Friday, January 8, 2010

Other Person's Money Part II

As should be evident by my lack of posts over the past seven or eight months, I haven't had too many warning signs of late in so far as potential "investigation" related actions against myself.

Things have been pretty fun; actually, every so often, I've managed to forget that this whole ordeal is ongoing, that it will remain something I consider of utmost importance to keep public and as a matter of my own protection.

Dramatic, I know, but this is, after all, somewhat of a winded and heady drama at this point.

Recently ...

As you probably don't know ... I've been working full time for my father's company in Channelview, Texas for the past year or so. This is the same company that at one time was used as a literal hub from which to coordinate and launch actions against my person that would either one, institutionalize me or two, somehow falsely incriminate me in a way that would allow the investigators to have their way.

To understand that last statement, you would of course have to be privy to the ultimate objectives of the investigators and as well, how the whole sordid thing started, so follow those two links if you care to read about such.

That said ...

One of the main past setups that occurred at this family members business was an attempt to create the impression of my having "lifted" my father's bank account number and subsequently using it to sign up for a number of pay-for-porn sites (sites of a very questionable nature, mind you). Again, follow the links if you care to read the details as I've written at length about the event.

And So Today ...

And so today, a guy comes barging into our office claiming that he had lost his credit card when purchasing some tires from us the previous day.

One of my co-workers (and my father, the owner) immediately said, "Yes, we just found it this morning on the floor near the desk where you signed the ticket."

The guy, seeming a bit frazzled and/or suspicious says, "When did you find it? Uh, how long ago?"

And so the worker who had found it again said, "Just this morning as we opened."

Long story short, according to my father and the guy who actually found the card, the gentleman who came in today looking for it seemed in a state that indicated he suspected the card had been used. He didn't say that the card had been used or even that he'd checked for evidence of such activity, he just seemed to visually imply that he was suspicious through his questioning, body language and overall demeanor.

I heard about this about twenty minutes after it occurred and so I was not a direct witness to the exchange but according to those who did witness the dialogue, the guy seemed quite flustered.

And so herein lies the point of my post.

Again, I've reiterated here and at my main website,, that supposed criminal tendencies around credit card fraud and general theft have been a hall mark of the investigators tactics in past attempts to falsely incriminate me. If anything can be said about said tactics, then it is that they have focused predominantly on attempting to create a public illusion of myself as having what law enforcement/judiciary circles refer to as a "predisposition to criminal activity," meaning that said condition it's near innate, in one's blood and ultimately to be viewed as somewhat of a chronic condition.

This effort on the part of the investigators is and has been only a precursor to the ultimate goal and not the end-all-be-all of why these things have taken place. To read about the end-all-be-all objectives of this near 10 year debacle, please visit my main website and acquaint yourself with the "Objectives of Investigators" section.

And so, as with past similar posts, this one is simply to mark the moment in time, to make it public as something I'm aware of and that runs as a simple parallel possibility in regards to future actions that might be used against me.

That said ...

I will now return to work.

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