposed infraction on my part that would be used to introduce me to conversations around such (MP3 downloading), I can't see how this would transpire as, like I said, the practice is about as common in regards to online activity as is, say, drinking milk on a daily basis.

Six Strikes

Internet service providers, in fact, monitor for such activity and will alert a user as to the illegality of said actions should those actions be detected by the provider.

In fact, there is now a rule in place stating that such service providers will actually warn a user of such infractions up to six times before ever taking any other action such as limiting said user's access to the internet or even contacting law enforcement authorities.

This measure, the Six Strikes Rule, should be indicative enough of how prevalent such online activity is as it's a fairly generous policy if you ask me and personally, I think it's appropriate.

I mean, you don't see any "Six Strikes" policy in regards to physical assaults (like covertly drugging someone) ... and you certainly don't see any "Six Strikes" rules around manslaughter cases or willful bodily injury cases (like using potentially lethal drugs in covert druggings of some person) and thank god for that cause who wants to give violent offenders six free tries to cease their obvious and compulsively harmful actions against their fellow citizen? Not I for certain, not I.

Like I said, I think the six strikes policy is a good one and very much so commensurate to the crime; to go locking up the random internet user, for downloading a record from Pirate Bay would just be insane.

But to warn such a user, up to six times even, is sort of commensurate to the deed (giving the rampant criminal downloader plenty of opportunity to cease and desist, if you ask me).


I've never received any warnings of transgressions. Like I said, my actions regarding the downloading of such media are minuscule at best when compared with most users who partake in such and so I'm sure such use never even raises any flags on the service providers side.

But that's the general scenario ... the service provider is the entity that generally polices such activities as compulsive downloading of copyrighted material and if things get frequent enough, they will either contact the user with up to six warnings (per infraction) and then, barring the fact that the warnings had no effect, might in fact contact law enforcement.

But law enforcement entities themselves?

They just don't make a habit of policing a user's internet usage in regards to such things; they would in fact, need a search warrant of sorts to even do this. And so, if such activities as occasional downloading of copyrighted music or movies ever did arise via communications between myself and law enforcement? Then it would most certainly indicate that they were first, policing my internet usage for far different and I'm sure, quite more nefarious reasons.

And as stated below, if such is the case ... and as I've been attempting to do for 13 years now, I'd very much like to know what those reasons for surveillance are and address them personally if at all possible.

Music and Movies

All of the above said, I am quite proud to reiterate that I am a very frequent purchaser of digital media such as musical records and movies.

I have an extensive DVD collection, hundreds of CDs/records and am a daily user of Netflix, Aereo and Amazon's streaming movie service. Just last month alone, I purchased at least six movies via Amazon streaming (an incredibly affordable and effective resource, BTW). And, every month, I am purchasing more and more hard copy DVD's and musical CD's.

Just check my internet log files!

That was a joke as you really shouldn't have access to my internet log files, I mean, unless you have a warrant, in which case I'd be very interested in finding out and addressing why it was ever issued in the first place ... but I did just remind myself of an upcoming future post here at jbhfile.blogspot...

In the near future, just because I really have nothing to hide regarding internet usage, be it reading CNN, working on my various websites/concerns, reading or or even the occasional MP3 download or Saturday night porn viewing (I'm a big FemJoy fan, BTW super hot erotica) ... I will be finding some way to script a copy of my internet log files to a publicly available folder on the FTP server ... just so anyone and everyone, especially law enforcement, will have an even easier way to surveil til their heart's content.

And besides, that's a bit challenging and I'd find it fun in a technical sense, to make it happen.

Till next time, kiddies.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feels like stealing

More on the writing front...

As I slowly fill content in to my newly created writing blog, I occasionally come across older bits of work written very early on in my awareness of being under investigation (and especially when I was experiencing some of the more violent assaults on my person that were/are related to the ongoing investigation discussed in

This is one particular bit that I just recently dug up, written around 2002 or so, when I had not made much way at all into developing the coping  mechanisms that would ultimately, and over the years, mature into some fairly respectable and necessary internal skills which, in a very literal sense, have saved my life and mind over the years.

I found it interesting to read; looking back on things like the following is both startling and heartening to me as it makes immediately clear where I was and of how far I've come...and that I must continue.

Enjoy, if such a thing is possible...


Feels like stealing
by Joel Harris

To stand here
with the sun on my face,
if but for this second,
to feel good,
momentarily even
(but a second!)
is like running off
with what is not mine,
a snatching by one
not deserving;
to stand here
with the sun on my face
feels like stealing.

And yet I know that I am true.

Through the grossness
of it all, the heaving and
covert paralysis of the thing,
I am true and I have been.

So if any pair of lips
should be afraid, or when lips
refuse the honest line,
when honesty is simple archetype–
a handy shell,
a husk to wrap around a time;
then my friend
you will know what
has set upon you.
You will know that it will be
their turn then
to go and stare
into the calm lake,
to think for some time
on treachery, malevolence and bile–
and for them, to know
the forthright and the forward,
the direct line and
what it shamelessly
and always guarantees.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


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